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May 8 - Teetering on the Brink of Nuclear War

May 8, 2024

The lamestream media is downplaying the danger. 

Scott Ritter says the Ukrainian army is disintegrating and NATO is panicking.  UK and France are talking about sending re-enforcements and missiles capable of hitting deep into Russia. Russia has said it will strike back with strategic nuclear weapons aimed at their capital cities! They conducted nuclear drills as a warning.

Scott Ritter Dire Warning: "Nuclear Crisis Imminent - Russia Prepares for Unthinkable in Ukraine"

Scott Ritter: Putin's inauguration began final stage of Russia's purge of malign Western influence  
"This time, it was different," former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter told Sputnik, commenting on Vladimir Putin's inauguration for a fifth term as Russia's president on Tuesday. 
"In his inauguration speech, Vladimir Putin made it clear that the security of Russia and the Russian people are his top priority. Why would he have to say this? Because as we speak, Russia finds itself under attack from many nations around the world - nations that seek the existential extermination of Russia, if not through violence, then through economic strangulation," Ritter said. 
Over Putin's tenure, Russia has gradually "purged" itself of these attitudes, Ritter said, with the conflict in Ukraine serving as a catalyst accelerating Russia's transformation, forcing elites and ordinary citizens alike to reconsider who they are and what defines them. 
Going forward, Ritter expects Putin's new term to "redefine Russia in the final stages of this transformation that it has been making continuously since 1999, a Russia that will for once and all purge the poison of Western malign influence out of its system, and create a pure Russian notion of what Russia is."


"Western liberal hegemony, which once thrived when people were still largely moral, could collapse by year's end, warns Hungarian PM"


RFK Jr. just destroyed last hope of mustering 'conservative' support in 2024 with a new disastrous declaration supporting gender reassignment and chemical castration for children with parental approval.

Enemies dredge up embarrassing testimony from 2012
RFK Jr. says a parasite ate part of his brain

Women account for 2/3rds of all injuries from the COVID Shots.
COVID-19 injections have systematically harmed women more than men.

The injuries are not just reproductive disorders but ALL disorders across the board are affecting women more than men, including cardiac injuries


G. Edward Griffin Explains Money Creation After Biden's Chief Economist Is Baffled By How Money Works

"The federal government and the taxpayers are the borrowers, while the Federal Reserve (the consortium of commercial banks that own and operate the Federal Reserve) creates the money that is loaned. The money does not exist prior to the loan. It is true that governments could create their own money and, thereby, avoid paying interest on it as they now do, but it also is true that those same governments, over time, have become subservient to the Federal Reserve, and it would be political suicide today for politicians to seriously try to cut the banks off of interest payments on money they do not even have. It's a scam, of course, but devious enough that most people, including Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Biden, do not understand it - and it is so outrageous that, if they did understand it, they likely would not believe it."

Fighting the Covid Crimes in Ontario: Situation Report
Michael Alexander JD and I update Vaccine Choice Canada members regarding the battle against the CPSO in defence of Ontarians' health, freedom and the rule of law.

The Red Symphony

Physician Who Witnessed Interrogation of Rakovsky During Trotskyite Trials, Lifted the Veil of the Global Crime Syndicate

"Rakovsky explained with great insight just how and why the international bankers were behind international communism -- and Leon Trotsky in particular. After Stalin ousted Trotsky, the bankers made moves to counter Stalinist communist nationalism. "Red Symphony" states that Jewish financiers were promoting "real" communism -- not Stalin's "Bonapartism."

The general tenor of Rakovsky's remarks is that usury capitalism and terroristic communism are both tools of the same forces and serving the same purpose and masters. To wit, the financier is just as international as the communist. Both, with the help of differing pretexts and differing means, struggle with the national bourgeois state and deny it. There is a clear similarity individually between communist-internationalists and financial-cosmopolitans; as a natural result, there is the same similarity between the communist-international and the financial-international.


The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) has suffered a significant loss following the sale of its stake in a San Francisco office complex. 

The pension fund sold its 45% share in the 1455 Market St. property to Hudson Pacific Properties (NYSE: HPP) for $43.5 million, a mere fraction of the $219 million it had invested in 2015.


New 911 video video at Pentagon reveals no plane

The first "video" they released you could pause the frame before the explosion and see the tip of a missile a bit off the ground, coming straight in..even if you want to say it's the nose of a plane that's pretty impressive for someone who isn't an experienced pilot. It took them over 6 years to release another "video" with one more frame that looks like someone photoshopped the background into something resembling a plane.


How Israel Supported Hamas Against the PLO


RFK Jr. Challenges Trump to Debate at Libertarian Party Convention, Criticizes His Presidential Record

 Both Kennedy and Trump are set to speak at the event, which has invited presidential candidates from various parties to discuss themes related to freedom and limited government. President Joe Biden has declined the invitation.

In a post on the X platform, Kennedy criticized Trump's presidential tenure, particularly highlighting issues such as the handling of COVID-19, economic management, and his failure to eliminate corruption within the government. Kennedy used polling data to challenge Trump, suggesting that both are viable contenders against each other and against President Biden, based on various polls including those by Zogby, CNN, and Quinnipiac, which show Kennedy above the 15% debate threshold.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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