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Underground Bases & Nephilim are Real - Insider

May 25, 2012

Carolyn Hamlett.jpg(left, Carolyn Hamlett)

"If the world feels more evil today than it did 20
or 30 years ago, you are not imagining it.
...We now have among us evil representatives in physical forms that do indeed look human, but are not.

[Editor's Note: We reserve judgment and present this information for discussion.]

by Carolyn Hamlett

After reading
"Subterranean Secrets" by Fritz Springmeier, I want to respond to some of the comments from your readers. I know the topic about hybrids and Nephilim is pretty far out, but not so far out when  explained in terms that people are accustomed to:

From my lifetime as a former multigenerational server in the organization that has been working to implement "The Plan" for the NWO, I can tell you that large underground bases do exist and that many bizarre projects such as genetic experimentation and hybridization
have taken place there for many years.

In reference to "Jack's" comment, his questioning on how so many employees of such cities or underground facilities could remain quiet about them:

There are several answers to this.

1) First of all, in the military and in the organization responsible for implementing the plan for the NWO, no one is given such a responsibility unless he or she has been tested and found able to keep all activities and information secret.

2) Some military bases contract out certain projects to "civilian" companies who hire non-military personnel who are given secret clearance only after they have passed various tests, one of which is to be able to keep their work secret. My former husband worked on secret projects, yet he never divulged anything at all about the base or his work there.

3) There are people "employed"  in the underground facilities who are there for life.

4) Something to keep in mind are the very real top-secret programs that existed during WWII that involved many people who were dedicated enough or fearful enough to keep it all secretive. My former father-in-law was a code breaker at a secret location known as "The Farm". The reality to all at "The Farm" was that if there was a breech of secrecy, the whole farm with all inhabitants would be blown sky high in an instant.

Another former friend of mine, a retired nuclear physicist, who also spent time at "The Farm", was also assigned to work on the "H" Bomb project at Los Alamos. He too has remained silent concerning his work.

To this very day, the details of the operations at those two places "The Farm" and Los Alamos, have remained obscure due to [enforcers who]  make sure that the general public never receives the truth, and does not believe the truth if it is told.


Many people are talking about Nephilim, but are they ready to believe that the Nephilim are a reality? What if someone came forth to say that they know for a fact that the Nephilim are real, would this person be believed?

My bet is that people can talk all day long about Nephilim, but if someone came forward to say that they know from first-hand experience that the Nephilim do indeed exist today on earth, this person would not be believed.

Consider this: Just because you can't see it, just because you can't hear it, does not mean it does not exist.

Dogs are able to hear frequencies that are not audible to our human ears. The earth looks flat, but isn't. In this physical world, there are gases we do not see, but exist. There are radio waves, microwaves and other frequencies that we do not see or hear, but they do indeed exist.

Much of what we do not understand today is not because we are not intelligent enough as a species to understand, or that we are not spiritually "evolved" enough to grasp it.

The simple truth is, we lack the necessary information for proper analysis. The information does exist and can be proven and soon will be given to the world, but it will be given in a perverted form to support a particular agenda, the agenda that a physical hierarchy of power serves, an organization some call the "Illuminati".

Have you ever had this experience? You were traveling, and as you enter a large city, you can not help but sense an air of evil hanging like a blanket over that city.

You don't see it, but you can feel it. Actually, you may not have been imagining it. Just as we have mayors and government officials in the physical world, there are in the supernatural, principalities assigned to specific regions to serve the agenda of an organized governing power. Some know this power as the kingdom of darkness.

If you sense the world is not the same place it was 20 or 30 years ago, that there seems to be a heavier and more evil presence in general, you are not imagining it.

There is indeed a heavier presence here on earth. It is for the purpose of the very last stage of "The Plan". In this last stage, the supernatural is being combined with the physical which will culminate in a spiritual global world order.

Many people who don't believe in the supernatural or super humans or extraterrestrials, will soon believe. This agenda is part of "The Plan", a plan that was authored many centuries ago.

A plan that my family bloodline has served for many generations. While many purport to know God's end time plan, I have known and served the plan that is contrary to all that is of a Holy, Just and Righteous creator.

Everything I share is from my personal experience unless I state otherwise. What I will be sharing is probably different than anything you have heard. Many of you will not believe, at least at first.


The idea of "Nephilim" is the composite of hybridization, not only that of physical DNA, but that of a "spiritual" hybridization, the combining of human DNA and spirit with that of another "spirit" creation that does not appear to us to exist on this physical earth.

Just because our eyes do not see this other "spirit" creation does not mean that it does not exist, nor does it mean that it can not sometimes manifest or procreate. It is all a matter of one having the missing data for one to understand the possibility.

Someone recently asked me if I, in my lifetime have witnessed supernatural manifestations or ritual magic. My first thought was, yes, everyday from as long as I can remember, for the entire duration that I worked for the powers of darkness.

My next thought was, that I never thought the term "magic" applied to anything I ever did or experienced, that when one understands the supernatural, there is nothing magical or mysterious about it. Everything is self explanatory. So it is with the topic of what the "Nephilim" are, and whether this type of hybridization is even possible.

The topic of Nephilim is only a small part of my life experiences of serving in what I call "the organization". The project of creating physical bodies for a dark spiritual hierarchy is real. It was real enough and disturbing enough for me that I gave up my entire life, my identity, all that I and my family believed in and had worked for all of our lives.

The project of the creating these composites is literally where the supernatural evil rubber meets the physical road.

So, if the world feels more evil today than it did 20 or 30 years ago, you are not imagining it.

The presence of evil on this earth has been stepped up for the last phase of "The Plan". This presence is greater than a supernatural evil presence one may sense, but not see. We now have among us evil representatives in physical forms that do indeed look human, but are not.

 They are a combination of the human and "supernatural" that are able to operate in both realms. I know that at face value it sounds like fantasy, but in time you will be shown that it is not fantasy at all.

These evil forms are all in preparation for this last phase of "The Plan", which is much more than a physical plan for global dominance over humanity.

First Comment from Tony Blizzard

Let me add that I have an ex-step son (marriage ain't what it used to be) that his mother and I put through one year of college.  He met a young man around his age at that college who had been living more or less naturally (off the land) and alone in the mountains for some time.  Turns out this guy was the son of one of the really high powered money people in this country and the world.

He related to my step son that he basically ran away from all those riches and eventually told him why.  Said his father was grooming him to enter the business and take it over.  He was invited to a business meeting that took place in the huge room of the UN building in New York where that long table sits that is often seen in pictures of the UN.

The guy swore of the following:  His father seated him in the "peanut gallery" to watch the proceedings of the meeting.  Those attending were some of the top world shakers and movers.  David Rockefeller was seated at one end of the long table, the high movers, including the fellow's father, on each side and the chair at the other end was empty.  When all were ready, these people who rule our daily lives through economics, etc., began a chant which resulted in the devil materializing in the empty chair.  After which was held an actual business meeting.

My step son, of reasonable intelligence, was convinced that this young man was neither nuts nor playing him, but totally sincere.

This puts everything that goes on in a totally different perspective.  Who would better know how to "screw the world" economically than Satan?  What type of person would go along with it?  Those that do KNOW the supernatural exists, how is it they don't know then that God will not allow the evil to win out in the end?

Frankly, my reaction would be similar to the son's - get as far away from it as possible - but obviously there are plenty of people in the world who are willing to serve Satan for temporary worldly gain such as his father.  I serviced the vending machines at a California prison for some time and met there an inmate who had been a devil worshiper and in prison because he and others were caught pulling people off the street into a van, killing them and doing things like eating their hearts while still beating as a way to serve the devil.  When I asked him why the hell he would do such a thing he replied:  "You wouldn't believe the money, the positions, the women, whatever you wanted."  But, of course, it was all short lived because here he was in prison.  He agreed and claimed to now be a Christian, which is often a con conning but not always.

According to the way most learned students of biblical prophecy see our times (not the ignorant Scofieldites), now is the time when the devil is unchained and loosed upon the earth to seduce as many souls as he can.  Certainly seems true the things are unfolding.  Kind of rules out fence straddling, doesn't it?

If you take the trouble to go to Carolyn Hamlett's website and do a little reading you will discover that the last phase of "the plan" to take over the world is really pretty simple and directly in line with Christian prophecy.  The plan is to show Lucifer in all his great and overwhelming splendor to the world as Jesus Christ (or the god of any other religion for those particular believers). 

Most will believe instantly that God has finally come to rule the planet personally and will cooperate more than fully.  "Christian Zionist" non-thinkers will be ecstatic and never question the possibility of fraud for a second.  That goes equally for almost all Protestants and V2 Catholics (also Protestants).

When you read Hamlett's statements carefully you realize that the so-called "reptilians" are, in reality, Lucifer's band of fallen angels, now better known as demons.  Very many humans are actively working with these powerful but supremely evil entities, most fooled into believing they are hastening God's return, many of them people Americans practically worship and many others actively involved in media/religious/educational/government/financial control.  Anything and everything that influences human thought processes.

It's a sick world getting sicker as the loosed devil is free to manipulate it.  The thousand year reign of God on earth is long over (about 300AD to 1300AD.  It is a form of insanity, refusal to observe prophecy and facts, to expect it). 

One must be mentally tough as well as independently minded, able to willingly fall back on spiritual help and disconnected from the material world except for necessary subsistence in order to put up any opposition whatsoever against the evil permeating today's world. 

How are you doing in that regard?  Most all of us need to make a lot of life changes in a very short time.

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Comments for "Underground Bases & Nephilim are Real - Insider"

Nancy S said (May 28, 2012):

Humankind is told by God to be wary of worshipping Satan, wittingly or unwittingly:
60. O Children of Adam! Did I not take this covenant from you not to worship Satan; no doubt he is your open enemy;
61. And that you keep worshipping Me alone? That is the straight path.
62. And surely he led great many of you astray, so had you not any wisdom?

Quran, Surat Yasin

As we share this earth with creatures of another dimesion (djinn. nephilim, demons, faeries - whatever you want to call them) we have been advised to remember God and say prayers which protect us from forces of darkness which we can't see. According to the Quran some of these creature believe in God but it's the followers and progeny of Satan that want to harm humans.Here is a PDF link for the Fortress of the Muslim which contains a lot of these prayers.

Steven said (May 27, 2012):

It really grinds my gears when you get these 'so-called' experts in Weird Phenomena who talk in specifics when much of this subject is purely speculative.

For a start, there's a HUGE difference between "Extra-trerrestrial" and "Interdementional", yet people talk as if this is the same thing.

Then when underground bases or UFO's are mentioned, folks say "Oh, that'll be the Nephilim doing that!", or, "It's the gosh-darned Annunaki again!" (Really?? They know the names of these things! 'Frank Nephilim', "Mary-Sue Annunaki" They know this how?) They'll also say things such as " These visitors are here to show us the way to take care of our planet, we pollute it too much!"

Ain't it great Henry that these 'strange visitors' are Environ-communists? Seriously; how the "F" do most of these so-called experts know what these things are called, and how the "F" do they know what these entities are really doing here?

Dan said (May 27, 2012):

Henry , too tired to go into detail, but if 'nephilim' appear they are not from space they are demons.
The lore of the 'return of the Nephilim' is actually a recent narrative, not any ancient prophecy according to my research. It's BS.

But my cousin at NASA told me in 1968 that there are no 'little green men' -- life as we know cannot travel between stars and survive. It is impossible. He said the phenomena of ufos are not space ships but interdimensional phenomena that we don't understand...they seem to have intent. NASA didn;t know what they are, only what they cannot be.. which is what the mainstream says they are.

Doug said (May 27, 2012):

For 27 years I have been working with Christian women with a history of SRA/DID. These women were selected in the generation following the founding of the state of Israel in 1948 to become nephilim-hybrid breeders. I am often asked the question, “where are these current hybrids located or where are they hidden?” These women who have been a part of this modern-day breeding program or “Genesis Project" have consistently reported that these hybrid entities are hidden in Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMB’s until the time of “alien disclosure” (2 Thess. 2:7). Also in conjunction with those reports the women have stated that these hybrids are piloting the particular ufo’s which have physical characteristics. The hybrids are using these as a means of transportation to continue their nefarious crimes against mankind under the RUSE of ‘alien’ abductions. This also involves the global phenomena of animal mutilations, crop circles and reports of SRA//DID survivors being taken all over the world to be involved in high-level rituals with world leaders. North Korea is reportedly an ‘international safe zone’ where Christians are being brutally sacrificed in ritual settings to ‘power-up’ world leaders (“kings of the earth”) under the aegis of Satan. This is all a part of his end-time agenda and strategy to build a global army to prepare for his final war against Jesus Christ in his last desperate efforts to thwart our Lord’s 2nd coming ( Psa. 2; Rev. 16:12-16; 17:12-14; 19:19). It is significant that Rev. 19:20 makes it obvious that both the anti-christ and the false prophet are not fully human because they share the same fate and judgment as their father, Satan (Rev.20:10). The fact that these entities, along with all entities who do not have a human soul, in contradistinction to the rest of unbelieving mankind, do not appear before God at the Great White Throne Judgment, clearly indicates that these two are modern day nephilim-hybrids! (Rev. 20:11-15 w/ Dan. 12:2; Matt. 25:41;46; John 5:28-29).

Attached Pdf DUMB Update Compiled by
Alexander Backman

Maranatha, 1 Pet. 4:7-19 w/ Heb. 12:25-29 w/ Rev. 19:7

Asim said (May 26, 2012):

Your latest articles on the nephilim and underground worlds kinda reminded me of what many in the Islamic faith are saying about the people of Gog and Magog. The official viewpoint is that they are at this moment in time, living deep inside the earth in some kind of underground hollow world, slowly digging their way out, so that they can wreak havoc on earth's inhabitants during the end times. Whilst digging, they eventually fall asleep, only to allow the angels to pile up all the earth and so prevent them from ever seeing the light of day.........until the appointed time, when they do reach the earth's surface. Just wondering if the nephilim are not gog and magog?? The people of gog/magog are not aliens or superhuman however, but are descendants of Prophet Noah, and yet, current majority say they are residing deep inside subterranean caves abiding their time....these latest articles seem to add a lot of disturbing credence to it..

Brian said (May 26, 2012):

The last sentence in this article left us all in suspense. "....last phase of "the plan", which is much more than a physical plan for global dominance over humanity."

Thanks to websites like this we're all well-informed about the physical aspects of the NWO. But if "the plan" is much more than a physical one than this implies a plan having to do with spirit, which puts it in an area where the vast majority of human beings are babes in the woods.

Ultimately we are spiritual beings created in "God's image", the TRUE God that is. But what of the 'lesser' lower-case 'gods'? A school of thought pertaining to them points directly to what we know of as the Annunaki, "those who from the heavens came". To make a long story short, the Annunaki claim to be the creators of human beings, implying that they think they own us. Call it a "I brought you in, and I can take you out" kind of mentality. But I think the truth of the matter is that what they actually did, given the premise, was an act of coercion which co-opted, or 'hijacked' our spiritual reality. One which has put us in a state of amnesia as to who and what we really are.

If the last phase of the plan is much more than a physical one, then to me it can only involve some sort of perpetuation of the effects of our hijacking. The big question asks, what they may have done given the premise we all suffer from amnesia?

J (France) said (May 26, 2012):

I'm just thinking about all those "insiders" talking forever about nephilims etc if they, by the highest hasard, could have heard the word "Djinns".... Because the only "spirits" on earth with us, living in a different dimension, are djinns and angels. Angels are not living on earth, they're just "working" here, doing things the Only God tells them to, like watching us, noting everything we do etc.

But djinns are like us, a race being tested before the Judgment.
"They see you from where you can't see them", that's what God says in the Quran. The 1st devil was a djinn who was among the angels (not one of them), and refuse to prosternate in front of Adam because he thought he was better, because he was made of fire and Adam was made of argile.

Since then, he's been the bastard doing everything to make us go to Hell with him at the Day of the Judgement. He and may be his descendants. I don't know if he's alive now.

Question : How can this be that all these "truth seakers" or insiders could talk about "nephilim" all day without mentionning 1 time the word djinns ?

Ignorance ? Malice ?

The race of these "spirits" is known so why don't they tell its name. We're humans, they're djinns. What's the matter with these "insiders" ?

1 : they are fakes
2: They know and they guide people on the wrong way purposefully with their "extraterrestrial bullshits" to prepare minds for the Blue beam illusion project. Saying to people djinns works with shadow government may push people to look after the meaning of this word, and inevitably this leads to the Quran, and they don't want you to read it. They want you to know this Holy book only by what their agenturs tell you what it is.

Kurt said (May 26, 2012):

Regarding massive underground bases: it may be possible to hollow out the inside of a mountain but you would have to contend with the disposal of all the debris.

I live in the upper Midwest where cities and towns draw their water supplies from wells drilled into the limestone base under the clay overburden. Aquifers can be found as shallow as 60’ all the way down to several thousand feet. Hydraulic pressure pushes the water close to the surface for pumping. In order to construct a large cavity under ground it would require constant pumping. Such a structure at several thousand feet down would require multistage pumping to reach the surface for disposal.

This all sounds highly impractical for most of our landmass.

Ted said (May 26, 2012):

I just read the Carolyn Hamlett story... I have a friend who experienced this from the time of birth until she rebelled in her mid-20s. She was taken to Air Force underground bases in Honolulu and later, when her family moved, to Ellington AFB in Houston, TX. Her dad is a retired general in the air force. Her "job" was to train young girls how to behave, and later, as a telepathic translator between humans and Greys.

I've also seen what can best be described as a person with shapeshifting irises and pupils in 2009. A woman who almost always worked remotely came to my desk huffing and puffing about some technical issue. For the next 10 minutes, I watched her eyes, from about 3 feet away, transmogrify from green -> red -> yellow -> orange -> violet -> black -> blue and back again while the pupils changed from circular human to cat-like vertical slits... Iris color changed about every 2-3 seconds, pupils changed about once a minute. With all the hairs on my body standing up for several minutes, I finally asked if there was something wrong with her eyes. Her hand shot to her mouth, she looked startled, she let out a gasp, and then quickly turned and ran down the hallway. I never saw her again.

I've found quite a number of Youtube videos that show what I saw... Particularly this one:

It's really unnerving when you see this right across from you.

Daniel said (May 26, 2012):

Thanks for Carolyn Hamlett's "Underground Bases." Carolyn says "The world feels more evil today than it did 20 or 30 years ago" is an
understatement. My Korean wife and I recently started watching the
"Little House on the Prairie" television series from the 1970's (first
time for her). I admit that I watch this to temporarily escape the
nightmare that we commonly refer to as "reality." What a shame and
ultimate irony that we have to go a television for a dose of reality.

Daniel O'halahan

James said (May 25, 2012):

In terms of the case for super human entities behind the NWO -

world government would not be possible without modern communications and data processing technology.

Question - if we are dealing with humans - how could early planners of the NWO know that these technologies would be invented?

Further, 2008-2016 is the astrological Cardinal Climax - that is the ideal window to bring about this new world order.

Aside from even envisioning the advent of the needed technologies - there is a matter of timing.

Society developed technologically just in time to make this window - and coincidentally happens to be the same time that the world fiat system exhausted itself.

How could human planners manage this as well?

Also want to add - If this account is true - either to the letter or in essence - then those would likely be the beings that David Icke and Jordan Maxwell claim to get information from.

Jean-Luc said (May 25, 2012):

[This was in reply to Springmeier's Subterranean Mysteries but is also relevant here]

Even if extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, I found in the reading of both books of abductee & researcher Truman Cash interesting evidence for the existences of DUMBs with alien/military interaction, as crazy as it may sound for the honourable man. The books are tough reading (and hard to swallow) but still definitely worth the time spent (they are free for download) for any open minded people & other truth seekers.


“To my utter amazement I realized the true nature of this insidious cover-up when uncovered the eyewitness testimony of an abductee who was taken to an underground base jointly manned by aliens and military / intelligence personnel. In the summer of 1994, I too was abducted and taken to an underground U . S . military/aliens base.”

+ testimony on pages on pages 60-74.

“The existence of underground U.S. military / alien bases proves that "we the people" no longer have any significant say-so in the operation of our own government under the Constitution. Although many Americans are keenly aware that there is something wrong with government and that our elected officials don ' t seem to be listening to the common people, they are unaware of why this is happening or how it came about . Furthermore, this Machiavellian cover-up is so pervasive and so unbelievable, most Americans would think you were crazy if you told them. And it is the ETCs (for extra-terrestrial conspirators) that are the ultimate source of the cover-up . The importance of " invisibility" is why UFO sightings are kept to a bare minimum . The machinations of the ETCs are effective only because they operate behind the cloak of secrecy .” Page 192.

Book Two, THE EYE OF RA:

More on underground bases abduction on pages 80-84 and 117-124

“This statement flies in the face of the firsthand "evidence" of many abductees who have experienced abductions by the military or have experienced abductions in deep underground military/alien bases where American military personnel are standing right next to or are working with Grays and other aliens in the same room. David Jacobs debunks the military/alien connection on pages 187 and 188 of his book. As an abductee/researcher I do not understand why Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs would debunk the military/alien connection when so many abductees have gone public with their experiences. Were Hopkins and Jacobs threatened by the CIA or military or other "covert ops" people to keep their mouths shut about it? Arc they knowingly participating in the cover-up? Were they programmed with MK-Ultra-style mind control not to talk about it? One can only speculate.“

“Phil Schneider was a deep underground base engineer and abductee with a very high security level. He also exposed the military/alien connection. I knew Phil personally and I am totally convinced he was telling the truth.”

FYI, Truman Cash will also be interacting on Bill Ryan’s forum here:

BTW, this thread initiated by Avalon’s member ‘Houman’ is quite heavy stuff and is also strongly backed by Bill Ryan.

FYI, here is a PDF overview with a good part of it:

Even if there is just 24h in a day.

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