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Winston Churchill Was Bankers' Puppet

February 13, 2019

Churchillrabbi.jpg"This version of the "V" salute is a greeting by Rabbis in the Hebrew tradition. The hand split down the centre represents the 2 fingers on each side of the "V" in deVil, as the initials DE and IL represent the fingers." See also Leonard Nimoy's Vulcan sign is Invocation of the Devil 

The late T. Stokes was a veteran of 
British Intelligence who interviewed people 
close to Churchill. 
Winston Churchill was a Satanist, homosexual 
and alcoholic who took bribes 
and sold out his country 
to advance Rothschild's Masonic Jewish world tyranny. 

from Oct 18, 2011
by  T. Stokes

Winston Churchill who led Britain into two world wars with his famous "victory" salute is still revered by many people. In a recent rigged newspaper poll, he was voted Britain's greatest Englishman.

Churchill was a long-term Zionist puppet and served their interest before that of Britain. He was a Druid priest, a 33rd degree Mason and member of the Golden Dawn. Masonry is a secret elitist anti-democratic anti-Christian satanic cult.

His "V" salute is a recognized greeting of the horned god, the symbol of the Devil worshipping Illuminati. The initial "V" is the 22nd letter in the alphabet, a sacred number in Hebrew numerology, and corresponds in the tarot pack to the major arcana.

Winston changed sides in his political career four times. His skills were on offer on several more occasions for the right price. He was known in the House of Commons as 'The Shithouse' from his initials WC.

He accepted £150,000 from the Rothschild's bankers 
to bring Britain into W.W.II against Germany, and to drag in the USA.

Archbishop Lang, the Church of England expert on occult subjects, prior to W.W.II was privy to Churchill's putting together the "Black Team." These were wartime astrologers, dowsers and ritual magicians, under the stewardship of Louis de Whol.

Dennis Wheatley, Dion Fortune, Dr. Alexander Cannon and Ian Fleming all claimed that Churchill had wartime dealings with Aleister Crowley,  and the famous East End spirit medium Joe Benjamin, who was often advertised in the sixties as, Winston's favourite medium.

SATANIC RITUALS Devil's Chimney, scene of satanic rituals.)

Sefton Delmer the black propaganda and psyops chief, confirmed that 33rd degree Masons Churchill and Aleister Crowley were involved in satanic ritual sacrifices at the Devils Chimney in Gloucestershire.

Churchill wanted occult advice on all wartime events and insisted on fake astrological and other hate propaganda leaflets being dropped from British aircraft over Germany. (See, Dennis Wheatley Dr Alexander Cannon and Dion Fortunes books )

The Rothschild operative and general toe-rag, Sir Anthony Blunt has said Hitler was negotiating for peace right through the war and sent his deputy Rudolph Hess to Britain to pursue an honourable peace. Churchill executed the Rothschild agenda for the total destruction of Germany as sseen in his needless firebombing of German dormitory cities. This was the typical "Satanic Sacrifice" as recorded in the Old Testament as a "burnt offering " and in the biblical burning of witches.

Genesis; 22.1-2 :  'God said unto Abraham take your only son Isaac whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering'


Sir Anthony Blunt expressed his distaste at Churchill's support of the Soviet rape squads that defiled the women and children in the last days of the Third Reich. The firebombing of German cities was only equalled by Churchill's refusal to help India in the 1943 famine disasters. Meanwhile, Churchill sent food and arms to Russia. Surely this is Satanism at its worst.

Patrick Kinna [Churchill's private secretary] tells us we were reading the German Enigma codes so knew which ships would be sunk. We sent out decoy ships to keep the U Boats away from those ships we wanted kept safe. We knew the town of Coventry would be bombed but Churchill did not evacuate and left the people to their fate.

Britain's intelligence services had saturation coverage of the Third Reich up to and through W.W.II and told us the Germans were a threat to Russia, - not Britain.

Churchill formed his own people in the S.O.E who were recruited from leftie rabble-rousers and socialist sympathizers, and were told to; "set Europe ablaze." The purpose was to sacrifice Europe and to ensure Germany would clamp down on resistance, which was exactly what happened.

spockrabbisign.jpg(Curiously, Spock makes the same Rabbinical sign.)

It was suggested to me some years ago, that Churchill was blackmailed by the Jews over a homosexual affair with his secretary. Compare with the Prime Minister Edward Heath's "sailor boy" activities, and the Tony Blair-Lord Levy "Miranda" revelations." Churchill's biographer Sir Martin Gilbert discussed with several people Churchill many visits to the dens of teenage male prostitution in Morocco.

Soviet spy Eugene Ivanov was just one who documented Churchill's alcoholism and mental instability, all now in G.R.U archives.

Churchill accepted secret bribes in W W I under the name of Colonel Arden, and one of his bank accounts in W W II is alleged to be in the name of A Connolly.

Britain in the thirties had a posture that assisted Germany in its anti-Russia stance, yet Churchill turned the tables and decided Germany was the enemy and took us to war.

Hitler had a thing about the Anglo Saxon race, (Germany, Britain and the U.S.A) and did not want war with us.

If we had listened to our intelligence services, we would have let Russia and Germany fight it out, and we could have easily dealt with the weakened winner, and the Cold war would never have happened.

But Churchill had Vernon Kell [founder of MI-5], reputedly the world's best intelligence chief, retired off and murdered. Naval Intelligence head Admiral Sir Barry Domville was incarcerated for the duration of the war for his opposition to Rothschild's plans.

Churchill sold himself to the bankers against the welfare of his own nation, in the manner of a modern Judas.

Churchill took us into W W II because the bankers wanted to subdue Germany. All wars are fought for the goals of the bankers.


With thanks to many insiders over 45 years.

My father knew Trevor Stokes well He said he was a renegade who would not work within the rules, he was only tolerated as he got  the job done, he would use the enemies methods back on them, he made many personal enemies, only Arthur Martin and Peter Wright supported him, but rulebreakers never prosper. He is now remembered as the man who said all along Philby was guilty,  and when  Philby Burgess Mclean wanted to come home, it was Rothschild who blocked  it, same as he blocked the Rusian royals from coming to the UK He was perhaps the first who fingered Rothschild, after a long argument with Peter Wright. But he had very close links to Churchill and knew what Churchill was. These rebel types are no longer tolerated in the Intelligence world and maybe that's a good thing.

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Comments for "Winston Churchill Was Bankers' Puppet"

Chris G said (February 13, 2019):

One thing Churchill did that blows my mind is his murder of 1,297 French Navy servicemen during the attack on Mers-el-Kébir, all because they had a truce with Germany. Nothing pisses off Satanists more than
peaceful loving people, which reminds me of the Christmas truce of World War One, a previous article and comment.

Dan wrote: "A few years ago a Dr Thomas Weber researched war diaries and period documents to reconstruct the 1914 Christmas Truce.

He found evidence that a lot of soldiers attempted to initiate repeat truces in 1915 and 1916, but by then the division commanders on both sides had orders to use snipers to shoot any soldiers seen coming
out of their trenches unarmed..."

The Churchill article is great up until the WAR MONGER bit then gets absurd;

Russia and Britain are traditional allies and only starting having problems when Bolshevik Jews trashed Russia. While in Britain, Maj-General Cherep-Spridovich stopped World War One with his advice to the British War cabinet to make peace with Bulgaria, inciting a Slav
panic in Austria, then Germany surrendered(p. 5 of his book "Hidden Hand"); He saved 5 million lives.

As for "..Hitler had a thing about the Anglo Saxon race, (Germany,
Britain and the U.S.A) and did not want war with us...". Ya sure, him and Sammy Davis Jr.! Hitler had African berber, Ashkenazi and Sephardi ancestry:

Generational Satanists like Hitler (Rothschild) have multiple personalities that switch; The designer of the VW love bug that played fetch with his dog may have wanted peace but the Tavistock trained scat lover wanted war.

Adolf Hitler DNA Samples Suggest Jewish, African Roots

Hitler a Jew a Rothschild The US government though so in 1943

GB said (February 13, 2019):

Great blog--Winston Churchill Was Bankers' Puppet--on the embedded evil that is facing all of humanity. And one can't find much more evil SOB's than Churchill and the nefarious Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both serving
their Satanic master well during WWI and the next world war.

This might be a stretch, but I truly believe that Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty during WWI and FDR, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, conspired to drag the USA into WWI, which a large majority of
Americans wanted nothing to do with.

To accomplish their heinous goal, they sent the RMS Lusitania, loaded with civilians and munitions--making it a legit target for German U-boats, sailing into English waters known to be patrolled by German
subs, hoping it would get sunk, then the press could scream about German brutality to Americans and try to force them into backing America's entry into the bankers war.

That tragic incident didn't drag the USA into the war then, but was used
to eventually brain-wash Americans how they had to make the world safe
for democracy.

All of the people of this planet are being used and abused by a small clique of bastards serving their Satanic master and if we don't wake up,
and stop being confused by endless MSM bullshit about nothing of importance--like the Kardashian mob--we're going to wind up in a state worse, much worse than the serfs of the Middle Ages had; we'll be permanently enslaved to an evil beyond comprehension.

Thanks for your time and sterling works.

Phil H said (February 13, 2019):

Great article Henry.

Symbolic is it not, that one of the first things Donald Trump did when he took office was to prominently display a bronze bust of Churchill in the Oval Office.

... another Judas Goat?

Anonymous said (February 13, 2019):

I remember in school as a young man how Churchill was being promoted to the students as an honourable statesman and English war hero. This was also a time in America where the British people were considered the Rolls Royces of the human race. How silly it all was.
This article here, if true, is quite revealing. I do believe that Germany did not want war with England at all. Germany was a threat to the bankers of England's world order of power, finance, and control.

There is nothing good about war. Wars are often started by lies and disinformation, much like WW1 and WW2.

Lorraine said (October 20, 2011):

The one very important fact the author failed to mention was that Winston Churchill was Jewish, through his mother Jewish Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.

Churchill's mother was Jenny Jerome. Her father was involved in theatre investment and changed his name from Jacobson to Jerome.

‘Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill , née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.’ Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post

David said (October 20, 2011):

Dear Henry;Everyone should read your magnificent post, on history's most evil man:Winston Churchill.This brilliantine voluptuary made his deal with Satan.The one that Christ rejected,when offered the 'kingdoms of the earth' if he followed the devil.

The former prime ministers legacy is with us today,in the awful world he created post-45.He is lauded constantly by the Neoconservatives and quoted as if is pronouncements were Gods.Everytime the New World Order ,he so diligently worked for; demands a new war,his name is trotted out, so the ever so proper, but superficial types, will buy the effort.all of the crimes,and confusions,he committed in his awfully long career are glossed over or justified. Too reveal what a monster Churchill was, exposes who backed him and why the 20th Century, and today's world is in shambles.

When a commentator quotes him lovingly,I instantly realize they are either ill informed or controlled.Courageous people like you,Pat Buchanan(THE UNNECESSARY WAR)and David Irving's exposes are vital.

William said (October 18, 2011):

Apropos your recent Stokes article on Churchill - The Jewish Origin of the Vulcan Salute

by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom

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