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Solzhenitzyn - Bolshevik Revolution Entirely a Jewish Affair

June 23, 2024


In his History of Jews in Russia (Two Hundred Years Together,) Solzhenitsyn says the Russian Revolution was not an uprising by the proletariat as we have been led to believe, but a barbaric takeover and rape of a Christian country by organized Jewry.
This is happening today in the West.

As he notes (left) "the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators." The same can be said for most institutions in the West: Education, Business, Government, Military. All are de facto Communist, controlled by the Masonic Jewish banking cartel through Organized Jewry and Freemasonry. This is becoming clear as the above adopt a "progressive" (i.e. Satanic) agenda and attempt to disarm Americans. The Demon rats and to a lesser extent, the GOP, are Freemasons/ Communists, spiritual descendants of Bolshevik murderers. Quite simply, Satanists are waging a race war against God and man. This is why these traitors push suicidal gender and migration policies.

The revolution "saw the strong participation of Red Latvians (then Russian subjects), former German and Austrian prisoners of war (organized into full-blown regiments like the Hungarians), and even large numbers of Chinese." Are Chinese migrants going to be used to subjugate Americans? 

Two Hundred Years Together (p. 136-137) 
by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
(excerpt by 

The February (1917) Revolution ... did not aspire to burn down the entire pre-existing life, to annihilate the whole pre-revolutionary Russia. 

Yet immediately after the October [Bolshevik revolution], the Revolution ... became an international and devastating plague, feeding itself by devouring and destroying social order wherever it spread -- everything built was to be annihilated; everything cultivated -- to be confiscated; whoever resisted -- to be shot. 

The Reds were exclusively preoccupied with their grand social experiment, predestined to be repeated, expanded and implemented all over the world. From an easy, quick blow, the October coup snowballed into a fierce three-year-long Civil War, which brought countless bloody calamities to all the peoples of Russia. 

The multi-nationality of the former Empire and the cannon recoil from the Great War complicated both the inhumane Bolshevik plot and its implementation. Unlike the French Revolution, which unfolded on the territory of mono-national France and did not see much foreign intervention... the Russian Revolution was horribly aggravated by its multinational madness.

("Social revolution"? Satanic he should say. Using "equality" to dispossess others.)

It saw the strong participation of Red Latvians (then Russian subjects), former German and Austrian prisoners of war (organized into full-blown regiments like the Hungarians), and even large numbers of Chinese. No doubt the brunt of the fighting for the Reds was carried out by Russians; some of them were drafted on pain of death while others volunteered in a mad belief they would be fighting for a happy future for themselves. 

The Russian Jews were not lost in all that diversity. The politically active part of Russian Jewry, which backed the Bolshevik civic regime in 1917, now just as boldly stepped into the military structures of Bolsheviks. During the first years after the October Revolution ... the power over this enormous land was effortlessly slipping into the hands of those clinging to the Bolsheviks. And they were overwhelmed by the newfound immensity of that power. They immediately began using it without a backward glance or any fear of control -- some, without doubt, in the name of higher ideals, while others -- in the name of lower ones ("obstinacy of fanaticism in some and ability to adapt in others"1 ).

 At that time, nobody could imagine that the Civil War would ignite enormous Jewish pogroms, unprecedented in their atrocity and bloodshed, all over the South of Russia. We can judge the true nature of the multi-ethnic war from the Red pogrom during the suppression of the Kronstadt Uprising in March 1921. 

A well-known socialist-revolutionary and sociologist Pitrim Sorokin writes: "For three days, Latvian, Bashkir, Hungarian, Tatar, Russian, Jewish and international rabble, crazed by alcohol and the smell of blood, raped and killed without restraint."

Or here is another recollection from ordinary witnesses. During the feast of the Epiphany in 1918, an Orthodox Sacred Procession stirred forth from the gates of the Kremlin in Tula - and an "international squad" gunned it down. 

Even with the ruthless international squads, the force of the "Red Guard" alone was no longer sufficient. The Bolshevik regime needed a regular army. In 1918, "Lev Trotsky, with the help of Sklyansky and Jacov Sverdlov, created the Red Army." "Many Jews were fighting in its ranks. Some units were entirely Jewish, like, for example, the brigade of Josef Furman."

The Jewish share in the command corps the Red Army become large and influential and this trend continued for many years even after the end of the Civil War. This Jewish involvement has been researched by several Jewish authors and encyclopedias.

 In the 1980s, Israeli scholar Aaron Abramovich used many Soviet sources (including The FiftyYear Anniversary of the Soviet Armed Forces, The Soviet Historical Encyclopedia, volumes of Directives of the Front Command of the Red Army) to compile detailed nominal rosters of highly ranked Jewish commanders (exclusively Jewish ones) in the Red Army during the period from the Civil War up to the aftermath of Second World War. 

Let's skim through the pages allocated to the Civil War.4  This is a very extensive roster; it begins with the Revvoyensoviet, where Abramovich lists L. Trotsky, E. Sklyansky, A. Rosengoltz, and Y. Drabkin-Gusev. Trotsky ordered the "establishment of fronts with headquarters, and formation of new armies," and "Jews were present in almost all the revvoyensoviets of the fronts and armies." (Abramovich lists the most prominent individuals: D. Vayman, E. Pyatnitsky, L. Glezarov, L. Pechyorsky, I. Slavin, M. Lisovsky, G. Bitker, Bela Kun, Brilliant-Sokolnikov, I. Khodorovsky). 

Earlier, at the onset of the Civil War, the Extraordinary Command Staff of the Petrograd Military District was headed by Uritsky, and among the members of the Petrograd Committee of Revolutionary Defense were Sverdlov (the chairman), Volodarsky, Drabkin-Gusev, Ya. Fishman (a leftist Socialist Revolutionary) and G. Chudnovsky. In May 1918 there were two Jews among the eleven commissars of military districts: E. Yaroslavsky-Gubelman (Moscow District) and S. Nakhimson (Yaroslavsky District). 

During the war, several Jews were in charge of armies: M. Lashevich was in charge of the 3rd -- and later, of the 7th Army of Eastern Front; V. Lazarevich was in charge of the 3rd Army of the Western Front, G. Sokolnikov led the 8th Army of the Southern Front, N. Sorkin - the 9th , and I. Yakir - the 14th Army. Abramovich painstakingly lists numerous Jewish heads of staff and members of the revvoyen soviets in each of the twenty armies; then the commanders, heads of staff and military commissars of divisions (the list of the latter, i.e., those in charge of the ideological branch of command, was three-times longer than the list of Jewish commanders of divisions). 

In this manner, Abramovich describes brigades, regiments and separate detachments. He lists Jewish heads of political administrations and revolutionary 138 military tribunals at all levels, noting that "especially large percentage of Jews can be found among political officers at all levels of the Red Army...." "Jews played an important role in the provision and supply services. Let's name some of them...." 

"Jews occupied important positions in military medicine as well: heads of sanitary administrations of the fronts and armies, senior doctors of units and bodies of troops...." 

"Many Jews -- commanders of large units and detachments -- were distinguished for their courage, heroism and generalship" but "due to the synoptic character of this chapter we cannot provide detailed descriptions of the accomplishments of Jewish Red Army soldiers, commanders and political officers." (Meticulously listing the commanders of armies, the researcher misses another Jew, Tikhon Khvesin, who happened to be in charge of the 4th Army of the Eastern Front, then -- of the 8 th Army of the Southern Front, and later of the 1st Army of the Turkestan Front. ) 

(He continues to list Jews in critical roles.)  
pp. 118-119

 In another article David Aizman thus elaborated his thought: "Jews must secure the gains of revolution by any means ... without any qualms. Any necessary sacrifice must be made. Everything is on the stake here and all will be lost if we hesitate... Even the most backward parts of Jewish mass understand this." "No one questions what would happen to Jews if the counter-revolution prevails." He was absolutely confident that if that happens there would be mass executions of Jews. 

Therefore, "the filthy scum must be crushed even before it had any chance to develop, in embryo. Their very seed must be destroyed... Jews will be able to defend their freedom." 

Crushed in embryo... And even their very seed... It was already pretty much the Bolshevik program, though expressed in the words of Old Testament. 

Yet whose seed must be destroyed? Monarchists'? But they were already breathless; all their activists could be counted on fingers. So it could only be those who had taken a stand against the unbridled, running wild soviets, against all kinds of committees and mad crowds; those, who wished to halt the breakdown of life in the country - prudent ordinary people, former government officials, and first of all officers and very soon the soldier-general Kornilov. There were Jews among those counter-revolutionaries, but overall that movement was the Russian national one.

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Comments for "Solzhenitzyn - Bolshevik Revolution Entirely a Jewish Affair"

David C said (January 17, 2019):

Your articles related to "Jewish" people are interesting to me, being part Jewish myself. My maternal great-grandfather came over from Russia/Poland (was both during his lifetime) in the early 1900's, about the same time your Jewish paternal great-grandparents did. I wasn't raised Jewish, we went to Sunday school and church, didn't even understand my mother was Jewish, or what that meant (still not sure!), until after growing-up and leaving the nest. It wasn't until mother divorced my father and got into her Jewish roots, when I realized she was a Jew. After researching the subject thoroughly during the last 20 years I'm still not sure what it means to be a "Jew". The concept of being Jewish because your mother is, that doesn't make sense to me, since being a Jew isn't a race. ...

Thanks for another illuminating article Henry, your scholarship about this subject has helped me have a better understanding of Jews, and secret societies - which I believe are the real power used by the international cabal that controls the world. If all the "Jews" in the world died today, I believe the same cabal would still control everything tomorrow. Blaming Jews is exactly what the satanic parasites of humanity want people to do, and I still don't understand what the definition of a "Jew" really is. I think it's an artificial creation, used to create a scapegoat entity to take the blame, hide behind, then take the blame again later.

Anonymous said (January 17, 2019):

Russia had been heavily depleted financially by the Russian Japan War (1904) and WW1(1917). Many Russians were starving which made the multi million foreign financed communist led revolution appealing to those who were ripe to be had for the political sham of communism.

The scope of Communist Red Terror was not restricted to Russia. This was an international plan to dispose of the ruling state monarchies throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Christianity also has been a victim of communist terror around the globe especially in Latin America. Some of the Catholic Priests in these countries like Mexico are still being murdered.

Like it or not, Christianity evolved out of Biblical Old Testament Judaism.

Communism is a godless man-made religion that seeks the destruction of the Christian Faith. Communism deifies man and not God.

America had been a supporter and ally of the Communist nations in both WW1 and WW2. America then became Anti Communist starting with the Korean War and then ending with the dissolvement of the Cold War. America and Europe both lost a part of its national identity when no longer was a political divide made between Communism and Democracy.

Bill Clinton was then elected president and the NWO government was being implemented around the world starting with the bombing of Yugoslavia to put an end to their state sovereignty. And, the war against the nation states has been going on ever since.

Unfortunately for the American people, this same war against national sovereignty has reached their doorstep with the overthrow of the Democratic Party and the daily persecution of its elected Republican President, Donald Trump, who is seeking to preserve what is left of its Constitutional Republic.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at