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Open Stock Market Just One Day a Week

June 19, 2024


We are in the middle of another bubble with AI. But, US stock markets are closed today. 
The calm that has descended over the nation reminded me of this article from December, 2018. 

The stock market is stressing people out.  Is gambling an addiction like cocaine? Is it a feature of our satanic possession?

Updated from 20-12-2018
by Henry Makow PhD

People have figured out that buying and selling is an easier way to make money than a 9-5 job.

Imagine the calm that would come over the world if stock markets were open only on Wednesdays so people could make adjustments to their portfolios. The rest of the time they could focus on their work and families instead of checking their stocks every five minutes. 

Brokers, analysts and financial pundits like Jim Cramer could have hobby farms, raise goats and breathe clean air. 

The stock market is a giant online casino. Billions of people trade on their phones. It is a daily popularity contest. Money is made or lost based on guessing the behavior of the mob. Brokerages hype the stocks they own and dump them. 

It's a ponzi scheme. The minute a stock goes up, people unload it. Your security is based on the whims of the herd. 

A lot of novices think they will get rich quick and are being cleaned out instead. You lose both ways. If you make money you get more addicted.

Here is a sample of the stress and anxiety caused by this giant casino. These comments are taken from Yahoo Conversations.

Apple ($161) investor Mick: For people who bought at $200+ are you holding or going to sell? I am holding but getting very stressed about it.

Micron ($31) investor Sam:  I have 100 at $41. That sweet spot where I'm not sure what to do. Can't average down till I know there's a bottom. can't sell at this price. guess I'll wait and see.

Fedex ($162) Investor George: Oh Dear God, this is an after hours disaster.

Eddie: $274 down to $173 in less than a year...this is why average Joe Investor should only buy mutual funds

Steve: FEDEX, ripping everyone a new one.


Kerplunk: TLRY ($80) There goes my put profits poof!
Blue- Hopefully we can get back to 200 so I can break even

J: TLRY is dropping faster than your girls panties!

Kerry-  do hope this continues to rise! it's been a fun roller coaster ride but it's making me nauseous! 😉

Eagle One- AMD ($18)  I could not have had a worse day than this - a 7% drop is more than digestible. However my sister who has been fighting cancer for the last fifteen months was today admitted to hospital for emergency surgery. It's the 13th medical intervention and I pray for her good health which she so bravely is fighting for. I kindly solicit ten seconds of your precious time for a considered thought for those who are suffering in this time who many celebrate in good health with their loved ones. God bless you all.


I'm glad these people can keep their sense of humor as they watch their savings go down the toilet. I love the term "investor" and the assumption that investing "long term" pays off. The term should be "speculator" and buying and holding is also a gamble.

The prospect of "money for nothing" is a temptation few people can resist. Unfortunately, your money turns into nothing. I like Seinfeld's line: "Instead of putting my money to work, I'll work and let my money stay at home." 

There is a moral there. Should we want money we haven't earned? Are gambling winnings honest earnings?

Clearly the stock market is not about investing. It is gambling. You can make money whether it goes up or down. Many people don't need the money. It's a sport.

Is gambling as serious an addiction as cocaine or porn? People are hooked on the warm fuzzy feeling they get when a stock goes their way, and the poke in the stomach when it doesn't.

Furthermore the market unites everyone on the level of greed. We all vibrate to the same tune. It dehumanizes and degrades us. 

Restricting the stock market to one day a week would go a long way to restoring peace to this tortured planet and raising our true standard of living


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Comments for "Open Stock Market Just One Day a Week"

George said (December 21, 2018):

Nothing funny about this. This isn't even controversial. There is a very simple truth about casinos. The house always wins. Can you imagine Sheldon Adelson playing at the tables? Does anybody really think that for the price of a copy of the Wall Street Journal you can get a tip worth a fortune?

The people who get those tips are the insiders. They are the ones who know that the wars are going to start because they start them. They are the ones who know that a corporation is going to fail because they are jumping out with their golden parachutes. Bans on insider trading? What a joke. The world in general consists of two types of animals: predators and prey. If you aren't sure which one you are, you are prey.

JG said (December 20, 2018):

Money is not like a vegetable that you plant in a garden that produces a harvest over a period of time. Plain and simple, money is made when one party extracts money from another party in small numbers on a big scale or large numbers on a smaller scale.

When someone makes a big gain on Wall Sreet someone else has taken a big loss at the same time. Most of the money is made by the insiders who control the numbers. Once enough investors decide to liquidate their funds and get out the ponzi scheme then collapses. All the money you thought was there really wasn't, they were inflated digital numbers.

Most people think that when the market collapses everybody loses. Not true, there are big winners when that happens also. Big losers produce big winners. Once the small investor states making money the crash is not far away. The market is then ripe for the big heist. It's happened time and time again.

I learned a long time ago that no one is out to make somebody else rich and that includes your stock broker. If only the Madoff investors still remembered that old cliche.

Tony B said (December 20, 2018):

Stock markets are justified as ways to amass capital in order to finance some mutually beneficial-to-man endeavor.

In reality they are most often attempts by some to gain an easy, effortless life at the expense of the strong backs of others.

They should be outlawed. Life has always been better when capital has been as diversified as possible with local business taken care of by local businesses hiring people from local families.

There never has been a real need for the high priced, "big" items that can only be made with giant pools of capital. Even home ownership worked better when a home was bought gradually at the price of monthly rent, the renter owning that much more of the property and the seller owning that much less upon each monthly payment.

Economies today are driven by greed. For the average family that greed is largely the result of debt-at-usury dysfunctional exchange mediums wherein the "carrot" is forever just beyond reach of the working man's outstretched arms as manipulated by the criminal bankers and their criminal bogus loans.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at