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June 24 - The World is Holding its Breath

June 24, 2024


Will Russia retaliate directly against NATO for its proxy war in Ukraine? Will China
invade Taiwan? 

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NATO Escalates Tensions with Threat to Deploy More Nukes Operationally.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is threatening to increase its deployment of nuclear weapons, raising global tensions. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg claims the alliance faces growing threats from Russia and China.

Phil Giraldi- Americans are Zionist Prisoners 

"70% of Biden's administration is Jewish, and almost all positions in national security and foreign policy are held by Jewish people. They retain power no matter who the president is and which party controls Congress. News reports indicate that Trump has been offered $100 million from Miriam Adelson in exchange for Israel taking over the West Bank to create a single Jewish state. Israel has led America into decades of war. Giraldi says that Israel need the US to fight its wars because it cannot dominate the Middle East without US involvement. "  

wh-commnunications.jpegIn the latest clown world development, the Biden Administration hired a man (left) in a dress to be its new Associate Communications Director and it quickly emerged that the guy had a history of spicy tweets hating on white people, comparing police officers to 'slave patrols' and 'lynch mobs', and calling for ICE to be abolished.

G. Edward Griffin Reveals the Dirty Secret Behind Agenda 21 in Two Minutes

G. Edward Griffin starred in James Jaeger's documentary 'Unsustainable, the UN's Agenda for World Domination' about Agenda 21, the precursor to Agenda 2030. Griffin describes the purpose of Agenda 21 policies, also known as 'sustainable development', in this short clip.

Democrats Shut Down Investigation into Maine's Surging Excess Deaths 

Democrats in Maine have stepped in and shut down an investigation by Republican lawmakers into the state's spike in excess deaths that are now 18% higher among 25- to 64-year-olds than they were in 2020, before the COVID vaccine roll out.   --- 

Chaotic scenes as anti-Israel protesters surround synagogue in Los Angeles

Violent clashes ensued as anti-Israel protesters surrounded the building and prevented Jews from entering.  


Charges DROPPED against Aussie lockdown protest pioneer   Lockdown protest pioneer and Christian community leader Victor Tey shared his reflections on his prolonged legal battle and his current political activities.

Tey gained attention in September 2020 as a Sydney pastor who protested against the stringent COVID-19 restrictions by exercising his right to outdoor workouts while holding protest signs.

This act of defiance led to multiple arrests and charges, despite his efforts to comply with the restrictive regulations. 

A disturbing new study has warned that all recipients of Covid mRNA injections are facing a ticking time bomb where they could be struck down with a sudden brain clot at any moment, without warning.

DISTURBING: All Recipients of COVID Injections Face Alarming Risk of SUDDEN BRAIN CLOTSA disturbing new study has warned that all recipients of Covid mRNA injections are facing a ticking time bomb where they could be struck down with a sudden brain clot at any moment, without warning.
HORRIFYING...Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: Jab Damage"Depending on where the vaccine damage occurs, a wide variety of neurological and psychiatric illnesses can occur. "


Hamas couldn't do this

Israeli army probe finds multiple cases of friendly fire on October 7  

The army probe identified numerous examples of Israeli forces targeting Israeli civilians, as well as overreacting or failing to act on October 7. Mainstream media has smeared The Grayzone for exposing Israel's "Hannibal Directive" scandal months ago.  


Biden Admin. Asked Amazon To Hide Vaccine Critical Books During The Pandemic

House Judiciary Committee reveals that Over 40 titles were added to a hit list
waldo.jpg"Waldo welds"

This vintage car repair guy exemplifies white male can-do masculinity

The Zionist Lobby Runs Australia

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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