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Triad Claw - Humanity is Victim of Ancient Satanic Plot

June 15, 2024

(Official portraits all feature triad claw--middle fingers closed-- hand sign)

Are all these prominent people spanning five centuries  Crypto-Jews?

If true, it casts history in a new light. The Illuminati -- FDR, Hitler, Stalin & Churchill--are essentially crypto-Jews. So are Hillary, Obama & Trump. History could be rewritten based on an analysis of the role played by these personages. Like WW2, WW3 (Gaza, Ukraine, Taiwan) is another banking cartel charade with Freemasons on both sides.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."
-- Aristotle

Updated from Oct 2015 and Jan 2020:

By Henry Makow PhD

Below is a list of political and cultural leaders over more than 500 years whose official portraits show them making a Triad Hand Sign, joining their third and fourth fingers. This is also known as "Triad Claw." 

Apparently, this is a Marrano gesture which signals the letters M & W, symbolizing 666 from the three V's.  The letter V is "waw" in Hebrew and "vav" in Gematria and is the 6th letter in both.

triad-claw5.jpegWhat are the chances that people living centuries apart would make the same Masonic hand sign?   The Triad Sign is how Satanists recognize each other and signal fealty to Lucifer

Although this conspiracy originated in the Jewish Cabala, it may have spread to much of the Gentile leadership, including royalty, authors, scientists and religious leaders.  Unless many of them are crypto-Jews, as  David Livingstone believes. 

Man's tragic history and present dysfunction is due to the fact that humanity is satanically possessed.  One could write an accurate history of Europe simply by studying these personages and their roles.  Most fit the pattern of a longterm Cabalist conspiracy to degrade and enslave humanity. 

"The one who cannot see that on Earth a big endeavor is taking place, an important plan, on which realization we are allowed to collaborate as faithful servants, certainly has to be blind" - Winston Churchill

Thanks to Jim for alerting me to this portrait gallery which has since been removed from the Internet. Luckily he saved it. I provide a sample. 

Latest! David Livingstone believes most Illuminati bloodlines, including European royalty, are heretical Jews, crypto Jews and wannabe Jews. ("Crypto-Jews" are Jews who pretend they are Christians, Muslims or other religions or ethnic backgrounds. John Kerry or Madeline Albright are examples.)

In his book, Terrorism & the Illuminati, Livingstone traces the genealogies of these Khazar bloodlines, which include the Rothschilds, the Hapsburgs, the Sinclairs, the Stuarts, the Merovingians, the Lusignans, and the Windsors.
"The great secret of history is this story of the ascent of Cabalists to world power," says Livingstone. "Ordinary Jews and people, in general, have no idea how they are being manipulated."
"These Cabalists believe Lucifer is the true God. They care nothing for their own nations. Their whole aim in life is to humiliate and degrade mankind, and prove to God that the human experiment is a failure. They are gradually achieving this goal through their covert control of the economy, education, media and government."

YouTube on Triad Claw   West Side Gang 

Christopher Columbus, 1450-1506, was most definitely a Marrano Crypto-Jew

Alfonso V of Aragon 1396-1458 --Renaissance King of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, Sardinia, Corsica & Sicily

Marsilio Ficino 1433-1499 -Had an enormous influence on the Renaissance, worked for de' Medici's

Lorenzo de' Medici 1449-1492 - Fostered the early Italian Renaissance, one of the wealthiest men in Europe

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola 1463-1494 -- Renaissance philosopher, related to Sforza, Gonzaga and Este dynasties

Aegidius Antonini of Viterbo 1469-1532 --Augustinian cardinal, of the Tribe of Levi. Studied the mysteries of the Kabbalah

Alfonso I d'Este 1476-1534--Duke of Ferrara, of the House of Este during the Italian Wars

 Lucrezia Borgia 1480-1519--Daughter of Pope Alexander VI, wife of Giovanni Sforza & Alfonso d'Este

Martin Luther 1483-1546 -- Initiated the Protestant Reformation, founded Lutheranism

Edward Montagu 1485-1557 -- Ancestor of the Dukes of Montagu & Manchester and the Earls of Sandwich

Catherine of Aragon 1485-1536 --1st wife of King Henry VIII of England, sparked England's break from Rome

Archibald Douglas 1489-1557 -- Scottish Earl of Angus, ally of Henry VIII, consolidated the Douglas families power

Vittoria Colonna 1490-1547 --Italian Protestant, daughter of Fabrizio Colonna of the powerful Colonna family

Ignatius of Loyola 1491-1556 -- Founded the Society of Jesus, religious leader during the Counter-Reformation

Francis I 1494-1547 - France's first Renaissance monarch. Gave rise to the Protestant Reformation

Eleanor of Austria 1498-1558  -- Habsburg Infanta of Castile, wife of Manuel I of Portugal & Francis I of France

Claude of France 1499-1524 --  Duchess of Brittany, 1st wife of Francis I of France & mother of Henry II of France

Charles V 1500-1558 -- Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor & King of Spain, oversaw Americas colonization

Ferdinand I 1503-1564--Holy Roman Emperor, Habsburg, supported the Society of Jesus

 Isabella of Portugal 1503-1539 -- Holy Roman Empress, wife of Charles V, daughter of Manuel I of Portugal

Francis Xavier 1506-1552 -- Co-founder of the Society of Jesus, pioneering Roman Catholic missionary

Francis Borgia 1510-1572 -- 4th Duke of Gandia, third Superior General of the Society of Jesus

 James V of Scotland 1512-1542 -- King of Scotland, raised by Archibald Douglas Earl of Angus, ally of Francis I

(left- Pope Francis)

Catherine Parr 1512-1548 -- Protestant, Henry VIII's sixth wife. Restored Elizabeth to line of succession

Giulia Gonzaga 1513-1566 -- Italian oligarch of the Renaissance, wife of Vespasiano Colonna Duke of Traetto

Philip Neri 1515-1595 -- Italian priest, worked for the de' Medici family and supported Henry of Navarre

Nicholas Throckmorton 1515-1571 -- Royal diplomat, worked for Elizabeth I, supported Reformation

James Hamilton 1516-1575 -- Earl of Arran, great-grandson of James II of Scotland. Supported Reformation

Catherine de' Medici 1519-1589 -- Queen consort of France as wife of King Henry II of France

Cosimo I de' Medici 1519-1574 -- Duke of Florence, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Restored power in Florence

William Cecil 1521-1598 --Baron Burghley, chief advisor of Queen Elizabeth I, founder of the Cecil dynasty

Christina of Denmark 1521-1590 - Queen of Denmark, Norway & Sweden, wife of Francesco II Sforza, Duke of Milan

Eleanor of Toledo 1522-1562 --Daughter of Duke of Alba, wife of Cosimo de' Medici, mother of Dukes of Tuscany

James Douglas 1525-158--4th Earl of Morton and regent of Scotland, supported the Reformation

 Philip II 1527-1598 --King of Spain, Portugal, Naples and Sicily of the House of Habsburg

Maximilian II 1527-1576 --Holy Roman Emperor, member of the House of Habsburg

Maria of Spain 1528-1603--Daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I & wife of Maximilian II

Ambrose Dudley 1530-1590--Assisted his younger brother Robert in the spread of Protestantism in England

Robert Dudley 1532-1588--Earl of Leicester of the famous Dudley family. English diplomat

John Hawkins 1532-1595--Shipbuilder, naval commander and slave trader. 2nd cousin of Francis Drake

Elizabeth I 1533-1603--Queen of England established Church of England's independence from Rome

Edward VI 1537-1553--King of England, educated by his father's sixth wife Catherine Parr like his sister

Charles Borromeo 1538-1584--Cardinal active in Counter-Reformation, nephew of de' Medici Pope Pius IV

Francis Drake 1540-1596--English sea captain and slave trader. Provoked the Spanish Armada

Francesco I de' Medici 1541-1587--Grand Duke of Tuscany, continued the heavy taxation of his subjects

Ferdinando I de' Medici 1549-1609--Grand Duke of Tuscany, gained great wealth through Medici banks

Henry of Navarre 1553-1610--First monarch of the House of Bourbon in France. 1st Huguenot King

Cesar de Nostredame 1553-1629--Son of French astrologer and occultist Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus)

Walter Raleigh 1554-1618--English Protestant aristocrat, explorer and popularizer of tobacco in England

Philip Sidney 1554-1586--English Poet and soldier, nephew of Robert Dudley

James I 1566-1625--King of England, united the English, Scottish and Irish crowns

Maurice of Nassau 1567-1625--Stadtholder, Prince of Orange, foremost general of the 80 years war

Henry Wriothesley 1573-1624--Earl of Southampton, member of the Virginia Company governing council

Robert Fludd 1574-1637--English occultist, astrologer, mathematician and Hermetic writer

Anne of Denmark 1574-1619--Wife of James I of England. Mother of King Charles I and Elizabeth of Bohemia

John Berkeley 1602-1678--Wealthy English royalist soldier, brother of William Berkeley governor of Virginia

John Milton 1608-1674--English poet, propagandist and official serving under Oliver Cromwell

Richard Boyle 1612-1698--2nd Earl of Cork, Lord High Treasurer of Ireland like his millionaire father

 Henry Oldenburg 1619-1677--Foremost spy in 17th century Europe, 1st Secretary of the Royal Society

Rupert of the Rhine 1619-1682--Duke of Bavaria & Cumberland. 1st Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company

John Evelyn 1620-1706--English writer and diarist, co-founder of the Royal Society

 Johan de Witt 1625-1672--Grand Pensionary of Holland, tutored a young William III of Orange

Robert Boyle 1627-1691--Founder of modern Chemistry, Royal Society, son of 1st Earl of Cork

Henry Howard 1628-168--Duke of Norfolk and Earl Marshal, gave his library to the Royal Society

Archibald Campbell 1629-1685 --Earl of Argyll, took part in the Monmouth rebellion, fellow of the Royal Society

Christiaan Huygens 1629-1695--Dutch mathematician. Founder of modern Calculus, Royal Society

Mary of Orange 1631-1660 --Mother of William III of Orange, granddaughter of Marie de' Medici


fagel.jpgGaspar Fagel 1634-1688--Grand Pensionary of Holland, tutored and supported William III of Orange 

Arthur Capell 1631-1683--Earl of Essex, Protestant supporter of William III of Orange

Christopher Wren 1632-1723--Founder & president of the Royal Society, Freemason & Master of Lodge #1

William Douglas-Hamilton 1634-1694--Duke of Hamilton, granted the Scottish crown to William III of Orange

Charles Calvert 1637-1715--3rd Baron Baltimore & Proprietary Governor of Maryland

 Ralph Montagu 1638-1709--1st Duke of Montagu, of the famous Montagu family

William Cavendish 1640-1707--1st Duke of Devonshire, strong supporter of the Glorious Revolution & William III

Philippe I of Orleans 1640-1701--Founder of House of Orleans, ancestor of most modern-day Catholic royalty

Isaac Newton 1642-1727--English intellectual, Royal Society, one of the most influential people in history

Henry Darnall 1645-1711--Proprietary Agent of Baron Baltimore. Granddad of Charles Carroll of Carrollton

John Cecil 1648-1700--Earl of Exeter, known as Lord Burghley, supported William III of Orange

James Scott 1649-1685--Duke of Monmouth, illegitimate son of Charles II, led the Monmouth Rebellion

Jonathan Trelawny 1650-1711--A British Bishop of Bristol, Exeter and Winchester. Supported William III

William Randolph 1650-1721--Colonist, ancestor of Thomas Jefferson and Cheif Justice John Marshall

 John Somers 1651-1716- Chief architect of English union with Scotland and the Protestant succession

James Bertie 1653-1699--1st Earl of Abingdon, son of Montagu Bertie the 2nd Earl of Lindsey

George Churchill 1654-1710--Younger brother of the Duke of Marlborough. Supported William III

 James Blair 1656-1743--Church of England missionary & founder of the College of William & Mary

Charles Montagu 1661-1715--Devised the establishment of the Bank of England. 1st First Lord of the Treasury

 Joseph Sabine 1661-1739--General in 9 Years' War, War of Spanish Succession & Jacobite Rebellion

William Cowper 1665-1723--1st Earl Cowper, 1st Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, supported William III

Sophia Dorothea of Hanover 1666-1726 --Wife and cousin of George I of Great Britain, and mother of George II

 Samuel Vetch 1668-1732--Protestant colonial governor of Nova Scotia, involved in Monmouth Rebellion

Joseph Addison 1672-1719--English playwright and poet, worked for John Somers and Charles Montagu

Charles Lennox 1672-1723--1st Duke of Richmond, illegitimate son of King Charles II and a Freemason

 William Cavendish 1672-1729--2nd Duke of Devonshire, served as Lord President of the Council

Spencer Compton 1673-1743--1st Earl of Wilmington, Prime Minister of Great Britain and 1st Lord of the Treasury

Charles Townshend 1674-1738--2nd Viscount Townshend, Secretary of State, Fellow of the Royal Society

Richard Temple 1675-1749--1st Viscount Cobham, British soldier, political mentor to the young William Pitt

Frederick I of Sweden 1676-1751 - King of Sweden & Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, founder of the order of Seraphim

John Manners 1676-1721--2nd Duke of Rutland, son of John Manners of the 'Glorious Revolution'

 John Campbell 1678-1743--2nd Duke of Argyll, Scottish soldier, helped secure Hanoverian succession

Maurice de Saxe 1696-1750--Marshal General of France, illegitimate son of Frederick Augustus I

William Cavendish 1698-1755--3rd Duke of Devonshire, most recent common ancestor of Charles & Diana

John Wesley 1703-1791--Church of England cleric, founder of the Methodist movement

Frederick, Prince of Wales 1707-1751--Duke of Edinburgh, eldest son of George II and father of George III

Robert Livingston 1708-1790 --3rd Lord of Livingston Manor, grandson of Robert Livingston the Elder

 George Whitefield 1714-1770--English Anglican priest, active in the British North American colonies

Simon Harcourt 1714-1777--1st Earl Harcourt, British diplomat and general, ambassador for George III

Thomas Gray 1716-1771--English poet, classical scholar and professor at Cambridge University

 Christopher Smart 1722-1771---English poet, notorious member of the Freemasons and Masonic author

Louise of Great Britain 1724-1751--Daughter of George II of Great Britain, queen consort of Denmark and Norway

John Adams 1735-1826---2nd President of the United States and negotiator of the peace treaty with U.K

Josias of Saxe-Coburg 1737-1815--Austrian general and Lieutenant Field Marshal in the Seven Years' War

George III 1738-1820--King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Joseph II 1741-1790--Holy Roman Emperor, first ruler of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine in Austria

 Francis Asbury 1745-1816--1st bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States

Leopold II 1747-1792--Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary & Bohemia & Grand Duke of Tuscany

Thomas Coke 1747-1814 - Father of Methodist Missions, continued John Wesley's work in America

 Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832 - German writer, served the duchy of Saxe-Weimar, member of the Illuminati

Ferdinand I of Two Sicilies 1751-1825 King of Naples & Sicily, of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

John Marshall 1755-1835 -Chief Justice of the United States, developed the American legal system

Alexander Hamilton 1755-1804--1st U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, founded U.S. Mint & 1st National Bank

Horatio Nelson 1758-1805--1st Viscount Nelson & 1st Duke of Bronte, British flag officer in Napoleonic Wars

Joseph Fesch 1763-1839--French cardinal, closely associated with the family of Napoleon Bonaparte

 Ferdinand III 1769-1824--Grand Duke of Tuscany of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine

Augustus of Saxe-Gotha 1772-1822--Duke of Saxe-Gotha, grandfather of Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria

Henry Vassall-Fox 1773-1840--3rd Baron Holland & Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

 Christian VIII of Denmark 1786-1848--King of Denmark and Norway of the House of Oldenburg

Robert Peel 1788-1850--Prime Minister of the U.K, created the modern concept of the police force

Antipope Pius IX 1792-1878 - Longest reigning Pope in history, centralized the Church in the Vatican

Aolphe Thiers 1797-1877--French politician, Prime Minister & President of the French Republic

Miguel of Portugal 1802-1866--King of Portugal of the House of Braganza and Knight of the Order of Christ

Sophie of Bavaria 1805-1872--Mother of Franz Joseph Emperor of Austria & Maximilian Emperor of Mexico

Joseph Smith 1805-1844--American religious leader and founder of the Latter Day Saint Temple of Mormon

Giuseppe Garibaldi 1807-1882---Italian revolutionary & Freemason, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy

Napoleon III 1808-1873--1st President of the French Republic and Emperor of the French


Otto of Greece 1815-1867---First modern King of Greece under the protection of the U.K, France and Russia

Pedro II of Brazil 1825-1891--Emperor of Brazil, reigned for over 58 years, Grand Master of Order of Christ

Edward VII 1841-1910--King of the United Kingdom, of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Alexander III of Russia 1845-1894--Emperor of Russia of the House of Oldenburg from 1881 until his death in 1894

Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919--President of the United States, Freemason, imperialist

Wilhelm II 1859-1941------Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia, grandson of Queen Victoria


Adolf Hitler 1889-1945--WWII German Head of State and Iron Cross Freemason, notable for starting WWII

Harry S. Truman 1884-1972---WWII U.S. President notable for nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki


Josef Stalin 1888-1953--WWII Soviet Premier, notable for the hit on the Ukraine, killing 8 million

Emperor Hirohito 1901-1989----WWII Emperor of Japan, Empire of the Sun

CHURCHILLTRIADSIGN.jpgSir Winston Churchill 1874-1965--WWII Head of State, United Kingdom. Variation on Triad Sign.

Frankllin Delanor Roosevelt 1882-1945--WWII U.S. President notable for giving Catholic Poland to Br. Josef Stalin

Benito Mussolini 1883-1945--WWII Prime Minister of Italy, founder of Italian Fascism, Knight of Malta Freemason

J.Edgar Hoover 1895-1972--First Director of the FBI, Shriner Freemason

Gerald Ford 1913-2006--38th President of the United States, Shriner Freemason

Emperor Akhito 1933-125th and Current Emperor of Japan


Queen Beatrix--Dame of Malta, Queen of the Netherlands, Bilderberg attendee

Justin Trudeau, just elected Prime Minister of Canada 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Triad Claw - Humanity is Victim of Ancient Satanic Plot "

Mario C said (January 16, 2020):

I dont think that the claw has a satanic meaning. If so many people in different times, some of them even consider saints use it, is an indication that is not satanic. Illuminati and Mason symbolism are not satanic in themselves but are just are satanically , that is egoistic evil, used .

Paul S said (January 15, 2020):

Although I can't prove it in a brief comment, my feeling for a long time has been that the Catholic Church in Rome has been the invention of Ladino-speaking Sephardim from Spain from Day One of its existence -- you can see this by studying the breakup of the Roman Empire into eastern and western halves, and the role that Roman generals and emperors from "Ladino-speaking" Spain played in break-up and subsequent control of the western half of the empire. Likewise, the Protestant churches of the north have been the invention of Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi from Germany. This alone goes a long way towards explaining the Roman-German axis that persisted throughout all the Middle Ages and down into WWII, and why the Catholic Church was so friendly towards upper-level Nazis. I think most of what we call "Western Culture" is a Jewish (Medici?) invention that was created around the time of the Renaissance, so it's not surprising that the West has been ruled by Jews since its inception.

Essel said (January 15, 2020):

Attention, this enumeration can contain, and even in my opinion contains, deliberate errors intended to dirty certain characters, particularly dangerous for the sect. It is not because the painter depicted the fingers in the way described that the real character was a follower of the thing.

There is a very simple criterion for knowing what is really going on, and that is to study the actions taken by the suspect during his life. Now, if we take the case of Pius IX, for example, we see that he waged a merciless war on the religious and political subversion operated by masonry (syllabus, etc.). It was also made known that he was a freemason, initiated in America, etc.

I also contest the membership of Ignatius of Loyola, a complex character who admirably converted after leading a bad life, an act particularly worthy of a Masonic Nemesis (goddess of vengeance). He played a great role in the Counter-Reformation, which earned him a tenacious hatred from the Americans, who are of anti-Catholic culture. Just because the Jesuit Order is totally corrupt today, does not mean that St. Ignatius was, at least in the second part of his life.

This technique is especially applied with regard to the sect's repentant who have divulged certain secrets, such as Diana Vaughan and others.

Sam P said (January 2, 2018):

There is no question the "claw" is an intentional element in the sampled portraits, but I have my doubts about the attribution of a Luciferian, Kabbalistic or crypto-Jewish meaning. It doesn´t seem plausible to have Roger Bacon, Our Lady and Adolph Hitler as members of the same secret society.

A hypothesis I haven´t seen anyone entertain so far is that the "claw" could be a sign of recognition among painters who in the past would have belonged to corporations of craftsmen. It could also be a sign of nobility or elegance added by the painter in accordance with the rules of his trade, just as there are very specific rules to be followed in iconography. If so, the "claw" would belong to the painter, not to the person shown in the portrait (who might not even be aware of the addition, or may have been long deceased when the painting was produced).

The sign seems to have become popular in the late 15th century (the "babylonmatrix" site linked to shows Roger Bacon flashing the "claw" sign in the 13th century, but that particular drawing was made in the 19th century). I think it would be worth looking into what happened in the art and science of portraiture in the Renaissance and how craftsmen’s guilds and corporations across Europe were networked.

The above is not a refutation of the Luciferian, Kabbalistic or crypto-Jewish currents that took hold of European society in and after the Renaissance, but an independent hypothesis pending research.


Thanks Sam

None are so blind as those who will not see.


Mark H said (January 2, 2018):

Happy New Year to you and family.

A very good blog from the start: however, this section reiterates your latest posting.

Gordon said (January 2, 2018):

your top article today is most interesting. It adds weight to the theory of a friend of mine, which he told me when the internet first came about = that the 'www' at the beginning of internet addresses, is exactly what you describe ;
: a Marrano gesture which signals the letters M & W, symbolizing 666 from the three V's. The letter V is "waw" in Hebrew and "vav" in Gematria and is the 6th letter in both.

just the meerest of co-incidences? I think not.

BW said (January 2, 2018):

I think a lot of your readers are not completely aware of the immensity of this “planet Earth” conspiracy, and will only go halfway into the “rabbit hole” as they say...The link sent to you by David Livingstone is a treasure trove for all-round information (or shall I say “re-information”) about the “Conspiracy”, and I think all of your regular followers should read it and see the Big Picture?....I mean there are lots of sites out there regarding these matters, but this one is really good I think. Although I’m a bit suspicious of the fact that it has posted links to Alex Jones & Infowars etc...Which have been recognized as Zionist shills. But who knows Hey? In any case, thanks for posting this, and keep up the good work!
Happy New Year!

Jarle J said (January 2, 2018):

Wow.. your latest Henry..

Triad Claw Hand Sign Suggests Massive Satanic Conspiracy

I believe David Livingstone is right on target, I have investigated it, and came to the same conclusion, the UK (Germanic) Royals is from the same tribe of Esau.. Remember that Herod was Edomite, from Esau... he who killed all those children... to keep his power...

Jesus told us we should know them by their fruits, Wow, how right he was:

"Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel." - Matthew 10:6, he ordered his diciples.

Tribes of Israel had been in captivity for 500 years with the Assyrians in Caucasus at Jesus' time.. Where did the Caucasians go from there, as they went out of Egypt, never happy to be in bondage? That is another story..... but it will set Jacobs Trouble in a completely new perspective if we investigate this... it might be opposite than mainstream (satanic) perception of it.

Christians of the tribe of Israel is not wearing that skullcap as the norwegian king and his son is having in attached image, we Christian are in the New Covenant, have been for 1000 years,

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: AND THE GOVERNMENT SHALL BE ON HIS SHOULDER: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace". - Isaiah 9:6

Christ has been the King of kings.. evidenced.. last 50 years this changed....

Just to let you know..

Sandeep said (November 2, 2015):

I found the Triad hand sign article very interesting. I saw that some people were somewhat revolted by some of the people depicted making this sign. Now, putting aside whether these people were part of the Satanic conspiracy, it is hard to believe that these people did not do this sign without intention.

Firstly, the sign does take an effort to make, and secondly it has been performed over many centuries. As to the painters, I think they were most likely initiated as well, meaning they knew the meaning of that sign. It was purposely drawn this way. You could equate the paintings from back then to our modern magazines, where you constantly see photographers taking one-eye, pyramid and other symbolic pictures.

Also, I don't believe in the notion that signs purvey some kind of lovely virtue. I agree with you that this is the deception to conceal its true meaning, like we see in so many signs and symbols.

Pedro said (November 1, 2015):

One thing that occurs to me studying up on the Illuminati (the Bavarian kind) is that they are nothing if not unoriginal. Anything can be sequestered and perverted, in the Talmudic fashion. So it is just as possible that most of these hand signs are innocent, but they would have us believe that everyone who was anyone was part of their scheme. Any publicity is good publicity. Also making a hazard for 'conspiracy theorists' who see a Red under every bed.

That said, particularly over the last several centuries, they do seem to have all the angles and people covered and there is the possibility that the Devil is really making them do it, such seems the power that they have acquired over almost everything and everyone. Suspect them by their weird hand signs, but know them by their fruits. I doubt that the true God cares for such frivolities and conspiracies amongst men. His sign shall make them tremble, not smirk.

cw said (November 1, 2015):

How many photos/videos have we seen of someone famous signaling their allegiance to whatever? In high school we had secret code words spoken openly in front of other students. When Ron Paul first ran for president, his campaign would call me once a month. The last time they called......I asked the worker if she was familiar with the YouTube videos that very clearly showed Ron Paul signaling his allegiance using the very common Illuminati hand sign. No reply, she hung up. I just checked a few minutes ago - it's still there at YouTube. After reading your most recent reminded me that I have never heard of any mention of this from anyone and I wonder why that is

Ken said (November 1, 2015):

Probably the most recognized name of our time in this dilemma, is Evangelist Billy Graham. Many claim he is a Mason, but nobody seems to get close enough to both ask him directly or show a lodge of membership. My own research has shown he was SURROUNDED by opportunist Freemasons during his entire career. This enabled him to access media like large stadiums and major network TV time. Media which otherwise would never allow any respect for Jesus Christ to be preached. But his over-diplomacy to Zionists allowed one false doctrine to creep into his own beliefs. I cannot fault anything he ever preached from the pulpit, BUT in his private life,

Tex Marrs uncovered a quote he said to Golda Meir. Billy said he would never do a crusade in Israel because "Jews have their own covenant." What covenant is that Billy? Sacrificing animals, instead of the blood of Christ is the only other "covenant" I see mentioned in the authorized version of scriptures. And THAT is the same garbage Talmudic Jews want to return to by rejecting Christ.

Tim P said (November 1, 2015):

Come on Henry. Don't claim credit for everything. All of these people were Jews? Christopher Columbus? Martin Luther (LOL), and all the rest. Give the other nationalities some credit at least. Isaac Newton was a Jew? Based on no evidence at all, we are supposed to believe that? This is the old Jewish mentality that the Jews are everything and the Goyim just animals. Try to overcome that, and admit that other nationalities can produce men of distinction.

Luther, by the way, certainly no Jew of any kind, is an interesting case. Early on, he trusted the Rabbis, and leaned on them for his learning of Hebrew, and his translation of the Old Testament. In the passage of time, he came to realize that the Rabbis had deliberately misled him in his learning of Hebrew, and mistranslated the bible. This provoked Luther to deeper study, and he looked at the Talmud, which by then, he could read in the original tongue. He became a RAGING anti-semite, when he realized what the Rabbis were really teaching about Christ and Christians. Luther was what they call a Type A personality now. A little excitable, a little extreme. If the proposals in his book had been carried out, I don't think there would be any organized Judaism at all left. But more moderate heads prevailed. The rulers were loathe to lose their funding, which would result in the destruction of their country by the Catholics in the ongoing religious wars.

Most likely, few or none of the people pictured in the article were actually Marranos. Our problem as Christians lies elsewhere. The Cannibal religion of the Catholics and Lutherans is certainly despicable in God's eyes. They imagine they are eating the actual body and blood of Jesus, the real veins, vessels, cartilage, brain tissue, all of it. It is disgusting and has no place in any religion. It did provoke one dyspeptic Rabbi to pronounce that Jesus is literally shit, since the Christians eat him, then they shit him out. I don't believe this. But the ritual is Satanic. And if the Cannibal Christians were really right, the Rabbi would have a good point.

A few years ago, you posted that Putin was a Jew. (or was probably a Jew). I am wondering, do you still believe this? Even after he annexed the Krimea in order to counter the plan to make Krimea the 2nd Jewish state? If he is a Jew, would he have done that? Really? Then you were wrong about Putin. And the one posted this weekend is far more wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. No evidence. Repudiate it.


Thanks Tim

I'm not "claiming credit, "just exploring a possibility. I have a lot of respect for David Livingstone.


Mike P said (November 1, 2015):

It surprised me that Martin Luther would be on the list you published of so called crypto Jews based upon supposed hand signs. It's hard to imagine that the author of "On The Jews and Their Lies" would fit in very well with that group. John Wesley too. These are mostly portraits, so maybe the painter was responsible, thinking that was a classic pose or something. Joseph Smith, on the other hand was definitely a Freemason before inventing his religion. This whole "hand sign" thing seems to me to be a very questionable way of determining anything.

Alberta said (November 1, 2015):

Shame on you Henry. If there is anything at that speaks of a Cabal on that list, it is the Satanic music that was playing throughout the gallery presentation.

Your list of 'crypto-Jews' is pathetic.

Francis Xavier, Catherine of Aragon, Ignatius Loyola, Christopher Columbus, Charles Borromeo...? just because of the way their hands were positioned during a sitting of a portrait?

Maybe you should take a vacation and actually read the lives of these people on this 'gallery', their writings and what ever else is out their in the publishing world and figure out who carried the rebels and who were those who fought against Satan.

It is only with in the Holy Roman Apostolic Church that Satan has any true enemies. The rest of the world already belongs to him and therefore, everyone else who does not adhere to the teachings of his Church and all her Traditions are just his play things. That includes you, Henry.



I'm sure the devil does NOT want us to expose his agents. I do not apologize for opening a debate on this subject. It does seem unlikely that all these people are cryptos. But it's worth examining.


Bonnie said (November 1, 2015):

Posing hands is an important challenge for portrait artists. Awkward hands can easily distract from the face and other more important aspects of a portrait. Across time, certain hand positions have become classic. For example, females, whether standing or seated, are often asked to pose using "ballerina hands"; they lift up their pointer finger while curving those remaining. Women may also be asked to place the slimmest fingers, the pinkies, in the foreground. As for men, Napoleon was not by any means the only subject portrayed with a hand hidden inside the suit jacket. This technique adds intrigue to the portrait, while eliminating the need to portray the hand at all. So I am a skeptic about the so-called "satanic hands."

Jennifer said (November 1, 2015):

This Satanic Hand Sign off the mark.

I am a professional ballerina, modern dancer and teacher of archetypal gesture. I have taught at the New York Academy of Art to figurative artists.

My studies of gesture are based on ancient, religious and historical universal archetypal gesture. Noted teachers in this field have been Francois Delsarte, of which I studied from many of his disciples and Marcel Marceau, of whom I studied with one of his direct proteges.

The so called Triad Hand Sign, joining third and fourth fingers is know in the art world of archetypal gesture as being symbolic of a person having their body, mind and soul in harmony. All paintings and sculptures of angels from ancient times to present also model this triad hand as it is considered a symbol of a good and holy spiritual hand. I doubt Christopher Columbus et. al., ever held their fingers in such a delicate, aesthetic and elegant manner -naturally. They may have been taught to do so as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Because this is the understood archetypal gesture of a godly hand, the painter simply depicted their subject's hands in the Triad position so they appeared godly. The archetypal gesture for evil is the opposite when the third and fourth fingers are split as in the photo of Winston Churchill. All ballerinas learn and use the Triad hand in dances depicting pure, good and angelic dances. When I am expressing an angel in dance, I always use the triad hand.


Thanks Jennifer,

They always have a cover story. Like the sign of Baphomet is "love" in universal sign language.


James Perloff said (November 1, 2015):

I had seen this online before (the full gallery), and had mixed thoughts about it. Some of the hand gestures were less pronounced than others, and my feeling was that, in at least some of the portraits, too much might have been read into them. (Incidentally, I read the journals of John Wesley many years ago, and he certainly struck me as an entirely sincere Christian.)

On the other hand, when I slap my own hand on my torso, it doesn't go into that position naturally. Holding the 3rd and 4th fingers together, and apart from the neighboring fingers, takes effort. This makes me think that the interpretation is, in general, probably correct.

Also, I have to wonder about the possibility that perhaps, in cases, the arrangement of fingers was a trademark of the artist rather than his subject. It took a long time to pose for these portraits, and speaking for myself, it would be hard to sustain that finger position for long. I suppose a clever artist could have drawn the fingers that way without the subject even realizing it.

I don't mean that this WAS an invention of the artists, but the possibility that this might have occurred in certain instances is perhaps something we could keep "on the table."

Glen said (November 1, 2015):

Wow, who knew? Just when I thought I knew it all about how long this "conspiracy" has been going on and all who were involved, BAM, Henry smacks me upside the head with new evidence.

Al Thompson said (October 31, 2015):

This information is actually more useful than most of the other facts that are observed. And the reason is that once these idiots are identified, then we know who they are because the idiots disclosed it to us. Now, if we then get ourselves entangled with them, it's our own fault. So we do get warnings. Think of these finger flashes as your heads-up and then just stay separated from them to the extent it is possible.

BB said (October 31, 2015):

They know their own.

I had my first 33 degree grip handshake the other day. Or at least the first one that i know about. Just they way they talk and the words they use to feel people out feels wrong. Inhuman. I found it best just to lie. Thank you more information. On what to keep my eyes open for. If a person has to become a member of Freemasons to get ahead. I'm fine as I am.

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