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Enemies of ZOG: Father Charles Coughlin

May 12, 2024



If the US were not the bitch of Organized Jewry (Communism & Zionism), Charles Coughlin's crusade against its Satanism would be taught in every public school. 

Hollywood would make blockbusters about him, instead of Barbie & the Communist Robert Oppenheimer.

Reb Culhane is the pseudonym of a 21 year old college student in Denver, Colorado.

from Dec 11, 2009

By Reb Culhane

Throughout the 20th century, voices that cut a little too close to the core of the New World Order, were silenced, slandered, and discredited. One such voice, was Father Charles Coughlin (1891-1979.) A Roman Catholic priest of Canadian birth, Coughlin pioneered use of the radio to reach vast numbers of people during the 1930s era of Roosevelt's New Deal.  Father Coughlin spoke the truth in key areas which led to his consignment to the "wrong" side of history in official accounts. 

Originally a strong supporter of the Wall Street puppet FDR, Coughlin said, "The New Deal is Christ's Deal" and "God is directing Franklin Roosevelt." However, he soon changed his mind.  Coughlin became a staunch proponent of monetary reform and an early advocate of abolishing the Federal Reserve.

With the advent of Coughlin's radio program, he began to reach millions of people a week and by 1934 had become the most prominent Roman Catholic economic and political speaker.  Roosevelt himself sent Frank Murphy and JFK's father Joseph P. Kennedy to try and "tone him down." Coughlin ignored them and began to denounce FDR as a puppet of Wall Street. Coughlin also began to support the Louisiana populist leader Huey Long, who was murdered by the Illuminati.

Father Coughlin was a major opponent of the twin Hegelian heads of the New World Order, monopolistic capitalism and communism. He declared in 1935 "I have dedicated my life to fight against the heinous rottenness of modern capitalism because it robs the laborer of this world's goods. But blow for blow I shall strike against Communism, because it robs us of the next world's happiness."

Indeed, Coughlin was by very nature anti-globalist and supported the America First Movement of which Charles Lindbergh was a prominent figure.

"Less care for internationalism and more concern for national prosperity" was a campaign slogan of Coughlin's organization, the National Union for Social Justice. Speaking like this brought the full scorn of the New World Order down on the outspoken Catholic priest.



During its height, Coughlin's radio program was wildly popular, with listeners flooding his office with 80,000 letters a week. It is estimated that almost a third of the nation tuned in at the time. However, Coughlin's popularity gained him some powerful enemies. The Roman Catholic Church itself did not approve of him and the Vatican wanted him silenced. The Roosevelt administration was determined to shut down the "Radio Priest".

Eventually accomplished this by performing an end run around the 1st Amendment.  The administration decided that freedom of speech did not apply to broadcasting because radio was a "limited national resource" and should be regulated as a "publicly owned commons." New regulations were put into place demanding that regular radio broadcasters obtain operating permits. Coughlin was denied a permit and forced off the air.

He attempted to work around this by purchasing air time, but this became incredibly costly and reduced his resources and ability to reach people. Coughlin then resigned himself to publishing editorials in his own newspaper, entitled Social Justice. The Roosevelt administration acted predictably and revoked his mailing privileges, rendering him impotent in sending the paper out to subscribers.

Upon this, his influence was crippled. In addition, the attack on Pearl Harbor and entrance into World War II turned public opinion against anti-interventionists like Coughlin and official government propaganda smeared them as "collaborating with the enemy."

Thus, Coughlin faded into obscurity, spending his retirement keeping a low profile and writing anti-communist pamphlets until his death in 1979. His church, the National Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan, still stands today and was declared a National Shrine by the United States Bishops Conference in 1998.

Modern history texts smear him as a demagogue and anti-Semite with fascist sympathies. This isn't surprising because the winners write history and the Illuminati has been the winner for quite some time now.


 Father Charles Coughlin was a strong anti-NWO activist and showed steadfast courage and bravery in his crusade to expose those who run the Shadow government. He pointed to the power structure, the central bankers, and called to abolish their control center, the Federal Reserve. For this he should be commended and held as an example for all patriots who value God, Freedom, and Country.

Coughlin's story also brings with it a strain of pessimism, though. After all, if a man who once had the attention of a third of the nation could not effect change, what chance do we have of doing so today?


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Comments for "Enemies of ZOG: Father Charles Coughlin"

Dan2 said (December 12, 2009):

noticed Lorraine thinks "you are constantly trying to protect the Jews from taking responsibility for Communism - which is directly out of the Jewish Talmud -"

I'm not familiar with Communism deriving from the Talmud - I'll be writing an article showing that the first written blueprint for Fabian Socialism (uncut 'communism') derives from Plato's Republic, through his protagonist Socrates.

Here's a snippet:

It's in The Republic. In his discourse on the perfect Polis, Socrates introduces communism slyly. He begins his Sophist argument by saying that the guardians, share "all things in common." The listeners in the Republic are appalled. Socrates explains that private property is the root of all problems so to have peace you have to eliminate private property and as we will see in a moment - privacy also.
But Socrates knew better than to propose confiscation of property outright. Instead, he starts by asking if women argue with men a lot - and the men all nod their heads in agreement. So he proposes the problem is inequality of roles.

He proposes remedy by women doing all the same things as the men in the Utopia. Work, education, war. The sports. Greeks did sports and combat training nude. The men don't mind the idea of doing jumping jacks with naked women, but the women are upset by the notion. Socrates reduces this to a debate on whether female modesty is natural or imposed unnaturally. Plato has Socrates persuading the others that female behaviors are indeed not natural, and that the only difference between men and women is one carries the baby and the other doesn't.
This is pure Feminism. And they got from Plato.

Note: neutralizing gender distinctions, which leads to saying 'therefore' that the nuclear family is also unnatural, is the groundwork of Socrates' Sophist argument with the goal of imposing Communism on the Polis.

Tyson said (December 12, 2009):

From a Christian perspective, our chances against the powers that be are 100% in our favor. Not since the first revolution have people been so charged up for real change. As the economy continues to plummet,people will continue to wake up by the millions and like the first revolution,a large segment of America is awake as to the root of the problem. Besides all these things,"they" are giving white people, Christians,males,and heterosexuals,basically no choice, unlike revolutions of old.

They are literally planning(especially if you are a combo of the above) to exterminate us. This is the largest population in America. Given the choice between being murdered,or fighting for the defense of family,nation and your right to be free and worship,this population will react by doing both.

To die with the Lord is to gain.Don't let the number of Christians murdered in the past fool you into thinking that the time for the controversy of Zion to be addressed and settled has far off,It is not. Being Murdered for Christ sake unlocks the most powerful force in the world. Each person murdered wakes up 100s or 1000s more who will in turn fight or be murder. Christians can not lose if they continue to follow Christs example. It may take some time,but the chances of lie being triumphant over the truth are ZERO.

Lorraine Day said (December 12, 2009):

On reading your most recent post, "Heroes of the Resistance: Charles Coughlin" by Reb Culhane, a young man who writes well but lacks the courage to use his real name, I am struck with the fact that the young author, who must be Jewish, has the same flaw in his writing as you have on your website. And that is, that you are constantly trying to protect the Jews from taking responsibility for Communism - which is directly out of the Jewish Talmud - and for the New World Order - which is about as Jewish as it can get.

The Jewish culture is controlled by the writings of the Talmud even though most Jews are not believers in Judaism, and even though the majority of Jews have never read the Talmud. The ugly - and false - "doctrines" of the Talmud pervade every inch of Jewish life and culture.

I realize that not every Jew is a Communist nor is every Jew a supporter of the New World Order. But the Jewish life and culture teach that the Jews are better than all other peoples, and that the Jews have a right to rule the world. In addition, almost NO Jew can bring himself to actually admit that the Holocaust is a Hoax - at least as far as alleged gas chambers and alleged gassings are concerned. Nor will you or any of the other Jews admit that World War II was a war that was instigated by the Jews (FDR, Churchill, and Stalin ALL were Communist Jews - I have their genealogies and their philosophies) against Christian, Gentile, Germany. Germany did NOT start the war. These Jews in high places were the instigators, and they were supported by the rank and file Jews around the world.

I am a physician. Yet I have no trouble proving from our own medical literature that the way virtually ALL diseases - including cancers - are treated by virtually ALL physicians is not only insane - but criminal. It is impossible to get a sick person well by giving them POISON, or by BURNNG them, or by MUTILATING them by cutting off their body parts or cutting out their organs. Doctors have been brainwashed by their training into ignorantly killing millions of people, people who trust doctors with their life.

But Jews have also been brainwashed by their upbringing and culture. They - including you - are apparently so frightened by the Jewish Illuminati and by the possibility of being called a "self-hating Jew" by your kin, that you just can't get to the point of writing total truth. Their is always a hesitancy to go "full throttle." You must always "protect the Jews."

But by behaving in that way, you defeat your purpose. When you compromise in that way, you become allied with the enemy of truth. Remember, the tree in the midst of the Garden of Eden was not the "Tree of Evil." It was the "Tree of Good and Evil." Good mixed with evil. Just like rat poison which is 98% good food and only 2% poison.

I enjoy your articles and many that you post by other authors, but there is always a sour note at the end - a "save the Jews" salvo - so you won't anger your kin "too much."

I would like to see you, at least now and then, refuse to compromise.



"Reb" despite his pen name, is not Jewish. Jews have been used as agents of the central bankers, but so has everyone else.

The Canadian Jewish Congress tried to shut down my site. I have said that "The Protocols" are genuine. How afraid of the "Jewish Illuminati" could I be?

Many if not most Jews do not think they are superior nor do they want any part of the Communist NWO. While you tend to clump all Jews together, you whitewash the total failure of non-Jews to resist this agenda. The gentile elite has been bought.
Are you responsible for that Lorraine? Then, how come all Jews are responsible for Churchill and FDR and the central bankers?

As for the Holocaust, my parents were there. I don't have to depend on books.


Dan said (December 12, 2009):

"Coughlin's story also brings with it a strain of pessimism, though. After all, if a man who once had the attention of a third of the nation could not effect change, what chance do we have of doing so today? "

None, unfortunately. The Bible clearly says that anti-christ will get his one world government and only Jesus Christ at his coming will put an end to it. The objective now is to save your own soul and those of as many as you can, not to save or change governments. You do this by speaking the truth. The truth will set you free. Again, unfortunately, few are willing to hear it. You are to be commended for trying, though.

Dan said (December 12, 2009):

Coughlin fell for the "Jewish Conspiracy" hoodwink, and that error turned out to be the misjudgment that brought him down. It was the excuse the Roosevelt government used to get him canceled on radio networks and shutting down newsletter distribution through the US Postal Service.

In his concern for the material damage he witnessed being done on the people of the world he let moral indignation make him a Zealot. Zealots always lose the spiritual advantage. Zealotry forgets God and wants to take material matters in it's own hands and in a sense, tries to force God's hand of justice.
Such frustration with the bankers getting away with crushing communities and families ran many into the arms of phony rhetoric of tin plated 'saviors' like Adolf Hitler.

But Coughlin did see through the FDR New Deal being underwritten by the Federal Reserve dressed up in Populist rhetoric to appeal to people who were hungry from the Depression engineered by the same cabal. That's what got him blacklisted and silenced.

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