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June 7 - Tucker Carlson is False Opposition

June 7, 2024

(left, Carlson with Kabalist thread on wrist indicating he is false opposition) 


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Makow- Carlson is right about a "destructive force."  But he fails to identify it. His job is to obfuscate.

Humanity has been inducted into Cabalist Judaism, a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. Satanism is the worship of Death and Depravity. Satanism destroys its adherents. ie. phony pandemics, "vaccines," never-ending wars directed by Freemasons on both sides.

Anyone who fails to identify the destructive force with Cabalist Judaism, Freemasonry, Satanism and Communism is false opposition. Anyone who doesn't demand the dissolution of the Fed is False Opposition. Nonetheless, false opposition is better than none at all.

"Tucker says that the push for nuclear war, the transhumanism movement, and transgenderism is a suicidal anti-human impulse being pushed by outside spiritual forces.

"The core impulse here is suicide. That's what all of this is. I think it's spiritual. The word demonic is being used everywhere because it's real. If you see a human movement that's anti-human, the push towards nuclear war is for it's own sake is by definition anti-human I would say.

A.I. is anti human by definition. Transgenderism is anti human by definition. Transhumanism is anti human. Do people act against their own long term interests? Probably not. So it's probably not human.

Do dogs act against their own collective interests? Do Caribou? ...None of them do. No animal does that. Because it's not natural. Animals are part of nature they do natural things. People are subject to the supernatural so they do things that are not natural, like kill themselves. That's why we are the only species that kills itself. When you kill yourself whether slowly or all at once, you are being acted on by forces that are outside of you. Spiritual forces."

Russia adopts a More Aggressive Posture re. hitting the West

What did Putin say? "If someone considers it possible to supply such weapons to a combat zone to strike our territory and create problems for us, then why do we not have the right to supply our weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where strikes will be made on sensitive targets those countries that do this against Russia? The answer may be asymmetrical. We'll think about it." - stressed the president.

(Putin's red thread. Picked to lose, West is the aggressor in war charade.)

'Bulls**t' - Putin on 'plans' to attack NATO
The West is making up stories to deceive its own population, the Russian president has said

The idea that Moscow has some kind of plan to attack NATO is a stupid attempt to maintain the West's global hegemony by fear, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.


Russia moving warships to Cuba and Venezuela



Western arms have been discredited. NATO is a giant cluster fuck. 

Winter of DIED SUDDENLY - 85 Musicians and Singers who died suddenly recently

May 31, 2024 (above) - Singer Seini Taumoepeau died very suddenly
Tongan-Australian presenter and singer Seini Fale' aka Taumoepeau, who also performed under the name "SistaNative," was a presenter on ABC Pacific."


"Along with Marina Abromovic, all the people who arrange these occult spectacles need to be investigated. Not only is their work prima facie evidence of psychopathy, but it also indicates their involvement with planning mass crimes against humanity. Even worse are the stupid sheep clapping and funneling all their divine creator energy into creating the ugly new world the death cult desires.

Helena Glass-NATO Inciting WWIII While Israel Looks to Incinerate Middle East

 Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, asserted at the Summit that NATO allies must pledge a stipulated amount to fund Ukraine's rubble until the end of time.  Translation:  the stuttering, verbally challenged Alex Soros has spoken on behalf of daddykins who has owned Ukraine since 1992 and is not about to give up the $11.7 trillion in rare earth minerals if he has to murder every last Ukrainian and US soldier.

A Loss is NOT on the table despite Ukraine losing over 50,000 troops monthly.  In response to the US building up Europe's weapons along Russia's border, Putin claims Russia will begin providing weapons to those regions incompatible with western ideologies - most notably Afghanistan.   The end result will be a global tit-for-tat barrage of rockets similar to Israel and Palestine.   A constant state of war.

The fact that Ukraine and Russia are nonNATO countries seems to have evaded Stoltenberg's understanding.   The Rules of Engagement are quite clear:  "Strategic Concept for the Defence and Security of the Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation adopted by Heads of State and Government in Lisbon."  

Afghanistan cost the US 2.3+ Trillion.  Syria cost $1.2 Trillion.  Iraq cost us $1.1 trillion.   WWII = $330 billion ($5.75 trillion in 2024 dollars).  Vietnam $176 billion.  We are broke.  Our Treasury Balance Sheet reveals a Net Worth of -$30+ Trillion.


El Salvador's Nayib Bukele Describes Satanic Gang Baby-Killing Rituals to Tucker Carlson

Bukele relayed the story of an imprisoned gang member who offered a state-approved interview to journalists. The gang member, he recalled, had killed so many people he could not remember how many but left the gang due to satanic rituals.

"I was used to kill people, but I killed for territory, I killed to collect money, I killed for extortion," Bukele recalled the gang member saying in the interview, "but I came to this house and they were about to kill a baby."

Report: Hamas rejected hostage deal
Hamas will announce that it rejects Israeli offer for ceasefire-prisoner swap deal, Saudi newspaper reports.

Hamas has rejected the Israeli proposal for a prisoner swap and temporary ceasefire, Asharq Al-Awsat reported Thursday morning. Sources in the Hamas terror group have claimed that the decision was made due to an understanding that the Israeli proposal is inherently different than the one presented by US President Joe Biden. A memorandum sent to the various terror groups on Wednesday and shown to Asharq Al-Awsat claimed that the agreement "does not promise a permanent ceasefire, the occupation's forces will remain in Gaza, and when they receive the hostages, they will renew the destruction against our nation."


From a reader- Just saw your article about the 3rd World War where you said that people don't realize we're in the summer of 1939.

"I found out this interesting piece of info last week - In the UK in May 1939, the Military Training Act was brought in which required single men between the ages of 20-22 to undertake 6 months military training. 240,000 men were signed up immediately.
Then on 3rd Sept 1939, on the day that the UK declared war on Germany, the National Service Act was enacted. This enforced full conscription on all male British subjects between the ages of 18 and 41.

Now in May of 2024 (last month) the Conservative party in the UK said that if they win the election in July, they want to bring back National Service for 18 year olds. So are they just doing a repeat performance of 1939 where people are softened up to the idea of National Sevice before bringing it as an enforced issue once war is declared? 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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