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June 18 - AI is Designed to Replace Humanity

June 18, 2024

AI is designed to replace humanity. How are people supposed to make a living? Uber drivers will be replaced by robotaxis. Truck drivers by cyber trucks. How are people supposed to feed themselves and their families?  

Moreover, our humanity is based on our soul identity, which is our connection to the Creator. Satanists deny the existence of both soul and Creator. We are "hackable animals" to be culled or programmed to serve them. Amazing there is a stock market rally in AI companies when AI may spell disaster for many.

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Former OpenAI employees release "A Right to Warn" document warning about advanced AI risks

A cohort of artificial intelligence (AI) experts and developers who used to work for OpenAI and Google are warning that the technology they helped spearhead is a serious threat to humanity.

Though they still say they "believe in the potential of AI technology to deliver unprecedented benefits to humanity," the authors of an article called "A Right to Warn about Advanced Artificial Intelligence" say there are "serious risks" as well.

"These risks range from the further entrenchment of existing inequalities, to manipulation and misinformation, to the loss of control of autonomous AI systems potentially resulting in human extinction," they write.

"AI companies themselves have acknowledged these risks, as have governments across the world and other AI experts," they continue, citing all their work with hyperlinks throughout the piece.

ca-times.brightspotcdn(1).jpgOn June 16, 2024, over 400 Stanford University students and their families walked out of the commencement ceremony during President Richard Saller's speech. The walkout was a protest in solidarity with Palestine, demanding divestment from Israel and protesting the shutdown of a 120-day sit-in for Gaza. Students waved Palestinian flags and wore keffiyehs in support of the cause. The event was part of a broader movement among students advocating for the university to divest from Israel,
Reader CK writes: "There is another important document written by a former OpenAI employee your readers might be interested in seeing - it's relatively easy to understand and clearly written:

This shows the roadmap the AI will likely take to get to real "AGI", when it can start replacing the AI engineers themselves and get into a recursive loop where the AI improves itself.  Once that happens, there is almost nothing the AI won't be able to do better than humans.  Combined with advances in robotics, the writing is on the wall for humans.  Note the Hexagram which is the logo of OpenAI.  They know exactly what they are doing.  As Elon Musk (an early OpenAI backer) once said, they are "summoning The Beast".

Alex Newman--Biggest Geopolitical Shift Since WWII? Biden at G7 Summit
President Biden was at the G7 Summit in Italy last week and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, signing a 10-year security agreement. Here's what you need to know:
Urge China to stop Yulin's dog and cat meat cruelty

Beginning June 21st, the dog and cat meat trade intensifies in China's city of Yulin. Truckloads of dogs and cats will be driven long distances in horrendous conditions--crammed on top of each other, transported for days and deprived of food and water only to be brutally slaughtered for their meat.

wrecked and ruined the entire planetary civilization.

 The people of the world have become addicted to gambling via the markets, not just the stock market.  Quick and easy money has always been made in the stock market since its very inception. Especially for those who knew how the game was rigged were the profits very quick and easy.
 Something big is happening on the heavily militarized Korean border, following several days of soaring tensions which has included North Korea flying hundreds of trash and feces-filled balloons into the south. There are several reports of dozens of North Korean soldiers having briefly crossed the border, and soon retreating, after warning shots were fired by South Korean border troops, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. Per Reuters, citing Yonhap at about 11:00am local time: "South Korea's military fired warning shots after North Korean soldiers crossed the Military Demarcation Line near the border, the Yonhap news agency reported on Tuesday citing the country's Joint Chiefs of Staff."

Greater Israel 'LEBENSRAUM' depicted on armband of ZioFascist Soldier.jpg
IDF arm patch depicts greater Israel

IDF knew of Hamas's plan to kidnap 250 before October 7 attack - report

The IDF had precise information about Hamas's intentions, but due to prevailing conceptions in the security establishment and possible negligence by officials, the warning signs were not acted on.

A newly surfaced document has revealed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and intelligence systems had detailed knowledge of Hamas's plan to raid Israeland kidnap 250 people weeks before the October 7 massacre. The document, which was compiled in the Gaza Division, outlined Hamas's intentions and was known to top intelligence officials, according to a report by Kan News. The document, titled "Detailed End-to-End Raid Training," was distributed on September 19, 2023, and described in detail the series of exercises conducted by Hamas's elite units.

Makow--Have you consdered the possibility that Netanyahu is making all these missteps on purpose, and that his goal is to see Israel destroyed according to the plot outlined by Albert Pike, and the promise Bibi made to Menachem Schneerson. Invading Lebanon may be fatal.

From a website dedicated to adverse reactions suffered from medical professionals--

 "I was 28 Years Old Male, when I got my 3rd Pfizer shot in January of 2022. My symptoms started with in the next few days, I began to feel pain, pressure and weakness in my ankles and feet making it difficult to walk long distances, and made everyday live a constant struggle, my arms and hands seized, I would try pushing myself but I would have worse and worse symptoms, the feelings of pain and inflammation would travel to my head. My lymph Nodes in my shoulders would swell easily from excursion. The primary symptom is my issues walking that's what occurs pretty much constantly to some degree. Standing is almost more problematic leading to the same symptoms. I was avoided and gaslit by medical professionals for essentially my entire illness. My Illness was never reported and they refused to fill out forms for seeking compensation. It is apparent to everyone at this point outside the health care industry bubble that you are covering up vaccine injuries and that you've poisoned millions of people and won't admit is. Your propaganda doesn't work because people experience the reality of your victims all around them. You're continued denial of this reality will continue to erode any trust in your fraudulent industry.

vegan.GIFAuthor ELIZABETH NICKSON: 'If not stopped, Greens will become the most brutal oppressors & genocidal maniacs in human history'
 In Dubai this past week, at Cop 28, they devised a slave system for the world. After their globalist system is in place, the only people who will make money will be the cartels. It'll take a couple of decades, but our world will be a slave state run by criminals,
 Nickson- RFK Jr. Destroyed BC"s Forest Industry
 'The Epic Bullshit of Catastrophic Climate Change' - Takedown of RFK Jr.'s past environmental practices

 Forested communities died. 10. 100,000 families lost their livelihood. 11. Resource jobs have huge multipliers, not only forested towns died, so did regional metropolitan centers. Greens, replete with success, hit other resource industries - mining, ranching - which died. More families bankrupted. 12. They were told to go into tourism. 13. Which pays minimum wage and can only support a family if everyone, even the children, work. And, it's seasonal. 14. Over time, the unmanaged forests became clogged with overgrowth, little trees like carrots pulled all the water from the forest floor, desiccated the soil and then pulled water from aquifers. The forests became tinder. And increasingly every summer, they explode in fire.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 18 - AI is Designed to Replace Humanity "

JB said (June 18, 2024):

unless it is all derailed....

With AI eventually providing all one could need in an advisor, a tutor, a dearest friend, a lover, etc - with people locked in their homes and plugged into virtual reality, my prediction is that human relationships of any sort, indeed close human contact, will be declared dangerous and illegal. To stop the spread of germs, to end strife, to prevent the fostering of dangerous ideas of rebellion and so on.

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