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Will "Lean Years" Lead to Communism?

October 19, 2008


 Carl Teichrib, a young Manitoba researcher-farmer says the manipulation of calamities to re-make society can be traced back to Biblical times. Joseph, one of the first Court Jews, is best known for predicting seven years of abundance (inflation) followed by seven years of famine (credit- contraction or deflation.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Right on schedule, the politician-puppets are promising to save us from the crisis caused by the banker-puppets by creating "a new world financial order." 

Nicholas Sarkozy and Gordon Brown are calling for a "new international financial architecture for the global age" which will establish Rothschild global governance under the guise of "reforming and regulating" markets.

In a recent article "The Joseph Principle and Crisis Economics,"  Carl Teichrib, a young Manitoba researcher-farmer says the manipulation of calamities to re-make society can be traced back to Biblical times. Joseph, one of the first Court Jews, is best known for predicting seven years of abundance (inflation) followed by seven years of famine (credit- contraction or deflation.)

He is less well known for using this "business cycle" to establish a form of Communism. All the cultivated land in Egypt became the property of the crown, and the people farmed it for the king, giving him one-fifth of the produce.

Teichrib, a devout Christian, writes:

   "In Genesis 47, Joseph, second in command to Egypt's Pharaoh, warned of a coming famine, and prepared stock-piles of grain to aid the people through the crisis. When the famine hit the land, the people came to Joseph to buy food stock. A simple transaction was made; the citizens used the national currency to purchase grain.

   "In verses 14 and 15 we find an unusual development. After the grain was purchased, Joseph intentionally holds the money back, keeping it from being re-circulated into the local economy. The result is predictably catastrophic for the people: Economic crisis.   

    "According to the King James Version, "the money failed" (vs.15), and in the New International Version it says that the "money is used up." Egypt experienced intentional, government-sponsored deflation in the midst of a natural calamity. The money collapsed.

   "Needing to eat, what did the citizens do? They brought Joseph their livestock in exchange for grain (vs.16-17). As an agrarian society, livestock represented the industrial basis of the people. Hence, placing this power in the hands of the government, the people's commercial activity was effectively abolished.

   "In relating this series of events to others, some have asked me; "Why didn't the people just eat the animals instead of trading them for grain?"

   "Refrigeration didn't exist. And while the people could have dried some of the meat for long-term use, grain would have been the most valuable and stable food source during a drought. Now the people had neither money nor livestock; and a year later they were out of food.
   "Returning to Joseph, who obviously was in charge of the storehouses, the people begged their leader to take their land and themselves in trade for food (vs.18-19). Property was therefore consolidated under the state, and the citizens literally became slaves in their own country (vs.20-21). In the King James Version the language goes even further: Joseph depopulates the rural areas and moves the people into the cities.

   "This is a masterful population control strategy. Once the wealth of the nation had been consolidated under the Pharaoh's banner via Joseph's actions - monetary wealth, the industrial base, land and productivity, and the people as economic assets - then Joseph instituted a new farming and taxation system (vs.20-24). How did the people respond? They gladly relinquished control of their wealth, property, and themselves (gave up their freedom) for the promise of state-dictated security.

   "Keep in mind; all of this started through a debasing of the currency system. The manipulation of money is, arguably, the most potent method - outside of war - used to rearrange the fabric of society.

  "Am I suggesting that our current crisis will be used as leverage to re-structure our Western world? The odds are in favor of it. Consider what the father of modern economics, John Maynard Keynes, had to say in 1919.  

"There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency." - John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, (1919), p.236. 

"Keynes economic model is what we have been using since the end of World War II. Roughly speaking, it's the idea that governments can stimulate the economy through interest rate management - the heart of credit and debt - taxation programs, and other state-instituted incentive programs. Although the above quote was aimed primarily at inflationary actions, the same conclusion could be made regarding deflationary leveraging."

I urge you to subscribe to Carl's publication "Forcing Change" and read the whole article." I subscribe. It's only $10 a month and you are supporting ones of the smartest and most dedicated young researchers on the planet. If you don't believe me, listen to my interview with Carl Sunday Oct 19 on my show "Male Mentoring" at 10 pm CT at


When alien bankers control the purse strings of the State, inevitably the State becomes synonymous with these bankers.  The State is "public" in name only. This is the true face of Communism.

As we slide into a recession or even a depression, keep your eye on the big picture. As I suggested last week, the Masonic central bankers (i.e. Illuminati) are waging war
against society. Their goal is to "absorb the world's wealth" (Cecil Rhodes) and to control every aspect of our lives (i.e. Communism.)

Why? They need to protect their fraudulent monopoly on the credit of the world's governments, worth literally trillions. They started the two world wars so global governance (i.e. the League of Nations, United Nations) would bring "a better world." They started this financial crisis for the same spurious reasons.

Most everyone who is "successful" in our world --in government, culture, business-- wittingly or unwittingly serves the bankers' fraudulent monopoly. Thus, society is fraudulent to the core. Collaborators include Obama, McCain and the mass media. When Obama vows to "change the world" , he is fronting for them. "Progressive" and socialist policies always have been used to manipulate the masses and increase state power and debt. 

Don't get caught up in the noise.  Advocate the renunciation of the portion of the national debt owed to the central bankers. (They created the money out of thin air. We create it out of work.) Oppose the loss of national sovereignty and the reorganization of society. They are being introduced under the smokescreen of this boom-bust ruse which, according to Carl Teichrib, is as old as Joseph. 


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Comments for " Will "Lean Years" Lead to Communism?"

Len said (October 22, 2008):

Hi Henry. Carl's articles are SPOT ON. We, in South Africa, are also feeling the financial crunch. There is something I would like to say re. "conglomerates". Not many years ago, we use to have many small to medium businesses. Now, without mentioning any particular names, we find large (very large) corporations have taken over many of our healthy small to medium businesses.

Some of the original owners/directors have become "managers" etc. It has thus become virtually impossible to run one's own small business, as these people now have the monopoly on just about any goods you can think of.

Competition has thus become a thing of the past. Farms too have been "bought" out to these corporations and the individual farmer has become history. Truly we find ourselves "slaves" to the system and only (as Carl aptly puts it "who do you serve?") by making a REAL commitment to OUR CREATOR, will we be saved from this diabolical plot. They (the bankers etc) will not win in the final battle as it has been prophesied in Revelations. "....The merchants will weep from coast to coast". Thanks so much for your dedication to our cause.
KInd Regards,
South Africa

Jean D'Eau said (October 21, 2008):

Thanks for your latest article, "Will "Lean Years" Lead to Communism?". For me, the answer to this question is obviously "yes" and this is getting every day more obvious here in the European Union. It seems that Bukovsky was right when he warned in 2006 that the EU was heading towards the European SovietUnion: At that time it wasn`t so obvious in the USA because the neocon war policy was the tree which hided the forest (aka the whole scheme) but now even the Americans can see that the war policy was only a facet of the same general scheme, that of a super-centralized, elitist and unipolar world order.

Yet, perhaps the illuminati scheme isn`t the main source of concern we may have these times. I suggest you to read this article, Henry: Then, keeping in mind that the sun is rapidly giving up our protection from the highly destructive (to all life forms) outer space radiations and that we don`t know why and how long this process continue, read this too:

Barnasha said (October 20, 2008):

We can all agree on one thing: bankers do not have the ears to hear God's voice.

The one thing that these money changers have learned well from history is the effectiveness of evil methods in controlling a population's wealth, and the subsequent subjugation of its masses. The tools that the bankers use today to accomplish their evil goals has remained relatively unchanged throughout the history: it is through creation of credit, and fiat money. Not surprisingly, through experience these bankers have learned that the best way to bring about a desired outcome is to actively control the events which will lead to that outcome. So instead of waiting for a natural calamity to strike, they just create cycles of boom-and-bust, at will, in order to acquire (steal) tangible assets from the clueless masses.

It is their pure greed for acquisition of physical objects, and the lust worldly powers that drives these evil power-seekers. They could not care less if their actions would bring about human suffering and slavery; in fact, they count on it. The "tools" that they use (creation of fiat money, injection of credit into economy, etc.) have been honed to such a degree that they have become part of their standard time-proven "tools-set."

That is why it is so important for us God-obeying individuals to learn the art of self-sufficiency (so that we don't fall prey to slavery). It is also invaluable to understand the importance of having a workable "saving plan" for future so that when we are confronted by these "cycles of calamities", we are prepared for them (i.e., make provisions for food, money, etc.).

And while we are on the subject, we should thrive to recognize these same evil traits (lust for power, and worldly possessions) in ourselves, and shed them like a bad habit.


Hans said (October 19, 2008):

for your recent article, Lenin once said, communism is socialism in a rush!

So something even worse than communism might be at hand.

Given how carefully the entire "banking-crisis" was perceived and carried out and the "successrate" of the operation, we are in for something very negative.

Possible next steps: the abolition of private property, followed by the abolition of cash and the introduction of a cashless society. The result: total control of the masses and total dependence of the masses on the ruling caste.

The dangerous thing here: not all members of the society are affected at once, like it is in a revolution, it is a slow process that starts with some elements of the economy and creeps through to all levels - hence the resistance, if there is any, will be slow and disassociated.

It is all foretold in the Bible: the final, global empire of satan.
The good thing: it won't last long.

Revelation: 21:7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

Steve said (October 19, 2008):

I think we need to be careful calling abundance "inflation", and lack of abundance "credit contraction" -- at least for one reason -- I do not think they had a fiat currency as we do. Their money or means of exchange we more than likely real.

Joseph had the spirit of God and therefore did not predict -- God told him 7 years of plenty and then 7 years of famine. What government today wouldn't pay for knowing the next 14 years of their economy?

So Joseph set aside 20%, and sold; he didn't give away. When people ran out of food they used their savings and baubles, and then started selling their land. At least when they had no land they were given seed to farm what was now Pharoah's land, and only had to pay a 20% "tax". Who today wouldn't gladly accept a 20% income tax? Are there many governments today who would give you land to farm (or something else to make a living) and the seed (start up capital), and let you keep 80%?

So it would seem that Gen 47:15 is simply referring to people running out of money. Money cannot "collapse" unless it is fake money as issued by central banks, IOUs, credit, which is of course how people and nations are controlled.

They same happened in Russia a few years ago as the oligarchs took over. The value of worthless, paper IOU currency has a value that is run up and down by the central banks that issue it, and if people need to eat they will sell.

Today there are laws against hoarding, and there may be laws against owning gold and silver coming. But let us not forget that the 1st century Church in the book of Acts had believers who prospered, even when living with an occupying Roman government and army. It is available if one has a knowledge of God's Word and also believingly applies it.

Marcos said (October 19, 2008):

I would be careful with people who tries to "deconstruct" the Bible. This is one of the main tactics of the occultists and globalists, starting with the Da Vinci code or the Mason version of king Solomon, which proclaim fake versions of the real facts, with arguments that are laughable for those who have studied the Bible. See now the movie Zeitgeist, a bunch of absurdities with the objective of discrediting Jesus. Now they have come with the second part (Addendum), which has been shown to be a socialist plan for the implementation of a globalist utopia.

So, the pattern is clear: first use a false interpretation of the Bible, discredit it (because people today don't read it and have prejudice against religion), and later present an occultist, globalist solution.

Joseph was not a social engineer from Tavistock: he was a poor righteous boy who was put in prison for refusing to sleep with his boss' wife. The reason Joseph was put in charge was purely supernatural, his God-given ability to understand Faraoh's dreams. The drought was used primordially to bring Jacob's (his father) family to Egypt, where they would multiply in a much more fertile land and eventually prepare the way for the Pessach, when the Jews left Egypt as a nation (they came just as a small family). Pessach, with the sacrifice of a pure lamb, was a model for the future sacrifice of Jesus, the sinless lamb of God.

In the Bible, it is clear that Joseph's actions were responsible for the survival of Egypt, in spite of any social changes that may have occured. We have to remember that Egypt had been an authotritarian society for millenia before Joseph (the pyramids had been standing for 2 thousand years then). To claim that Joseph instituted social control in Egypt is absurd.

We also have to remember that Egypt's religion, along with Babylon's, is basically the same religion of the Illuminati of today. I wonder if this is not one more effort to discredit God's work and promote the "good" of Egyptian culture, which "evil" Joseph attacked.

Finally, as we have discussed earlier, there is a tendency of blaming the Jews of antiquity for the sins of modern Jews. We can't compare the life of a righteous, God loving Joseph with the works of a Rothschild.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at