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Confessions of a Cancer Industry Insider

March 15, 2015

cancer-treatment.jpgTwenty Year Veteran:

his is a multi-billion dollar per year industry
and a "cure" would put a lot of people out of work."

(From August 14, 2011)

by Geraldine Philips

I work for a "cancer research center" and I call it this only because that is in their actual name.

I have seen and read things that boggle the mind in the so-called treatment of folks over the years. The only explanation is that once the "C" word comes up, people become deaf and dumb to anything but how to rid themselves of this horrible plague.

Treatment is akin to using leaches...and worse...but at a far far far greater price. Walk in without insurance coverage and see how much "treatment" you get.

Cap out your existing coverage in the middle of  treatment...and treatment ceases. Immediately.  This is and probably always has been about money.

I keep telling people to stop giving money to the "cancer research" because no one is frigging looking for a cure (we have several and they have been carefully hidden away from public view)...this is a multi-billion dollar per year industry and a "cure" would put a lot of people out of work.

NO ONE is seriously looking for a least not "serious academics"...the fringe nut cases are but of course those are the people who went into medicine as a means to help humanity and not become richer than god by next Thursday so that is a completely separate issue.

I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years, most of which has been closely associated with cancer research and treatment...when I was personally diagnosed with breast cancer, about 7 years ago, I was living in Phoenix. So, of course, I was referred to CTC post haste. CTC has the state mandate to treat cancer patients, with or without insurance and to this end gets large sums of money from the state to treat indigents.

That does not happen. Indigents get turfed. Quickly. Also, at one point I became suspicious of some physicians at CTC and did my own research...I found Ph.D researchers doing hands on breast and pelvic exams...researchers with no clinical training or experience. Does that matter? Ask your wife or sister or mother if they mind if a non doctor researcher does that? Probably they will say yes.

There was also a very long list of physicians who were in the country (not as students) who had not passed medical boards as required for all practicing physicians. They had been practicing for years and had no medical license. There were American doctors who had not passed medical boards, i.e. were not licensed physicians who were also practicing at CTC...they were treating patients (NOT as a student with faculty overview, independently), they were dispensing drugs...if they are not licensed physicians they are also not licensed to dispense anything stronger than aspirin)...but they were writing prescriptions and ordering medications including chemotherapy medications for patients unsupervised.

There were even unlicensed physicians who were doing surgery. (not only at CTC either). Unlicensed physicians are also filing insurance claims and if they are not licensed, filing an insurance claim for services rendered is fraud of the highest magnitude. I did my research well and I had lists of names and dates and the newspaper blew me off and would not cover the story. The TV stations did likewise. CTC buys a lot of advertising time and no one was willing to rock the boat on those advertising dollars. What a shock.
Held hostage? YOU BET...and you have no idea the depth to which this extends. Personally, I chose to not have surgery, not have chemotherapy and not have radiation (what and lose my waist length hair? I do not think so!)...I used excellent response and still have all the associated body parts (and the hair).


When you talk about being held hostage by cancer, you need to back up to the original diagnosis. Do you...or most folks...have any means to know or understand a diagnosis that you are given?

NO? What a surprise. are totally at the mercy of the hospital. When a doctor says cancer, you assume that he/she knows what they are talking about...a faulty assumption in some cases...and you assume that they know what is best to treat it...another faulty assumption.

The major industry that hospitals sell is not is education (or lack thereof) and blind faith in something you do not understand. This is true of lots of diagnoses besides cancer, it is just that cancer is the big money maker for most facilities...secondary to obesity which is coming up fast. 

Hospitals are scary places for lots of reasons and mistakes are vastly more common than what you read or hear about. Everyone makes mistakes of course...doctors bury theirs...with the full knowledge and corporate cover up of the hospital administration. I can't wait to retire.

Geraldine Philips is the pen name of a worker in the cancer industry. Details have been changed to protect her anonymity.

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Comments for "Confessions of a Cancer Industry Insider "

Gerry said (August 17, 2011):

After having seen a couple of relatives and friends dying because of cancer (treatment) I say: Cancer - chemo - radiation - dead!

In the case I would have cancer, I'd rather go to Patagonia, sit down on a mountain and wait till it'd be over, instead of seeing 'professionals'!

How can I dare?

Well, during the last 15 month I cured a massive cardiac illness by about 75 % (rest in the making) and lost about 28 pounds, without any Docs, meds, esoterism, healers, supplements, or wse! Simply by following free advices I've found on the web!

By 80 to 100 % I avoid: bread, fish, meat, milk, noodles, potatoes, processed food, rice, sugar (cancer cells love sugar a lot) and industry salt!

Instead of that I eat fresh fruit and salad and drink a lot of reverse osmosis filtered water (4 to 6 quarts per day) with about 1/5 ounce of Himalayan salt per day! Life's great!

I've noticed that some in the US charge sky rocketing prices for Himalayan salt! Over here it's quite cheap as a supermarket chain has it on the shelves! I X my fingers, that you can find it in supermarkets as well! If you can buy a large quantity might be a good source!

See,,, and, in German,,! The book 'Gesund für immer' was very beneficial as well! 'Fit for Life' is, about, the equivalent in English!

Although I didn't stop smoking, I'm feeling better every day and, next year I'm going to celebrate '50 years of smoking French canaster'!

In my opinion, smoking is only a secondary cause with becoming ill! If the body cells are treated well otherwise, they do their best to keep the organism healthy!

Greetz, hand and ... stay healthy - you deserve it!

Earl said (August 16, 2011):

Royal Raymond Rife developed a cure for cancer back in the 1930s (!!!). He first built a microscope which was decades ahead of it's time; it allowed Rife to study the behavior of *live* cancer cells, when the cells were exposed to various radio frequencies. He found the specific resonance frequencies for different types of cancer; then directed that specific radio-frequency energy at the tumors. After first experimenting with mice and dogs, Rife went on to cure people.


Kat said (August 16, 2011):

Essiac Tea website: {out of Colorado not California}

Natural Heritage Enterprises
PO Box 278, 946 Stagecoach Trail
Crestone CO 81131 USA
Tel: 719 256 4876

Stephen said (August 16, 2011):

Oh so true. Some of the high up in the cancer industry know of the various cancer cures. One I know has actually been cured of cancer by Dr. Hamer's New German Medicine. They don't want a cure, its bad for business. I have treated several ex-pharma salesmen. They are filled with guilt and shame when they are forced to lie to MDs to sell expensive drugs that are not as effecitve as some of the old generics. You can't be honest and be a good pharmaceutical salesman at the same time. Many in the industrail medical complex should be judged by the same standards of the NAZI Nuremburg trials and then hung.

Krister said (August 16, 2011):

There is a recent very informative film made that tell us about to what lenghts Big Pharma and it's minion the FDA, goes to curb any for them treating new method of cancer care. Do take a look att Burzynski, the Movie, by Eric Merola:

Also seem's that Big Pharma is really scared by this film and made one of their minions write an article in Village Voice. But sorry Big Pharma, Your efforts in damage control seem's to have backfired, by the comments to judge:

Robbie said (August 15, 2011):

As per: “Confessions of a Cancer Industry Insider.”

Hemp cures cancer.

Watch “Run from the cure” on YouTube.

Ed said (August 15, 2011):

What people don't realize is that the AMA is the most successful price-fixing cartel in history. Medical licensure has nothing to do with excellence or competence; it has to do with preventing competition. Because of the relative dearth of competition, it follows that the product being offered would be shoddy and ineffective

Michael said (August 15, 2011):

i too stopped giving money years ago to cancer research for the same reason stated but i would like to inquire .. you say there are many cures hidden from the public. If you know of such cures or links to info regarding same why not share them here ?
There are many people who could benefit from this information - you may even save someones life .. by saying you know of these cures and then not revealing them here .. well .. easy to finish that train of thought i think.

Please share this suppressed CURE info .. i know a couple of individuals who could really use this possibly life saving info. ANY HELP appreciated.


Geraldine replies:

Poster "Michael" breaks my heart...and there are millions of michaels who personally or have loved ones currently struggling with cancer diagnoses. If you can respond via email to this poster, I would recommend essiac. I am not practicing medicine here..but...essiac is what I chose for my personal breast cancer battle and did choose to forego conventional therapy, surgery or radiation. Michael can google "essiac" to read the history of this...and which I think is now trade marked in the US and available only from one distributor in California at a pretty steep price. Herbal Healer Academy has a product called 4 herb tea which is the same product as essiac, NOT trade marked and at substantially lower cost. Essiac does not taste bad, is not expensive and does not cause side effects so someone could choose to use it even if they were undergoing more conventional cancer therapy. Mariah (at Herbal Healer) is a saint, very knowledgeable and able to help anyone seeking alternative treatments. I highly recommend her personally as well as her products. There are OTHER alternative therapies available, essiac is simply what I personally chose to use.


Even the FDA has had to acknowledge that his protocol has a 30% success rate where their standard radiation and chemo has a 1-10 percent depending on the type of cancer.


for all cancer articles..

please, PLEASE. please.,,

look into "BITTER APRICOT SEEDS" and vitiamin b17!... but the b17 must be natural, apricot seeds..bitter!


Sodium Bicarbonate

Debra said (August 15, 2011):

16 Quotes On Drugs -

Claire said (August 15, 2011):

The Cancer Industry Insider is absolutely right about our current
paradigm, but is seriously wrong about "Board Certification" and
"licensure" of physicians, they are NOT the same thing.
I am also a 20+ year veteran of healthcare and barely escaped with my life, so I wholly support the effort to expose the fraudulent system, but this type of error makes her look not credible. I managed a clinic with 12 physicians, all were licensed, most were board certified but not all. It affects insurance rates and what clubs you can join, but not what Rx's you can write or what treatments you may administer.
Thanks for your efforts at shining some light!

Geraldine replies:

How nice for Claire that her physicians in her clinic were licensed. That means what exactly? Because hers were, that every other practicing physician is? NO. Not true.

Board certification is for a specialty, plastic surgery for instance, that requires additional years of training and sitting for specialty examinations in plastic surgery. I do not know the exact requirements for board certification and I am certain that the requirements vary by specialty, but know that I would surely want a plastic surgeon working on me personally to be board certified. It is a higher level of excellence, if you will, and one patients should be aware of and look for.

HOWEVER, lack of board certification does not prevent other doctors, some board certified in other areas, like gynecologists, for instance from doing plastic surgery procedures. The entire point of board certification, however, is moot in that we are not talking about board certification we are talking about licensing.

It is a very simple matter in most states to take a physician's name and call or look on line for the agency responsible for licensing of physicians in your state. It should tell you whether or not this particular person is licensed, whether the license has at any time been suspended or if there are pending issues against it. If the result is that that person is not licensed to practice medicine in that state, well then my advice is do not make an appointment with him/her. I said not licensed to practice medicine and that is exactly what I meant. The persons in question did not hold a license to practice medicine in the state that they were in fact practicing in. Period.

Ray said (August 15, 2011):

""This is a multi-billion dollar per year industry and a "cure" would put a lot of people out of work.""

Realize this about ten years ago! Not giving one bloody cent to that scam! Anyone collecting for cancer research are being asked one question: If & when a cancer cure is found, tell me what is going to happen to all the people on this gravy train?

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