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Mike Stone - Female Basketball Sensation, Caitlin Clark, is a Man

June 17, 2024


"There's nothing the media would like better than to mess with the psyches of White America by presenting her as a role model for young White children, and as an object of sexual appeal to White men."

They did the same thing by having a homosexual President married to a tranny, with fake children. 

Makow- Caitlin is being credited with single-handedly saving the WNBA. She scores 30 points a game and assists on another eight. Arenas are packed. She is being called "the most important athlete in sports."  She is in a league of her own. That's because she is a man, and everyone is pretending she's not. These are strange times.

by Mike Stone

The renowned historian Mike King has a theory that has never been proven wrong. His theory states that nothing on the world stage happens organically. Whether it's a color revolution, a fake school shooting, or an individual who vaults from obscurity to the cover of Time magazine, whatever the mainstream media is heavily pushing didn't happen spontaneously or by accident. It was planned that way.

With that thought in mind, ask yourself why WNBA player Caitlin Clark has taken the world by storm. Fans simply can't get enough of her. WNBA stadiums are selling out for the first time ever. In fact, Clark's team, the Indiana Fever, surpassed their home attendance for the entire 2023 season in their first five games of 2024. That is unheard of. And it's all because of Clark, whose popularity is being fueled almost entirely by the media. Why?

Some would say Clark is being promoted to popularize women's basketball. I suppose that's possible, but why her? In current time America, White people are second-class citizens, so why is a White female, who isn't openly homosexual, or embracing a decadent lifestyle, or signaling her allegiance to the New World Order through satanic imagery and music, now the poster child for women's basketball? Why is she being promoted as a role model for children and a sex symbol of sorts for men?

To attempt to answer those questions, I want you to take a look at your own hands, both front and back. If you're a guy, your ring finger will be longer than your index finger. If you're a girl, it's the opposite. Your index finger will be longer than your ring finger, or they'll be the same size. (Some say the reason why women have longer index fingers is because they like to point and nag, but we won't go there.) Now take a look at some of these pictures. 

You can see that Angel Reese, left, has an index finger that is longer than her ring finger. That fits, because she's a woman. Now look at Caitlin Clark. Her ring finger appears longer than her index finger. 

That isn't proof positive that Clark is a "he" and not a "she," but it's certainly interesting. She also appears to have a manly face in a lot of photographs. Now a lot of White woman tend to develop manly faces as they age (this is a recent trend, it didn't used to happen), but Clark is only 22. Is it possible that she isn't what she appears to be?

If so, it would certainly explain her phenomenal rise. After all, who else has the media pushed this heavily? They gave us vaccine-sellout Travis Kelce and his satanic-signaling "girlfriend" Taylor Swift. Those two dominated the headlines for months. They've given us the illuminati-signaling Kardashian family for years. Why on earth would they suddenly be pushing a wholesome, White, 22-year-old female that everyone loves? The answer is they wouldn't be . . . Unless they had an ulterior motive.

If Clark was born a boy, and I'm not stating definitively that she was, then there's nothing the media would like better than to mess with the psyches of White America by presenting her as a role model for young White children, and as an object of sexual appeal to White men.


There's also the race issue. By presenting Clark as the new face of the WNBA, the media has stirred up an enormous amount of jealousy among the league's players, who have gone out of their way to foul her, and even jealousy among Clark's own teammates.

The brain-dead women on The View came out almost immediately after Clark entered the WNBA, claiming that the reason for her success is "White privilege." Since when did they start discussing sports?

Bill Maher jumped into the fray. Since when has he ever said anything positive about any White person?

Meanwhile, White "conservative" Americans and fake Christians have adopted Clark as one of their own, even though she hasn't said a word about politics. This is media manipulation at its biggest, pure and simple, but why?

The Tranny Look

If you spend a lot of time in gyms lifting weights, then you're familiar with something called the "steroid look." It's a look that guys get when they're on the juice - a sudden increase in muscle tissue that's hard to come by in such a short amount of time without chemical assistance. It's not definitive in determining whether one is one steroids, but it's damn close.

Today there's a recent phenomena called the "tranny look." Like the steroid look, it's not definitive, but it's damn close. Clark has that look. I don't want to comment derogatorily about her body, but she doesn't really have hips or a figure. She's also flat-chested. You could explain that by saying she's an athlete, but I don't know. Something doesn't seem right.

From age 5 to 13 or so, Clark played basketball in boys' leagues. That's interesting. Her father claims there were no girls' leagues where they lived in Iowa. 

This isn't the first time that a world-class female athlete has been suspected of being born a male. The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, have long been suspected of being born biological males. There's a ton of evidence on that subject that you can research, if you're so inclined.

If those accusations about the Williams sisters are true, then the parents are directly involved. And if Clark was born a male, then her parents are directly involved. It's sad,actually, to contemplate, but when one goes all-in on the truth, you have to accept what the evidence shows.

Personally, I hope that Clark is a female and just has a tomboy look. But I'm not so sure. If she WAS born a boy, then, just like the Williams sisters, she's a victim and deserves sympathy. It would be the adults in her life, acting satanically, who changed her God-given gender when she was a child. If that's the case, those adults will have hell to pay. 
Mike Stone is the author of the new book 101 Reasons Why You Might Have a Low IQ and Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man  

First Comment from Thai Tiger

I am an American expat living in Thailand, the land of Ladyboys or you would call them a Tranny. I showed my Thai wife a picture of Caitlin Clark and she says C.C. is a Man. Thai women can tell the difference easily having grownup with Ladyboys.

This whole Tranny thing can be solved by looking at the feet. Man have wider feet, women thin. Sorry: Big Mike, Macron's wife, Caitlan etc...

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Female Basketball Sensation, Caitlin Clark, is a Man "

Art said (June 18, 2024):

I watched a home video today of a 7-yr old Caitlin playing basketball with the neighborhood boys (and beating them pretty badly). She's a tomboy .. not a real boy.

Ryan said (June 18, 2024):

re. messing with your mind

Try Taylor Swift.
Go to Bitchute and type in
Taylor Swift Transgender or man

John S said (June 18, 2024):

Regarding Mike Stone's article on Caitlin Clark, she doesn't the dominate the women's game because of physical superiority as one would expect if she were born male. She has exceptional skill that has never been seen before in the women's game, and the same reason why Steph Curry rose to prominence in the men's game. Her skill is why she is popular, and that can be honed through practice. Mike Stone is not credible.

Mike B said (June 18, 2024):

I've enjoyed some of Mike Stone's articles but this the one about Caitlin Clark to totally idiotic.


David said (June 18, 2024):

Henry, never thought of it until I read your article. I don’t think so. I watched some videos of her including earlier life, interviews with parents, boyfriend and pictures of them together, her brothers. This is not a transgender. I think she started as a young child with unusual talent and dexterity that played with boys teams in Iowa because there were no girls basketball teams. I would be willing to accept hormone treatments though.

LT (from X) said (June 18, 2024):

Certainly possible. S/he doesn't have a prognathic brow ridge but that could reflect hormonal meddling before and/or around adolescence. Arms are also VERY male. Facial structures are all fully masculinized (despite hormonal meddling?). Linear, masculine body, no hips or bust.

Elaine said (June 17, 2024):

Mike Stone stated what he considered a fact that men's ring fingers are
longer than their index fingers, and that it is just the opposite for

That should be considered a generalized observation. It is definitely
not true with all people.

I am a female, natural born female. I am attracted to men, as is normal
for natural born females.

But: My ring finger is a full 1/2 inch longer than my index finger, on
both hands. That is the way they have been all my life.

I'll bet there are other females with the same ring/index finger
positions as mine.

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