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Tattoos Signal Satanic Possession in South Korea

June 5, 2024

One-third of Korea's adult population, 
or some 13 million people, 
have tattoos as of the end of 2022, 
according to data from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

From a reader-

Hi Henry, I am a longtime reader, 41 male. I have been traveling in South Korea and I've noticed many young women have grotesque tattoos on their forearms and chest, even face tattoos! 

The young men are also heavy on tattoos and it seems 1 out of 5 have them. Particularly ugly tattoos that don't make any sense. 

One guy had in tiny layers "Satan" under his eye. Kid you not. The foreign women who are living here are often white with nose rings and tattoos and dressed provocatively. They definitely look like the modern feminist. 

Interestingly most young people are holding hands and in relationships as if it was the 1950s, but they are pushing baby strollers with Pomeranians or other small dogs. I got a haircut from a local Korean guy aged 29 who told me that Koreans have decided to be the last generation and will no longer have children. This is all so fucking bizarre.

I wanted to share this because I suspected they have been infiltrated by something related to all of this madness happening in the world. It's been very disturbing to see this and I grew up in a generation that was already messed up. 

South Koreans are known to work extremely hard. And long hours. To raise baby dogs in strollers for the next generation? Makes 0 sense. 

To specify the tattoo situation - it's all over the country but the area to see the most is near universities and city centers. Particularly they are western style, upside down crosses, guns; one guy had a man holding a gun with a ski mask on his wrist; a girl with what appears to be an angry demon on her throat; a man with a demon on the back of his head. You can't even make this up. And it has nothing to do with yakuza or organized crime, this is the NORM! 

Lastly, I went on a date with a Korean woman who told me she is disgusted by babies and children. She attends church every Sunday and is an ATHEIST! 

So what I see is this cancer of the West is spreading in eastern countries sadly, where they used to be known for being traditional and conservative. It's truly disgusting and tragic. 

I was reading that "Japanese are becoming more open with tattoos now" and in my opinion women in particular have no business sporting masculine tattoos across their body or any tattoos for that matter. It's just a sign of moral decay which is clearly in its infancy stages across Asia. 


First Comment from Alex- 

I am writing you now to confirm what your reader in Korea recently wrote. Things have gotten much, much worse since I wrote "the Illuminist Hand in South Korea" back in 2009. You see this with how much the cultural scene has degenerated here, how disrespectful the young have become, and how demoralized everyone and everything in general is. Young girls in middle and high school dress like absolute sluts. Though they still wear school uniforms, their hemlines go straight up to their crotch. A lot of boys here are porn addicts, thanks to access to smartphones and no supervision from their parents. The parents here just don't care. Disciplining children in schools has all but been banned for the past decade. 

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