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Waiting for Anti-Christ: The Maitreyea Cometh

October 15, 2018


from June 12, 2010

by L C  Vincent

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The Anti-Christ has been anticipated for well over a thousand years; and now it appears the Illuminati are rapidly escalating events heralding his imminent arrival, in the guise of "The Maitreya."

Both Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey, leaders of the Theosophical Society, predicted The Maitreya's arrival in our century.  The Maitreya was to be the name of the great World Teacher when he incarnates on our planet.

Bailey went on to found the highly influential Lucis Trust in 1922, (originally named the Lucifer Trust before bowing to the gods of camouflage and which now includes such luminaries as David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker and George Schultz).  Thru her contact with the hidden master Djwahl Khul, Bailey claimed that The Maitreya would once again incarnate in the 20th Century.  


Nearer to our own time line, a man named Benjamin Creme (born 1922) a student of both Blavatsky's and Bailey's teachings, announced in 1959 that the new World Teacher would lead the world into a new Golden Age of knowledge and peace.  

Creme founded yet another trust, "Share International Foundation," to prepare the way.  Creme has now stated that The Maitreya is now living in London.  According to Creme, he has entered into this world via a "self-created body" in 1977 which, it would seem, was done to put him one over on Jesus Christ, who had to rely upon at least one earthly parent for physical manifestation.

Further, claims Creme, The Maitreya's first public appearance will be heralded by geologic, social and economic upheavals, including a worldwide stock market crash.  The Maitreya will then publicly appear on a "Day of Declaration" where he will be able to psychically communicate to every human being on the planet at the same time, announcing that he has arrived to liberate mankind from the tyranny of capitalism, greed and corruption.

The Maitreya, according to Benjamin Creme, who heralds from a famous Masonic Jewish (Communist) family, has a low opinion of the United States and Capitalism in general. He considers our economic system the embodiment of greed and theft, in contrast to the selfless cooperation, peace and harmony which a loving socialist-style society would impose upon world citizens.

Of course, The Maitreya's appearance will signal the need for One World Global Government.  At the same time, the wealth of the world will be extracted by those select families who own and run The Federal Reserve and other central banking institutions, creating a layer of equal poverty, hunger and desperation around our planet. 

In fact, The Maitreya is the messenger of The Illuminati Incarnate.  This new World Teacher, who is said to regard Jesus Christ as his messenger (!), is nothing more than Old Scratch, His Satanic Majesty, The Devil made Flesh, the Anti-Christ on Earth.  


There is yet another ambassador, of sorts, for The Maitreya.  In December of 1973, "Rael" a French journalist, (real name Claude Vorilhon) claimed to have met a being from space, who stated his purpose was to establish an embassy on Earth for the harmonious cooperation of all humans who were now ready to explore cosmic consciousness.  Eagerly accepting both the message and the aliens' conferral of leadership, Vorilhon established Raelism -- a religion based on UFOs and a species of space aliens who claim they created humans in their own likeness.

This space ambassador, according to Rael, could walk down any street in Japan and blend right into the crowd.  Humanity was designed by them and in their image.   Our planet had finally evolved sufficiently, thanks to such "messengers" as Jesus Christ, who had prepared humanity to accept the next phase in human evolution, the phase marked by the appearance of The Maitreya.  

As part of their discipline, Raelians speak against the use of drugs, tobacco, and coffee, and limit alcohol to moderate levels.  They are however, very much into the refinement of erotic pleasure and hold liberal views on the expression of sexuality.  They deny the existence of a human soul and a supernatural god; instead, they strive to seek the transmission and implantation of one's mind and experience into a new, disease free body.

In 1991, The Raelians attempted to establish a spaceport in Israel for the reception of ambassadors from off planet.  Their request was denied, perhaps because the Raelian symbol is a six pointed Star of David with a Swastika in the middle of it.  Others claim the Raelian cult is both fascistic and racist, as they have stated that only those who are at least 10% above average intelligence have any right to vote as part of the electorate.

Besides stating that humanity was designed and created by extraterrestrials, Raelians believe in human cloning, "Geniocracy" (the governing of 'The People' by an elite of geniuses) and of course, the coming of The Maitreya, the great "World Leader" and "World Teacher."  Perhaps not to be outdone,  Rael has also declared himself to be "The Maitreya of the West."

As we approach the year of 2012, which Hollywood and others have warned us about in Mayan prophecy as the potential "end of the world," there seems to be no dearth of candidates one might label as the new anti-Christ.  Whether one chooses Benjamin Creme or Claude Vorilhon as direct incarnations of The Maitreya, or one prefers the more traditional devil in the form of the self-incarnated Maitreya who allegedly appeared in Kenya in 1988 before deciding that London was a more fitting abode for a demon of his stature, it cannot be denied that Creme and "Rael" are in the same line presaging the arrival of the new cosmic teacher first mentioned by Blavatsky and Bailey over a century ago.

Moreover, this new "Maitreya" has allegedly appeared to thousands of influential world leaders, including Mikhail Gorbachev.  During such appearances, he reputedly performs "miracles" to convince the skeptical that he is, indeed, the new World Teacher.

Yet even a cursory reading of certain biblical passages would convince us that The Maitreya, should he actually exist, could just as easily be the anti-Christ predicted in The Bible, and that his wondrous deeds are another illusion to mislead the gullible down the path to Satan and the establishment of a New World Order and One World Government which -- according to both Creme and "Rael" -- is just what humanity needs at this time of environmental trials and economic tribulations.

One thing is certain -- the cosmic "timing" of The Maitreya is right on schedule, whether one looks at the current near collapse of all major world economies, the catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the increasing volcanic and tectonic activity, and the predicted solar flares said to be coming in late 2012 and early 2013 which may disrupt all electronic communication on Earth (bye bye Internet and cell phones). 

Couple all these natural phenomenon with Biblical predictions, Mayan prophecies, Hollywood disaster flicks, Project Blue Beam, and verified prophets heralding the arrival of a new "spiritual" Earth Teacher, and one can only conclude that The Illuminati are about to convince the gullible that The Maitreya will be appearing to take our planet under his beneficent World Religion, for the benefit of the The New World Order.

L C Vincent


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Comments for "Waiting for Anti-Christ: The Maitreyea Cometh"

Len said (June 14, 2010):

Of course, there has always been a lot of craziness over "predictions of the coming of the final antichrist," but the New Age Maitreya (when coupled with the "coming of the extraterrestrial brotherhood of the ascended masters" and other deceptions and promises of "bringing humanity to Christ-Consciousness," etc.) this looks like it could very well turn out to be the real-deal insofar as becoming THE FINAL deception of satan and false religions and false political-power plays.

Let us remember that Jesus Himself clearly said that "in the very last days deceptions would become so great" that "if it were possible, even the very elect themselves would be deceived," ... but "for the elect's sake: those days would be shortened." Where is the place of safety from all this deception and confusion? Love for and commitment to [true allegiance to] THE CHRIST OF THE BIBLICAL & HISTORICAL RECORD: The Lamb of God Who was and is both Messiah Ben-Joseph ["The Suffering Servant"] AND Messiah Ben-David ["The Conqueroring Messiah-King"]- Jesus - Yeshua IS BOTH. and He is THE ONLY Ark of Safety in these perilous times.

David C said (June 13, 2010):

This is in regards to your article by L.C. Vincent on the so-called 'Maitreya' as predicted by Blavatsky and Bailey.

First of all, the original prediction was not made by Helena Blavatsky or A.C. Bailey. Theosophy is a very strange society that takes elements of oriental Exoteric Teachings and Druidic Beliefs and blends them together in a Spiritualist manner.

The original prediction comes from Buddhism and was made, supposedly, by the Buddha Siddhartha.

It does not state that Maitreya will be born of a 'self-created' body, it does not state that 'Jesus Christ' was his messenger, nor that he will be divine in any way.

It states that he will be born of a Brahmin in the time known as the 'Dharma Ending Period' and will realize what was lost, then go about teaching it.

Ultimately it is not something that should ever be taken as literal. It is an Esoteric Teaching alluding to the principle of stagnation, that all things become rigid and institutionalized and people lose the true spirit with which they once pursued whatever spiritual path they follow.
It is like going to Church on Sunday because you feel obligated, not because you want to. In this case your spirit is not in it, you have forgotten the liveliness of it. Until you can find the spirit again Church is just a place you go. That is the Dharma Ending period, the true anti-christ.
That is the state that we have today. Buildings empty of spirit cannot be called places of the way, or God.

Were it truly about a person coming to Earth and bringing the true spirit back to the teaching, which it very well could be, then there are several misconceptions by which people are operating in this case.

The man shown in the picture of this article is not the Maitreya, maybe a person chosen to carry out some agenda,or a smoke screen, but is not the Maitreya predicted by the Buddha - Blavatsky and Bailey are morons, they knew nothing of which they spoke. Certainly they may have been adepts in the occult with some oriental flavorings to what they did, but they did not understand the true path, nor did they really care to I gather.

I think, instead of sharing these articles the way they are, fear mongering about something which has been perpetuated by information that is completely inaccurate, it would be better to present it as it was originally presented - by the Buddha.

You would not think to present Revelations in a way that is predicted by, say, a group like the Raelians? No, you would quote directly from Revelations, would you not?
Research the information and compare it to what is out there, ultimately what your posters are continuing to perpetuate, then draw your conclusions from the original source material rather than second-hand spiritualism which is a mixture of several things, including personal ideas by the people writing of them.

Ultimately it seems that these writers go to great lengths not to present truth, but to present a specific twist or spin on the truth. This is something you allow by allowing them to post articles on your site without researching first and presenting the actual TRUTH.
This, to me, seems more like working for a specific thing, an agenda. So it almost seems like disinformation - part of the smoke screen to give more strength to the stories on which your site reports.

Watcher said (June 13, 2010):

You are correct regarding Maitreya as Antichrist. I personally took several photos to three major Catholic visionaries who all had said Jesus showed them his image in visions. All of them said Jesus did not want them going around talking about this evil person and they kept mostly quiet about it.

After seeing the photos separately, they agreed Maitreya is who they were shown. I also have numerous scary stories from people who have encountered him. Also, I have a news story of George Bush Senior meeting him and believing in him. I gave away a lot of the materials I gathered after having all sorts of negative things happening in my life.

Please continue to monitor this wicked person. His Day of Declaration I understand is in 2012 but this may be inaccurate.

Peace, and keep up the great work you are doing for Jesus.

Derrick said (June 13, 2010):

Henry, I just have to say my bit: this antichrist bit is a complete trip-off designed (by someone) to keep us from seeing the truth and living for the real Jesus Christ (the way He asked us to) now.

The book of Revelation (the only source for all this fantasy) was written around 66 or 67 AD (see Kenneth Gentry's Before Jerusalem Fell -- Dating the Book of Revelation) and when read in that context gives the last and final and ultimate warning the that "last generation" of believers living in the 40 years leading up to the "end of the age" at which time the temple, the city, indeed the whole land of Palestine would be utterly and irrevocably destroyed.

Let them have antichrist who want it but let's not pretend, once we know the truth (the Apostle John said that anitchrist was already there, two thousand years ago!). If there was an individual person who represented "antichrist" it was obviously Nero. 'Nuff said.

This is a wonderful site but if it's crystal-ball gazing you're wanting, go read a few articles on That will set things straight in your mind!

Bruce said (June 13, 2010):

Just and observation on the article>Waiting for Anti-Christ: The Maitreyea Cometh
By the time they are ready to roll this fake out, he will be too old to be believable. They are way behind in their 1984, or you could say they use of "The book of Revelation" as their playbook. Ha ha ha.

David said (June 13, 2010):

Enjoyed the article “Waiting for Anti-Christ” since the identity of this man has been a riddle for many centuries. But, one should consider that this man has one purpose and that is to be worshiped as god. The fact that the devil will take up residence in this man brings a serious amount of deception and power that will beguile many.

Despite the claims of many, this man cannot be anything but a Jew and a direct descendant of King David. Otherwise the nation of Israel will not accept this man regardless of the magic he performs. Therefore, one must also consider how this man will be able to ingratiate himself to the Jews and by what means shall he ascend to the throne.

The so called “illuminati” carries the appearance of being a very effective and powerful organization but they are at best a front for the real powers that be who know exactly who their Christ is. However, to put him on the throne as god requires that a patsy be found to play the role of anti-Christ. Then, once the false anti-Christ is destroyed the real beast can present himself as the world’s Savior.

Chrys said (June 13, 2010):

The Maitreyea Cometh. Antichrist
sightings have been a way of life forever.
Of course Hitler filled the bill perfectly as did (to some) George Bush, Bill Clinton and on and on. The Bible tells us that the Antichrist must have a much more impressive CV. Way beyond
the merely charismatic he must be:

An intellectual genius
An oratorical genius
A ;commercial genius
A military genius
A "religious" genius

Performing miracles will not be enough, although clearly, it may be enough to subdue and flatter the people.

Just the fact that they at one time claimed this title for George W Bush proves that they do not understand the sheer evil and cunning of it's presence. Just as they did not recognize Christ, they will not understand the brilliance of this terror until it is already upon them.

Tyrone said (June 12, 2010):

Enjoyed your write up at Makow's site. The main and final Anti Messiah will walk into the New Temple and proclaim himself above all that is called God as he takes the seat of chief executive and high priest of world government. While Maitreya maybe the main one, he might also be the bad cop to the "good" cop final one. Here is a prime candidate who fits your profile

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