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Satanist Explains the Rites of Sodomy

September 30, 2010


[Disclaimer: While I find this material disgusting, I am posting it for its educational value. The Illuminati adhere to these beliefs and take part in  these practices.]

"For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim"

--Aleister Crowley

The Mystical Doctrine

(The Rites of the Hyena King Shemeber)

(dedicated to James D. Guckert because little things can mean a lot)

by Aloysius Foszdyke


Of The Bloody Sacrifice: and Matters Cognate (Pt. I)

Chapt. 12


Sodomy is extremely important to the Alpha Lodge because we know that if you sodomize Ialdabaoth (the deity you know as Jehovah) you get his power. It's just that simple and this elementary principle has been followed for millennia by the Greeks, the Romans, the Fascists and left-hand path initiates. In its highest ranks even British Intelligence uses the back passage.

When initiating children, the Alpha Lodge maintains: the younger the better, for a number of reasons I won't go into. Our methodology is that the child is deprived of food and sleep for days. Depending on how they react, sometimes beatings are employed. Occasionally the child is made to take part in sacrifices. The key is in the trauma: the complete destruction of the inner spirit. Then at the propitious moment the child's third eye is opened so as to completely resocialize them and open their psychic abilities.

Those awakened retain the mindset of the age at which their awakening took place and this mindset can be accessed in a number of ways and for a number of purposes.

Moreover, and as Austin Osman Spare found, bum sex both benumbs (which allows the subconscious to be accessed without the conscious mind interfering) and binds.

If binding is required the penetration of the 'wand' must occur at an upward angle so as to impress the nerves at the end of the spine and produce flashes of white light in the very mind of the initiate (enlightenment).

The XI degree of the OTO uses anal sex as do a number of affiliated groupings. There is a reversal of the body's subtle energy flows that is achieved by the aristocratic virtue of whitewashing the rear entry.

Since the proliferation of pornography, anal congress has established itself in the heterosexual world where the wonders of rectal romance are plain to apprehend. You don't even require a trained eye. By divorcing sex from any meaning it looses all meaning. Sex becomes an end in itself. Instead of lovers, there are sexual athletes. Love with all of its sentimental and cultural accretions is freed. Sodomy is normalized then consecrated.

I've never been one for homosexual congress unless the individual manifested the middle pillar, encapsulating the feminine in a male body. After all, as the old saying goes, 'women are breeders; men are for love'.

In these regards Asian men are far more feminine. Repressed homosexuals, in particular, display greater devotion. And by collecting the workings of such rites, acts of Magick can be effectively grounded (talismans, etc.) or used as a sacrament.

We maintain that the Eye of Hoor is better than the Mouth of Isis whichever the gender involved.


Foszdyke was responsible for giving this material to the world:

"Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control"

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Comments for "Satanist Explains the Rites of Sodomy "

W said (October 2, 2010):

It amazes me how so many have caught on to the ancient trick of ‘controlled opposition’ or false (Left/Right) polarity in politics but overlook the same game in the religious sphere. When Satanists shock you by their ‘blasphemy’ against ‘God’ they are also tricking you. The great religions are mostly their creation and subterfuge, packed with the symbolism and values of the Babylonian priesthood, their ancestors. They handed down to us the deeply violent and polarizing concepts of sacrifice, the sacred, blood atonement, Heaven and Hell to poison the human heart and mind through the ages. So long as people perpetuate such religious-sacrificial doctrines, actively or passively, the satanists will gloat in their superiority because that person is, in effect, just a mediocre satanist.
We have all been lied to on a gigantic scale and the satanists are counting on the truth being too much for us bear.

In any event it’s worth noting they’re not the ‘genuine ones’ they think they are. In their need to use power over others they betray their fundamental mediocrity (like the god-monsters they worship); they show themselves to be less intelligent than the average person by exulting as a mystery (‘order out of chaos’) what everybody else has long recognized as the scapegoat technique (or strategic stupidity). They are, above all, just another bunch of hypocrites, claiming to ‘give the sheeple what they want’ while actually building, slowly and meticulously, a macrocosm of their own cultic system of hierarchies, slaves, terror and pyramids.

Take away the fear of suffering and death and the Satanist becomes a truly pathetic, almost laughable, figure. We see the pitiful fruit of their imagination. Robots who didn't rebel.

Tim said (October 1, 2010):

We're onto the pedophile networks and they are going down:

And here with Sohonet, is the ultimate transmitter of "live broadcast mass snuff films"; this is what Gareth Williams (MI6) had hacked into and why he was snuffed. The Pink Bag Triangular Trade - Drugs, Guns, Sedated Children and Snuff Films; SohoNet is UK based, Henry.

The City of London (Crowley was a British Agent) is a threat to humanity and it was through the City of London, the Crown Sisters (31 women identified) and sextortion (archived snuff films) through 'man-in-the-middle' attacks through the 108th Livery Companies that pulled off 9/11.

"SohoNet – Studio Connectivity

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All three Pinewood Group Studio sites work with Sohonet to give productions access to a secure production environment that will ensure security and efficiency across the entire production chain from acquisition through production, post production and distribution.

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Sohonet allows you to bypass the public Internet and all the dangers associated with it – piracy, viruses, unreliability, unpredictability, etc. Unlike the public Internet, Sohonet provides you with a secure, reliable and fast service.

As the first and largest high bandwidth connector for the global entertainment industry, Sohonet is the world’s surest path for transferring digital content."

Dan said (October 1, 2010):

Even if Foszdyke is at the level of the "movers and shakers" who populate positions of authority in politics and media, entertrainment and 'education' and 'law', he's blowing hot air.

We're in the age when perverts and whores are picked up out of the slime, placed in the key 'leadership' and elders positions of the culture as a form of mockery. The personnel profile for those positions these days hardly impresses us. The prime requirement is little else than the ability to sell your mom for nickel's worth of unmerited favor, and getting a kick out of it to boot.

The purpose of acts of sodomite rape is psychological subjugation plain and simple. Sodomy is employed merely because it's the most visceral trauma possible short of dismemberment and permanent disfigurement. In short sodomy rape of children is effective for mind control programming. All Satanists are SLAVES. Like the Bob Dylan song said it, 'you're gonna have to serve somebody'.

Satanists really don't know how foolish and weak they look to the children of God. Especially when a Satanist is beheading a child of God, are they an object of profound pity in the eyes of their 'victim'.

But even the Satanist isn't beyond hope. Repent.

Keith said (October 1, 2010):

It seems to me that these people are deluding themselves when they think that by molesting young children they will get the virtues of the young child, they of course do not acquire the innocence of children by molesting the child... they destroy the innocence of children by molesting them. The truth is they wish to hurt the children and destroy their innocence. But it seems that they have trouble admitting the truth to themselves.

Orest2 said (October 1, 2010):

The 1928 novel Lady Chatterly's Lover by D. H. Lawrence and the 1972 film Last Tango in Paris from Bernardo Bertolucci both highlight male on female sodomy and sell the reader and the film-goer on this experience as being "empowering" and "elevating." They send a message to wannabe elitists that this is "cool" and the way to be "cool" is to indulge. Lots of people gravitate to the trappings of elitism and engage in mimicry of elite styles and taste and proclivities. Think of the women wobbling about on 5-inch stiletto heels in the belief that wearing them confers a kind of status on them by proxy. Men are no different. They'll adapt to anything unnatural, if it's sold as being status-elevating. Elites look down on a vast talent pool bristling with mediocre wannabes ready to sell their souls.

Russ said (October 1, 2010):

I've mailed before and read your site regularly.

But Henry, please please please don't publish any more of this aloysius fool's ramblings. Better to discard. I mean it!

If the body of your readers are anything like me, i fear you will begin to lose their support.

Keep up the good work my friend.

Orest said (September 30, 2010):

Where once the young were encouraged by parents and elders to subscribe to virtuous behaviour, now the pressure comes from their peers to adopt whatever happens to be trendy in terms of lifestyle.

Whoever sets the standard in terms of what's trendy and what isn't virtually holds the whip hand over this new generation. Of course, the drift toward permissiveness, once incremental, will pick up the pace and goaded by music videos, videos games, popular vampire literature, and Hollywood films, new norms will be established, will be taken as OK.

I don't want to speculate as what this turn will take, save to say that sexual behaviour at home in a pornographic context will be sold to youth as normal and fun and currently trendy and
pleasurable. Innocence will become a statistical rarity, and no doubt be prized all the more by that perverse fraternity that seeks Satanic elevation through the debasement of weak and the

Julian Lee said (September 30, 2010):

There is only one source of power which effectively interferes with Lucifer's activities: the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotence of the Holy Spirit."

Well, along with moral self-mastery and the killing out of lust in the male, which also destroys any possibility of perversion.

Meanwhile, it's that same moral self-control that allows you to contact the power of God, and the Holy spirit. That's why Satanists and NWO culture-perverters hate chastity and traditional moral rules even more than they hate God-talk. They know that the latter is meaningless and a far cry without the former. For the same reason, sexual lust and perversion -- the opposite of chastity -- is central in their "religion."

Baxter said (September 30, 2010):

Dear Henry

I'm quite sure someone is pulling your leg with these "real Satanist confessions letters." I think it's a prank.
Who is this ridiculous "satanist person" Aloysius Foszdyke?

Ken said (September 30, 2010):

There is only one source of power which effectively interferes with Lucifer's activities: the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit takes His oversight very seriously, martially, and without any give at the appropriate times and in the appropriate conditions. Co-operating with Him are the happily willing 2/3 of the remaining loyal angels, who kept their "first estate".

So, what is Lucifer to do? The Holy Spirit very strictly enforces the rules of this Great Controversy between Jesus Christ and Lucifer. He allows, or not, any exceptions or additional experiments on the issues at stake. The Holy Spirit takes every inch of territory He can, in harmony with the rules/realities of His character of truth and love. Lucifer is allowed to take every inch of territory not given to His control. There are also gradations in the territorial exchange process, which occur according to the free will choices made by human beings and their attitudes toward their individual degrees of exposure to right and wrong.

These are important clues to understanding the longer-term goals of satanic ritual and crime. The higher "spiritual working" they are seeking is the more powerful and open exhibition of Lucifer's presence and ability. How can this be achieved, when the Holy Spirit is everywhere resisting mightily this process? The Holy Spirit must be driven off--the further the better, and according to the rules of the Controversy. How can the Holy Spirit be driven off? The more horrific, blasphemous, wicked, and cruel their actions are--freely chosen, with full awareness and against conscience--the more the Holy Spirit is repelled from them, and Lucifer is freed up, doors are allowed to open, for him to act and work with greater freedom and effectiveness.

Matthew 25:40,41 - "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:" [fire annihilates. that annihilation will never be reversed]

Betty said (September 30, 2010):

Reading this piece by Stephen Volk I notice the mention of Joyce. I had never thought of him as being satanist influenced. Not being a Joyecean I could not say as to it being true or not.

However it did make me realize a few things within my own society. On reading as to who Joyce was and his choice of friends I could well see how he well influenced by satanic helpers. He is still today a by-word for the setting apart of our modern media and elites. To be seen as Joycean is to be seen as elitist, and in some cases homosexual. So I would think it was a good choice by the miscreant evil to use such genius yet feeble minded people.

We here are influenced to a great extent by our national media. In fact it would be safer to say we are well programmed. My own Irish media would be a case in point. We have for countless years had to listen to a doyen darling who controlled our national airways. He would host his own shows on the radio and TV. He would introduce all kinds of filth to a gullible public. He would decry the christian values and leaders and introduce new thinking with no thought for what he was replacing. In fact now that I think of it he introduced Bono, and Geldorf who are but vacuous wind bags.

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