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Patrick O'Carroll- The Ten Deadliest Plandemics in History

May 28, 2024

The central banking cartel has found a novel way
 to eliminate freedom and kill us.

Satanists worship death and suffering - ours. They sacrifice us to Satan.

They control by corrupting our morals and making us sick.

(No headlines today. Nothing new stands out.)
by Parick O'Carroll


 The patents for the COVID-BIOWEAPON-JABS show that they are quite literally deadly. Rumor has it that 5G and the COVID-BIOWEAPON-JAB will work together as a Binary-Weapons-System to induce new PLANDEMICS in "Marburg", "Disease X", "Bird Flu" or a catastrophic "bleeding disease" that visionary John Leary says is imminent.

In 2020-40, the death-toll of the COVID-PHARMA GENOCIDE (and the imminent MARBURG-5G Holocaust) may reach a total of 1.7 billion "useless eaters" based on an average of estimates by Dr Elizabeth Eads MD, Prof Dolores Cahill, Mike Adams, Todd Callender, et al. Note: "useless eaters" is the "Illuminati" term for slaves.

 Dr Mike Yeadon, ex-top-executive of the Big Pharma Mafia corporation PFIZER, stated: "Without an insurrection, we can expect a new [PLANDEMIC] event that will trigger a Digital ID connected to a Digital Currency and a wave of [PLANDEMICS] with mandated shots until the population reaches their desired levels. And, as long as we remain stubbornly divided, we do not stand a chance".


 «Team Antichrist» launched the HEART-DISEASE PLANDEMIC after WW1 by weaponizing chlorine and placing the weaponized-chlorine in refined salt (NaCl), in pharmaceuticals, and by using it widely in the dairy business and in swimming-pool sanitation under the guise of "disinfection".

In the late 1960s, Dr Joseph M Price proved that 95 percent of chickens drinking chlorinated water developed atherosclerosis and he concluded: "The basic cause of atherosclerosis, heart-attacks and most forms of strokes is CHLORINE, the chlorine contained in processed water". In his book "Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine" (originally published in 1969), Dr Price proved this link, and that a protective plaque composed mainly of cholesterol builds up inside the arteries and may eventually result in heart-attacks and strokes.

 The UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO) says that the HEART-DISEASE PLANDEMIC kills 18 million people per year. Thus, the HEART-DISEASE PLANDEMIC is better defined as a Genocide Operation. If only half the heart-disease deaths since 1914 were down to chlorine, that would mean a death-toll of about 1 billion "useless eaters".


 Starting in 1944, geneticist Dr Norman Borlaug worked for the Rockefeller Foundation to hybridize wheat. Borlaug is credited with developing the exceptionally high-yielding DWARF WHEAT that is much shorter and stockier than wheat was in 1930. After 1960, «Team Antichrist» introduced dwarf wheat widely. It replaced most other wheat strains in the world and launched the twin DIABETES and OBESITY PLANDEMICS.

 In his 2011 book "Wheat Belly", Dr William Davis MD recommended replacing wheat-based foods with other low-glycemic whole foods. He showed how TODAY'S "BREAD" IS HIGHLY FATTENING. Davis advised that people eat vegetables, meat, eggs, raw nuts, dairy products, some fruits and he recommended them to "UNDO Prediabetes or Diabetes by scheduling your RADICAL WHEAT-ECTOMY".

The UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO) says the DIABETES PLANDEMIC kills 1.5 million "useless eaters" each year, that about 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, and that the OBESITY PLANDEMIC kills 2.8 million "useless eaters" each year. Hence, over the past 50 years, the overall death-toll was 215 million "useless eaters".


 The INFLUENZA PLANDEMIC of 1918-21 was willful genocide launched by an "experimental" meningitis "vaccine" that was first created by the Rockefeller Institute for "Medical" Research in NY and then profusely injected into US troops at Fort Riley, Kansas. This INFLUENZA PLANDEMIC of 1918-21 genocided a total of around 35 million "useless eaters". It was perpetrated predominantly by the US Regime, the British Regime, and the French Regime, and by the "Illuminati" bloodlines Rockefeller and Windsor.



 Starting in 1975, disease-tainted smallpox "vaccines" were given to millions of Africans, often using deliberately contaminated needles. There were many perpetrators of this Holocaust, including the UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO), the Big Pharma Mafia, the Zionist powers (US, GB, EU, CH), and corrupt African dictators. The total death-toll in this PLANDEMIC is estimated at around 26 million "useless eaters".

Peter Duesberg of UC Berkeley proved that there is no link between AIDS and HIV, which is now a well-known fact.


 Starting in 1975, disease-tainted HepB "vaccines" were given to millions of homosexuals in San Francisco, often using deliberately contaminated needles. The total death-toll is around 9 million "useless eaters" and it was done by the UN's Worst Hell Organization (WHO), the Big Pharma Mafia, the Zionist US Regime, and one Anthony Fauci.


 Portuguese neurologist António Egas Moniz invented the physical lobotomy in 1935 and it was illustrated in Ken Kesey's 1962 novel "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" and in the 1975 film adaptation thereof.

 Since around 1980, "advanced" nations have used chemical lobotomies instead of physical ones. "Medications" such as benzodiazepines or antidepressants will cause the frontal cortex to disintegrate when given in sufficiently heavy and prolonged doses, and that often results in a chemical lobotomy.

 The LOBOTOMY PLANDEMIC claimed about 1 million "useless eaters" (half in 1935-80 and the other half later).


 Apart from MEDICAL PLANDEMICS, "Team Antichrist" deployed warfare to genocide 400 million "useless eaters" in the twentieth century alone. These included:

150 million "useless eaters" in the Christian Holocaust of WW1 and WW2;
100 million "useless eaters" in the Chinese Holocaust of 1949-69;
77 million mostly Orthodox Christians in the Russian and East European Holocaust;
10-40 million Arabic Semites (Muslims and Christians) in the Arab-Semitic Holocaust, in which the Zionists genocided 10 million Arabic Semites in 1948-2024, or 40 million according to Australian-Jewish historian Gideon Polya who also included the effects of deprivation and the after-effects of depleted uranium (DU);
120 million more "useless eaters" in other wars and in Zionist false-flag terrorism.


 The PUPPETICIAN PLANDEMIC was launched in 1717, when Freemasonry was founded (or re-founded) in London. Originally, Freemasonic puppeticians were a front for the English monarch, who stayed aloof as parasitic puppeticians took the blame for bad decisions and policy-errors done by monarch the oligarchy. Later, the satanic ritual called "democracy" was exported to all Zionist- or Bolshevik-Zionist-run dictatorships in the world. It is quite possible that the PUPPETICIAN PLANDEMIC killed at least 1 billion "useless eaters". By far the biggest criminal conspiracy in history is called "government" or "governance", and its two top purposes and aims are theft and genocide in accordance with the Talmud. Government is organized crime.


 The CENTRAL-BANKSTER PLANDEMIC was launched in 1694 in Britain (Bank of England), in 1913 in the USA (Federal Reserve), in 1800 in France ("Banque de France"), in 1876 in Germany ("die Deutsche Reichsbank"), in 1860 in Russia (State Bank), in 1922 in communist Russia ("Gosbank") etc. It is quite possible that the CENTRAL-BANKSTER PLANDEMIC killed at least 1 billion "useless eaters".

In the Central-Bankster Warfare-Model, the central-banksters design an empire-building war from which they are set to benefit. They deploy the wholly-fictional national "debt" to "justify" to the slaves that they "must" pay taxes to finance that empire-building war. When "Team Antichrist" and its "allies" are victorious, the vanquished nation also pays war "debts" and compound interest to "Team Antichrist", which grows richer and richer from war to war. Eventually, the cumulative effect of hundreds of empire-building wars is the Talmudic "new" world order, and an absolute worldwide tyranny under "Team Antichrist".


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