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June 23 - We are Being Replaced by Robots/AI

June 23, 2024

(left, Elon Musk tweeted this image)

Is this the end of work? Or the end of people? 

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Ex-Open AI Employee Just Revealed it ALL!
AI will replace AI engineers by 2027

50% of all jobs eliminated

My Last Five Years of Work by Avital Balwit (AI Insider)

"I am 25. These next three years might be the last few years that I work. I am not ill, nor am I becoming a stay-at-home mom, nor have I been so financially fortunate to be on the brink of voluntary retirement. I stand at the edge of a technological development that seems likely, should it arrive, to end employment as I know it. 

"The economically and politically relevant comparison on most tasks is not whether the language model is better than the best human, it is whether they are better than the human who would otherwise do that task. 

"Many expect AI to eventually be able to do every economically useful task. I agree. Given the current trajectory of the technology, I expect AI to first excel at any kind of online work. Essentially anything that a remote worker can do, AI will do better. Copywriting, tax preparation, customer service, and many other tasks are or will soon be heavily automated. I can see the beginnings in areas like software development and contract law. Generally, tasks that involve reading, analyzing, and synthesizing information, and then generating content based on it, seem ripe for replacement by language models.
British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen is warning the world that NATO is planning to launch a false flag attack on a European city using a nuclear "dirty bomb" and to put the blame on Russia.

Bridgen says he is receiving information from defense analysts in military intelligence who have told him there is plenty of nuclear material floating around from Ukraine.

 Andrew Bridgen: We are already at war with Russia
 "I've got my informants in the Ministry of Defence and Rishi Sunak had told them six [to] eight months ago - the Generals, the Admirals and the Air Vice Marshals - that he doesn't want to be a wartime leader," Mr. Bridgen told Coleshill.

"The information I've got is that we've got British personnel - they won't be classed as service personnel now but they would have been in our military very recently - we're firing British missiles, Storm Shadow missiles out of Ukraine into Russia, being controlled by UK citizens ... the Americans are doing the same with their weapons.  The Germans, the Poles everyone else is doing [it], the French they're all doing it.  We are effectively, we're actually at war with Russia now.  They just haven't squared it with Parliament [and] haven't told Parliament officially. They haven't told the people. And this [war] is escalating," he said.

(look at that thumb-on-knuckle Masonic handshake)

Carlos del Toro, the US Secretary of Navy grilled for firing thousands of navy personnel who refused the Satanist poison.

Only three accepted an invitation to re-enlist

Del Toro is probably a crypto Jew

USS Carl Levin is the latest US Navy ship to honor a Jewish American
Ship named for the late US senator from Michigan who was a staunch supporter of the military

Other Navy ships named for Jews include one honoring labor leader Samuel Gompers, several named for men killed in World War II and others honoring Jews who served in the U.S. military in the 19th century.

Google is Criticized as it Suspends Reform UK Ads During Election Campaign


The latest undercover video from James O'Keefe's O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) allegedly reveals a senior vice president at the Walt Disney Company disclosing that the company discriminates against white men.

Giordano also recalled that a black biracial individual was denied a promotion because he did not "visibly appear" African American. "We had a candidate who was half black but didn't look it, and a creative executive said that wasn't what they wanted. They sought someone who could present a specific image in meetings."

India Seeking Death Penalty For WHO Scientist Who Blocked Access to Ivermectin

The Indian Bar Association (IBA) has launched legal proceedings against World Health Organization (WHO) chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan, accusing her of causing the death of Indian citizens by deceiving them regarding the effectiveness of Ivermectin.

The Great Reset Has BACKFIRED

"Whoopsie. The Powers That Be wanted to enslave humanity. Instead, they caused a Great Awakening. It seems that they "fumbled the ball" when they pushed too hard and gave the people NOTHING in return.

Neil Oliver, a prominent Scottish broadcaster, explained this to Tucker Carlson brilliantly. Now, the overreach of the COVID era has sparked widespread skepticism about various subjects, including:

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)
Digital IDs
15-minute cities
The prevailing climate change narrative
Anti-meat messaging
Conventional medicine
All vaccines
The integrity of the electoral process itself


German right to form new European alliance - media
The AfD has reportedly rallied a group of anti-globalist right-wing parties who want to end the Ukraine conflict

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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