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June 2 - "Vaccine" Holocaust Strikes Home

June 2, 2024

moustache_9653 (1).jpg
(Face painting, Barb Lee & Granddaughter)

For many years Barbara Lee, 75,  bared her mighty soul weekly on Snippets and Snappets with her collection of memes and inspirational photos. She died recently from sepsis, a rapid organ breakdown caused by the COVID "vaccine." Her daughter forced her to get vaccinated to see her grandchildren. 
Rest in Peace Barbara. We Miss You!

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Google and Bing are suppressing the connection between sepsis and the "vaccines." Pretty sad when we have to go to Russia's Yandex to get the facts.

Sepsis Epidemic in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Young Healthy Adults
Sepsis deaths are up 30% in the UK; 12 recent cases

Vaccines Causing Sepsis Leading to Limb Amputation

Newlywed, 26, Dies of Sepsis and Multiple Organ Failure Following a Required Flu Shot
Katie McQuestion, a 26-year-old radiology technician from Kenosha, Wisconsin, got a flu shot to comply with hospital policy and had no underlying medical conditions, but she "caught the flu" and developed a serious complication from it: sepsis. She died on January 2nd.

"She was the picture of health," her mother told ABC News, adding that McQuestion was married in September. "No 29-year-old should have to bury his wife."

Will Hamas agree despite Israel's refusal to terminate the slaughter?

Israel Accepts 'Not Good' Gaza Ceasefire Deal - Netanyahu Advisor

Israel has accepted the framework new deal to secure a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah's chief foreign policy advisor said on Sunday.
The plan, revealed on Friday by US President Joe Biden, was "a deal we agreed to -- it's not a good deal but we dearly want the hostages released, all of them," Ophir Falk was cited by The Sunday Times as confirming.
He added that, "There are a lot of details to be worked out," and Israel's conditions regarding "the release of the hostages and the destruction of Hamas as a genocidal terrorist organization" remain unchanged.
Falk doubled down on the Israeli prime minister's stance that "there will not be a permanent ceasefire until all our objectives are met."


Ottawa detective suspended for investigating babies who died from SIDS after mothers took the jab...

Grus allegedly contacted the deceased baby's father on Jan. 30, 2022 to ask about the mother's COVID-19 vaccination status, according to police documents.

After a complaint was filed against Grus with OPS, Grus was suspended with pay on Feb. 4, 2022.

Lawrence Greenspon, the family's lawyer, said the case was settled this week for an undisclosed amount.

"Parents are not put on this earth to bury their children," he told CTV News Ottawa. "When a tragedy happens, the family's privacy must be respected." Greenspon said the family would like to thank the Ottawa Police Service for acknowledging their grief and recognizing the importance of privacy.

What Bull Shit!

Insider---Second Amendment Side Note !!!!!

The U.S. is the ONLY Country in the World to have a God's given right to carry guns for just such a reason, To Take OUT any and ALL Politicians who sold out or who just became Tyrants !!!!!

But the brainwashing was done so well that they believed that Voting was the Only way to do it instead of taking out the trash ONE ASSHOLE at a time !!!!!

You all get what your FAKE vote has gotten you, Hope you all enjoy it !!!!!!!


Standing up for freedom and family is bigoted, according to the assholes at the TORONTO RED STAR. 

"This Super Bowl star went viral for his misogyny. Did we miss an equally scary part of his retrograde commencement speech?
And so another hero of the Christian right takes his place on the stage of phobia and intolerance, while twisting and abusing scripture to justify personal bigotry.

Yemen's Ansar Allah movement, also known as Houthis, attacked a US aircraft carrier, destroyer and a number of ships in the Red Sea, Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said.
The Houthi navy, missile units and drones have conducted six operations, the spokesman said.
"The US aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower was attacked in the northern Red Sea with several missiles and drones," Saree said, adding that a US destroyer was also attacked in the Red Sea.
The movement's forces struck ships in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean that "belong to companies that violated the decision to ban passage to [Israeli] ports," the spokesman added.

WATCH: A large memorial was captured today in the streets of Austria of those injured or killed by the COVID-19 vaccines

Thousands of picture posters of the vax injured. None available on the internet.


Makow - Russia can avoid this scenario simply by destroying NATO forces in Western Ukraine, and invading it, and forcing NATO to attack from Poland etc. My hunch is that Russia is taking its good time conquering Ukraine in order to increase casualties and deaths
on both sides.

Escobar: The West Is Hell-Bent On Provoking Russia Into Hot War

In Russia, Senator Dmitry Rogozin, a former head of Roscosmos, directly warned Washington: "We are not just on the threshold, but already on the edge, beyond which, if the enemy is not stopped in such actions, an irreversible collapse of the strategic security of the nuclear powers will begin."

General Evgeny Buzhinky advanced an ominous scenario: "I am sure that if the strikes of Taurus of ATACMS are very harmful for Russia, then I presume we will at least strike the logistical hub in the territory of Poland in Rzeszów" where the missiles are staged for delivery to Ukraine.

The connection in this case would be irreversible: Russia hits Poland; NATO invokes Article 5; WW3.

Satanists for Sodomy!!

Anal sex is stigmatized due to homophobia, experts say. It's time we start talking about it. - USA TODAY


Aaron Siri's presentation on how vaccine injuries are obscured and how corruption runs rampant, with an intro by RFK. Jr.

Vaccine lawyer Aaron Siri gives a presentation on all of the problems with Covid vaccines, and vaccines in general, and how they are poorly regulated, how congress ignores rules that were put in place to keep vaccine manufacturers honest, and how vaccine injuries are obscured in clinical studies, as well as scientific journals.

Comment- "It's 3 years too late. Everyone(80 percent of adult population) has been vaccinated, what are you going to sue for? money? money will not undo the injection.


After the failure of the Egyptian project, Bartholdi recycled his design as Liberty Enlightening the World, better known as the Statue of Liberty, which was installed in the New York Harbor in 1886.

Sirius = Isis = Lucifer = Statue of liberty/Isis/lucifer/Sirius

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Its name comes from the Greek Seirios, which means "Lit/Light."

Sirius goes by many names. To the freemasons, it's known as the Blazing star of the east, it is frequently shown as the eye of Providence fixed between the 2 pillars Jachin and Boaz of Solomons Temple. In the movie The Truman Show, Sirius is the Blue light that falls out of the sky, which Truman then picks it up and holds it in between 2 pillars, symbolizing the eye of Providence.

UKRAINE'S Rare Earth Metals Valued at $11.7 TRILLION

There is no love lost between Ukrainians and the CIA, MI6 and Mossad.   Their economy is negligible.   But sharing $11.7 trillion with these citizens is not a common consideration among the Kabbalahs.  Thus, using Russia as a means of eliminating the population and their share of the wealth could explain the 'forever war concept'.


John Hankey - 7-10 was an Inside Job

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 2 - "Vaccine" Holocaust Strikes Home "

James Perloff said (June 3, 2024):

Hi, Henry. Thank you so much for commemorating the passing of Barbara Lee. I learned about it from visiting the Snippits and Snappets website, as I have done nearly every Saturday for years. What I did NOT know was that she had been forced to take the COVID vax as the price for visiting her grandchildren. Such is too often the outcome when the blue-pilled force the red-pilled to take the “blue jab.” Barbara will be missed, not only by friends and family, but by everyone who treasured her wealth of insights and especially humor. She was one of a kind.

James Perloff

Dave said (June 3, 2024):

Thanks for posting the picture of Barbara Lee and her granddaughter.

How terrible that she was forced by family to get the inoculation so she could continue to see her granddaughter.

I doubt she would have accepted the needle without this threat.

Imran said (June 3, 2024):

I have seen the Palestinian kids hitting and jeering the Oct 7 hostages. It would take a feminized man to support this bullying by the brats. Considering these hostages were the biggest supporters of the Palestinians by giving them jobs and medical services among other things.

2 surveys by the Palestinians themselves have them supporting Hamas by 80-85%. One was 70 or 71%. Yes 71% view the attack on Oct 7 as "correct" according to one survey. Mike's views are wrong on this matter. As for the protests on the campus' oftentimes the majority of agitators come from outside and are even professionals as has been seen. A number of genuine students are naive and uninformed and just go with the flow:

Whatever the case if there was a false flag or not there should be no Palestinian state. However, the globalists which includes the Money Masters want one.

Virginia said (June 2, 2024):

Thank you so much for covering Barbara Lee's unfortunate and sad passing. I was a true fan of hers for some years, knew nothing about her illness toward the end, and was devastated to hear the news of her death.
We will miss her fantastic contributions to enlighten so many of us. She was the best, as you are, as well. Thank you once again.

Condolences to family and friends. RIP dear Barbara.

Virginia Sawaya Rynearson

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