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Jun 20 - A Cataclysm is the Goal

June 20, 2024

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Scott Ritter and Douglas Macgregor are excellent sources of information but they refuse to recognize that both sides of the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine are controlled by Freemasons. Al Khomenei, Netanyahu, Nesrallah, Sinwar, Biden, Putin and Zelensky are all Freemasons!

The West is begging Putin to destroy it. Netanyahu is begging Hezbollah to destroy Israel. This is occult "Creative Destruction." From the ashes of nuclear war, the satanic New World Order will rise like a phoenix. 

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Finally, a YouTube video where the message is stated right away. Douglas Macgregor says Israel is invading Lebanon to widen the war and bring in the US against Iran

He does not rule out Israel using a tactical nuclear weapon against Hezbollah; Russia will enter the war if Iran is threatened.
Turkey could enter the war because Cyprus is supporting Israel


Nasrallah's Sinister Warning: 'Hezbollah Will Invade Israel's Galilee, Attack Cyprus' In TV Address

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah delivered a provocative televised speech threatening Israel with a potential "invasion of Galilee" if conflict escalates further. He emphasized Hezbollah's readiness for a "total war" involving ground, air, and sea attacks across Israel, warning of unprecedented consequences and asserting no area in Israel would be spared. Watch

70,000 Israeli soldiers disabled; thousands wounded in Gaza war

This war is a human tragedy, a satanic ritual sacrifice. Victims on both sides are fathers, sons, husbands, brothers. This must stop.
Serbian PM- We are approaching the abyss. The West will not accept defeat. 


50,000 young Chinese male migrants entered US 
They're building an army. You don't get out of China unless they let you. The Biden admin are traitors!

This is what we can expect from AI

Reader Al Thompson--"I read your article today so I decided to look you up on ChatGTP and this is what came up.  You can see that the information is slanted and is of no use to anyone.  The key word in describing it is "artificial" and I'll add non-intelligence. I think this whole thing about AI is a big nothing burger.

"Henry Makow is a Canadian author and conspiracy theorist known for his controversial views and writings on a wide range of topics, including politics, society, and history. He has published books and articles promoting conspiracy theories, often focusing on themes related to the New World Order, Illuminati, and other secret societies. Makow's work is highly controversial and often criticized for lacking credible evidence and promoting misinformation. It's important to approach Makow's claims with skepticism and to seek information from reliable, evidence-based sources when investigating topics he discusses."

Thompson: "If this is as good as they can do it is worthless. The whole slant is to not trust or believe anything we say, when in fact they are mostly the liars.  And when they tell the truth, it is only for their benefit."


Vax companies profit- Tax Payers pick up the pieces

Canada's newly created Vaccine Injury Support Program's updated numbers show that it has now paid out over $14 million in compensation.

Reader- "My oldest son is a pastor.  He called today to say, "The level of infirmity [in his pastorate] is amazing."  He pastors a small church and is very diligent to help those in his care.  He says one guy with a heart condition got the vaccine; he attributes all his subsequent woe to that event. Another guy is in the hospital as a result of a bug bite:  no immunity.  One long-time friend who attended his church, his own age, died suddenly of a massive heart event. leaving a wife and two dependent children.  He was a big believer in the vaccines.  My son was not, thank God."

Childhood Vaccine Injury - 13-year-old Noah Tate Foley received 1st HPV Gardasil Vaccine May 7, 2018. From then on he became sick and died on Oct.8, 2020. First wrongful death lawsuit against Merck.

Prior to the Gardasil shot, Noah had no autoimmune diseases and no autonomic issues. He was extremely healthy, having received a clean bill of health during a medical check-up. 


Argentina: Violent clashes between riot police & protesters | World At War

Commie Germany moves closer to AfD ban, Greens claim party is a 'security risk for people and democracy'

Germany's mainstream parties are coalescing around a ban of the AfD, claiming the party "is a security risk for people and democracy."


Alex Newman--Brutal Violence Against Teachers is at "Crisis" Levels
Teachers are under attack--literally. Violent and indoctrinated students in government schools across the United States and beyond are increasingly beating not just each other, but even their teachers.

According to the survey of over 8,000 teachers in 34 states, over 70 percent reported having been subjected to physical violence by a student. Over half of the respondents said they were attacked more than once or even "many times," various Cox Media-owned outlets reported about the findings.   

Both these stories appeared June 18

Trudeau gov't commits $110 million to fund DEI projects, consultants looking for 'racism'
Woke diversity, equity, and inclusion mandates are driving the spending of taxpayer dollars by the federal government.

Video: The Mystery of Israel. "Reveals Something So Evil"

Biden Commies building Gulags to House Patriots

X censors 7-10 questions

Nova festival memes expose Israeli censorship on X

Israel continues to exert control over US-based social media firms to hide its atrocities in Gaza

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jun 20 - A Cataclysm is the Goal "

Irene said (June 20, 2024):

As with all the theatricals regarding Trump, the same is happening with Putin and the West - it’s all theatricals.

It’s as, with all that is going on in our world, a lot of smoke screens - the real reason that Nato has 300.000 thousand or more soldiers from Finland to Ukraine, it’s not to stop Russia, it’s to keep us all in here in Europe. We are being shut down and locked up and of course we can’t know what is going on, we would topple their plans.

They are all in on it, they are all from the same stock and they love the theater where they can pull the wool over all our eyes or think they can. If one looks closely at what has happened since february 2022 you can see the pattern - look over here all the whilst they’re doing something else - locking us all up in the pretext of danger from Russia and we’re paying for it - our politicians are making sure of that.

I believed in Putin to begin with, as I did with Trump, but their actions say one thing and their words another, so one learns to discern the hard way, but it’s better than staying in the dark.

Thanks for all that you do, it’s so uplifting.

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