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Makow- Religious Fanatics have Hijacked Israel (and the US)

May 8, 2024

4Horsemen1.jpg(The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) 

For decades, attacking Gaza has been 
Netanyahu's go-to plan 
to counter domestic discontent.

This book by an Israeli historian really clarified the situation for me.
Reposted with a first comment from Mike Stone

Latest! Israelis demand Netanyahu resignation. Huge demonstrations not covered in Ziopress.

by Henry Makow PhD

Haim Bresheeth-Zabner's book "An Army Like No Other" (2019) is an eyeopener. It establishes that the current genocide is not an aberration but a continuation of a consistent policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide upon which the State of Israel was built. 

Indeed, Benjamin Netanyahu had a policy of slaughtering Gazans whenever there was domestic unrest in Israel, such as the opposition to his "judicial reforms" prior to Oct 7, 2023.  For example, in 2012, there were protests due to the high cost of living.

"Netanyahu (who was trailing badly in the polls) decided to give the public its favorite medicine, an attack on Gaza. The 2012 attack on Gaza put an end to the social protest and boosted Netanyahu to a leading position again. While the Israeli Jewish tribes are deeply divided on many issues, the "security"  issue serves as the most effective social adhesive." (p.344)

Only an external threat can hold the country together.  

While Israel gives lip service to a "two-state solution" its goal has always been to control Palestine from "the sea to the river" and beyond. 
This is more true now that parties representing the 800,000 "settlers" in the West Bank have taken control of the government and the IDF. 

Israel's treatment of the Palestinians has always been barbaric.  "During the Christmas festivities of 2008, Israel moved into Gaza with enormous force. Almost 1500 Palestinians were killed, mostly civilians, of which more than 400 were children. The devastation in Gaza was more intense than in any IDF assault. Israel hit at the infrastructure--electricity, gas and water systems, fragile in Gaza at the best of times and already affected by the blockade Israel announced in 2006."

"In the following two incursions into Gaza during Nov. 2012 and July-August 2014, the already terrifying level of death and destruction was surpassed: the IDF killled 2310 Gazans in the summer of 2014 and wounded 10,626. Entire swaths of Gaz neighborhoods disappeared overnight, with more than 120,000 people losing their homes. The infrastructure, partially repaired since the last attack, lay in ruins." (322)

They did the same thing to Beirut in 1982. In fact, the doctrine of inflicting disproportionate destruction is named after "Dahiya" the district of Beirtut that Israel flattened. (207)

I was struck by the total barbarism and lack of common humanity displayed by the Israelis, people who regard themselves as civilized. 

The West has signed on to a sinking ship. Israel gets 55% of all US Military aid. 

If you understand the fanaticism of Israel's leaders, you realize there is no hope for peace. The leadership comes from the most fanatic element of Israeli society, the settlers. The fastest growing population are the heredi or Orthodox Jews who   contribute nothing but demand all kinds of subsidies and privileges. They support the expulsion or liquidation of Palestinians. 

HB-Z explains that war is Israel's bread and butter. The IDF is the richest institution in the country. More than 20% of the population work for it or the military Industrial complex it fosters. They have created a society that "feeds on aggression, thriving by it." (198) 

While the Zionists may pay lip service to compromise, there will be none. The only way to stop the genocide is to defeat Israel in combat. 
I suspect that this is what Iran, Turkey and Russia are planning. This will result in the third Masonic Jewish world war. 


Afterword- I am glad to hear that Hamas has accepted a ceasefire. Israel hasn't yet. I expect this "ceasefire" is just a ploy on Israel's part. Israel's ruthless record speaks for itself. Israel's moral exceptionalism derives from the Holocaust which Zionists organized to manipulate Jews into establishing the State.  

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First Comment from Mike Stone-

That book sounds spot-on. I'm going to the library tomorrow and will see if they have a copy. Your review is excellent. As you said, there is no hope for peace.

I think it goes beyond Netanyahu. Every military officer is complicit, as are every enlisted person, and even the civilians who support the war.

It reminds me of the way the Allies waged World War II, bombing civilian targets, fire-bombing cities like Dresden and Tokyo and burning people alive. That involved both Jews - Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and others - as well, as Freemasons like Truman, who might have also been a Jew.

Studying war, however, it becomes apparent that blood lust isn't limited to Jews. They just appear to get away with it more than everyone else. Look at all of the people today, including all the cuckservatives, who support what Israel is doing. Look at everyone who cheered the way the police brutally beat and arrested college protesters.

Look at all of the braindead Americans who cheered on Gulf War I and Schwarzkopf's Highway of Death. Look at the same braindead morons who supported Gulf War II, even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Look at all of the psychotics who cried for mandatory vaccination.

Look at the massive support for abortion, mainly among women - they're just as bloodthirsty as men. Look at what America did to the Indians.
Look at the brutality, human sacrifice, and cannibalism practiced by those same Indians, especially the Aztecs.

Christians appear to be the only group in the history of the world who have ever been able to put a lid on human bloodlust and control it, but even they can get riled up in the case of a just war, like the first Crusade, or the Spaniards overthrow of the Aztecs.

Maybe someone could make an argument that there are different levels of bloodlust, that Netanyahu bombing innocent women and children isn't as bad as a woman having an abortion. But murder is murder.  And are fat, dumb Americans who sit on their couches and cheer these things on less culpable than those who actually carry out the killings?

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Comments for "Makow- Religious Fanatics have Hijacked Israel (and the US) "

rh said (May 8, 2024):

About 30 years ago, an American neighbor of mine told me that Israel is not what our government and media tells us it is. She knew friends who had just returned from Israel and told her what was happening in the country. She said something to the effect that the Israelis were treating the Palestinian people very poorly. Even back then, some Americans knew the truth.

I remember my neighbor's talk because I was just beginning earnestly to question the way things are told to us versus the real events in everything.

I grew up hearing Pat Boone singing the Exodus Song (This Land is Mine). As children, we believed and our Sunday School teachers did as well, in the following: "This land is mine god gave this land to me", the first verse.

We never questioned what it said… we were taught to believe in it...religiously!

So much of what we are told as the official story must be fact checked. Your article did not surprise me in its message.

Israel's (and other governments) behavior is a continuation of saying one thing and doing another. The difference today is technology is exposing their behaviors faster.

Imran said (May 7, 2024):

Some facts:
The Gazans did side with Iran which is a modern day enemy of Israel after Israel made a big peace initiative.
Acts of terrorism came after Israel withdrew
And maybe the biggest one. 6000+ rockets fired indiscriminately on Israel from Gaza after withdrawing
Gazans vote for an authoritarian government that removed moderates

The third one would lead any nation in modern history to war. So the Israelis take out their frustrations down the years on Gaza? From a historical perspective one can understand it even if a nation were to use Hamas for their own ends from time to time. But it seems they delayed a final war at least since Oct 7. Some like Bibi and Co. in the past did attack Gaza as a political move to stay in power. It has been a common tactic throughout history into modern times. So he is nothing new.

Current events:
Blinken has met with MBS two times to discuss a PA state.
The Palestinian vote coming Friday for membership to the UN
Biden is down in the polls
Macron and Xi (two other "champions of mankind") announce they would like to see a two state solution".

George said (May 7, 2024):

Henry, this is an ancient hatred.

Martin Noth’s identification of the so-called Deuteronomic Corpus, a series of books starting with Deuteronomy and continuing through Joshua, Judges, Samuel 1 and 2, and Kings 1 and 2. Those books are totally psychopathic. Friedman’s thesis (which I find entirely persuasive) is that all of these books were written b;y the same person: the prophet Jeremiah, whose so-called Jeremiads are foaming-at-the-mouth invectives against the neighbors of Jeremiah and his tribe, orgasms of hate. No, this madness is not new. It is thousands of years old. Just read the books listed and see for yourself.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at