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June 10 - Populist EU Backlash May Derail War Plan

June 10, 2024

Headlines saved from 2021 & 2022. COVID was a dress rehearsal for a Communist police state and most were fine with that. The attack on unvaccinated Canadians was relentless. Remember the absolute fear and ugliness that this whole experience brought out in ordinary people.

This was a complete betrayal of public trust by ALL social institutions, especially government, justice, medicine and media. Nothing undermines trust in government as when government tries to murder you and your family. 


Right-Wing Populists in France and Austria Storm to Victory in EU Elections, Macron Dissolves Parliament, and AfD Surges to Second in Germany

Right-Wing Tsunami: France "Stunned" After Macron Announces Snap Elections Following Crushing Defeat In European Parliament Vote

Perhaps the biggest news following European Parliament elections were the results from France, which saw France's National Rally storm into first place with 31 percent of the vote, soundly defeating French President Emmanuel Macron's party, which scored below 14 percent.

"Macron has since announced that he will dissolve parliament and call new elections due to the catastrophic result. Le Pen responded to the shock news with a message that her party would win the upcoming elections.

Macron said France will hold new elections on June 30 and July 7, a high-stakes maneuver that the WSJ said "stunned" the nation after projections based on early ballot counts came in for Sunday's elections for the European Parliament. The projections showed National Rally garnering around 31% of the vote, twice the support for Macron's Renew Party."

Why didn't they rig this election??

Pierre Poilievre exposes Fidelito's ties to Red China but stops short of demanding a DN A test - Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son!


Canada--COVID was a huge boondoggle 

Feds claim they can't even give away $22,000 ventilators

This fiasco is part of a larger trend, as the cabinet awarded over $720 million in sole-sourced contracts for ventilators during the pandemic, with most being warehoused. Why isn't Poilievre holding these thieves to account?

Dr. Michael Yeadon: I No Longer Trust ANY Product of the Biopharmaceutical Industry
I regard big pharma as enemies of humanity and must be put out of business for good.

"No, the irretrievable loss of trust extends from the evident willingness to commit global-scale crimes against humanity to the total failure of regulatory agencies, which we had hitherto entrusted to evaluate, regulate and inspect and therefore keep reasonably honest in this industry."


Dr. Mike Yeadon: You're Being Lied to About Chicken Influenza - Bird Flu is not contagious
The same thing appears to be happening again. Oddly enough, it's precisely the same cast of characters as last time.


Top Canadian university posts job listing that excludes white heterosexual men
The University of British Columbia says the new job is 'restricted to members of the following federally designated groups: people with disabilities, indigenous people, racialized people, women, and people from minoritized gender identity groups.'


New National Poll Finds 62 Percent of Americans, Including Democrats, Support National Program to Deport ALL Illegal Aliens (Video)


DISTURBING: Health Canada Did Not Conduct a Risk-Benefit Analysis Before Authorizing COVID-19 Vaccines for Children
Exclusive government documents show that Health Canada's expedited authorization of the novel mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for children came with all risks, and real-world data show no benefits.


"H5N1": Canadian Food Inspection Agency still can't find valid evidence that Bird Flu exists

May 10, 2023: "experts" at Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confessed in a freedom of information (FOI) response to having zero scientific proof of the existence of any alleged "virus" ever claimed to have affected livestock in Canada (see FOI response A2022-00201 / MD here).

CFIA is now the "lead agency" in Canada on the supposed "H5N1" health threat.

Jon Rappoport-  Yes, We're Living In A Giant Medical Experiment

"I saw it all unfolding with AIDS and I wrote about what I saw. Then. And ever since. I saw the details, the big picture, the whole enchilada. About 15 years ago, I described exactly how the planners could stage events to make it seem a virus was invading the world...when in fact nothing of the sort was happening.

I'll review that scenario in this podcast, because the planners could be getting set to launch it. Just as they did launch COVID. But this time they'll make it more convincing. I invested a lot of sweat and time and energy uncovering the AIDS hoax, I warned people about the future, and very few alternative press outlets had the courage to pick up my articles."

Majority of US citizens reject arming Israel: Poll
The White House and US Congress have sent unprecedented amounts of weapons to support Israel's genocide of the Palestinians, despite opposition from the US public

Among Democrats, 77 percent said the US should not send weapons, compared to 38 percent of Republicans.

At the same time, 62 percent of US citizens said the US should send humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, while 38 percent opposed it.


Yemen strikes UK warship in response to Israel's Nuseirat massacre
The Yemeni army said it struck a UK warship, as well as two ships belonging to companies that violated the ban on sailing to Israeli ports, in response to the massacre in central Gaza on Saturday


Putin Takes up Gonzalo Lira Cause 

The Russian president has chided Washington for ignoring the incarceration and killing of American blogger Gonzalo Lira

US journalist Gonzalo Lira. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called out the US government for neglecting to even ask questions after an American journalist was tortured to death in a Ukrainian jail earlier this year.

"They tortured an American journalist to death in a Ukrainian prison, and the US is not even asking what happened to him," Putin said. "No one went to the trouble of asking what actually happened."

Illegals Marching in NYC Usher In Next Phase Of Biden's Color Revolution

"In retrospect, it may seem clear all along that it was the "newcomers" and not the Hamas-indoctrinated college kids who would be the George Floyd rioters of the current season, after having invaded the country to the tune of some 11 million.

The earlier protests were, of course, a test run for Soros-funded organizers to dust off their riot gear and update their four-year-old call lists for when a spontaneous flash-mob is needed, the underlying cause being moot (as many of the terrorist sympathizers demonstrated in on-the-scene interviews)."


Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.

None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.

What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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