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May 26 - Rothschilds Prepping WW3

May 26, 2024

Having failed to reach their depopulation quota with their toxic "vaccine," the Masonic Jewish world central bank is preparing for the third Masonic Jewish world war. You wouldn't know it if you depended on the MSM. 

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British PM wants mandatory conscription for all 18-years-old males. 

"Just in time for WW3?
How long before the rest of Europe and US follow suit?
This action has to happen if NATO plans on fighting in Ukraine as their current strength would allow them to defeat the Russians."
Estonia Says Goal Should Be Breakup Of The Russian Federation

The government of Estonia is "seriously" discussing the possibility of sending troops into western Ukraine to take over non-direct combat, "rear" roles from Ukrainian forces in order to free them up to fight on the front, though no decision is imminent, Tallinn's national security advisor to the president told Breaking Defense.


NATO 'preparing for war' with Russia - Orban

Hungary is reevaluating its role in NATO, as it has no intention to take part in actions that could involve member states in the Ukraine conflict and lead to a direct clash with Russia, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.


Lockheed Running Out Of Parking Space For F-35s Pentagon Refuses To Accept

Giving Ukraine Missiles to Shoot Into Russia Is a Declaration of War

"In a desperate attempt to stave off a humiliating defeat in Ukraine, "Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reportedly asked President Biden to greenlight Ukrainian missile strikes on targets deep inside Russia." The change in policy will have no material impact on the ongoing ground war in Ukraine, although it could trigger a response that would put NATO in direct conflict with Moscow. In short, Washington's looming defeat in Ukraine has compelled administration decision-makers to implement a strategy that could precipitate a Third World War."
Prediction- Barring unforseen black swan, or rigging, RFK Jr. will be next US President

Chaotic moment RFK Jr. accepts bid for Libertarian presidential nomination and shocking move could give him the votes to defeat Trump or Biden

Watch the speech that won them over! 
Mark Glenn- "The Jews-meaning the followers of Torah Judah-ism-have every intention of plunging the entire world in apocalyptic war as the precursor to them taking over the entirety of the Middle East, and not just some small sliver of it known as historical Palestine, but rather la enchillada grandissima, 'Greater Israel', from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers, just as Torah Judah-ism commands be done.

 To that end therefore, the following OpEd needs to be seen for what it is-the opening salvo of an operation in psychological preparation as took place prior to the destruction of other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and now, Gaza.

 For those who bother to read this important essay and to pay attention, it is clear what it is that the Pirates of Judea, the savage followers of Torah Judah-ism intend to do, which is to widen the present war in Gaza to include Egypt, as well as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc, etc, etc.

From UK dissident Parliament Member Andrew Bridgen, who has been denouncing the covid & vaccine scamming -
"Bridgen revealed that the big huge European / global war is already locked in by the higher powers, though the public announcement is delayed until July or August, either after or during the Paris summer Olympics
Bridgen indicates this explains the 'surprise shock' decision of UK Indian Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, to call a general election for 4 July, tho his Tories are expected to hugely lose
Sunak was apparently informed by his globalist bosses that the big war is on and cannot be stopped ... but Sunak decided he cannot stomach it, he does 'not want to be the wartime Prime Minister', so he and his billionaire wife are taking the exit

Paul Craig Roberts- The Murder of a Civilization

So what we have is anti-white, brainwashed, indoctrinated European governments organizing the replacement of European ethnicities in their own ethnic countries and the transformation of the countries into towers of babel.

Lena Petrova- China Sanctions U.S. Companies, House Bans CBDC, National Debt Hits $34.7 Amid Out of Control Deficit Spending

The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a bill banning the Federal Reserve from establishing a Central Bank Digital Currency:

- 213 Republicans in favor of the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act

- 3 Democrats voted for the bill  and 192 Democrats opposed it

Libertarians know Trump is a Fraud  (He is already rehearsing his Winston Churchill imitation for WW3) 


Ninety percent of all US munitions sent to Ukraine have been blocked by Russian jamming technology. Yesterday a billion dollars in US made drones and missiles failed to find it's targets.

"Pentagon running scared as techs at Boeing and Raytheon admit they have no countermeasures to stop the jamming. Now it appears even the vaunted F-16 may be vulnerable and their radar systems will no longer work against Russian-made surface to air missiles. This spells very bad news to US military as it is now feared that Russia may have already shared the tech with China, North Korea, and Iran. 
Considering how easy it has been for Chinese and Russian spies to access US defense secrets directly from private defense firms this should come as no surprise. The Russian KGB is no slouch when it comes to stealing US secrets.

The goyem die young

Grayson Murray dies at age 30, a day after withdrawing from Colonial, PGA Tour says
(While killing all life on earth, Satanists don't overlook the pets)

Vax bad for pets too

Latest analysis from Gerard Celente

An article in yesterday's Patch, said that the store was going lay off about 150 employees because 'the bank' REFUSES to give them $$$ to MAKE PAYROLL.

"At the rate that businesses (esp restaurants) are closing......there is going to be NOTHING LEFT!! Nothing but the 'APPROVED' businesses, of course!"
Et tu, Marine? Le Pen's betrayal of the AfD is a historic mistake that could destroy the European right
Le Pen's shocking betrayal of the AfD is a disaster for Germany and a disaster for Europe


Search Hundreds of Covid Vaccine Injury Stories
(Find others like YOU! Search by symptom, diagnosis, key word, name, location, etc)

from 2021- A lot of these sites have become inactive due to pressure

A whole new take on HISTORY: Author Christopher Bjerknes challenges everything you think you know about the history of our worldPlay Video

I haven't watched this yet.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes: EUROVISION KABBALAH Apocalyptic Spells Hidden in Plain Sight

The goyem die young.

Miscarriages Surge in Vaxxed Women, 'Millions' of Babies Lost

Disturbing data comes from new research that shows a drastic increase in the number of miscarriages among vaccinated women. According to the report, millions of babies have been lost, causing great concern among experts and the public.

The study, published on the Slay News portal, suggests that there is an alarming connection between the vaccination against COVID-19 and the increased number of miscarriages. Health experts are now facing questions about the safety and potential risks of the vaccine.
Anti-genocide demonstrators refuse lip service from the University of Toronto

U of T faculty association alarmed as school warns of termination for those who don't leave pro-Palestinian encampment before deadline

In a letter to its members late Friday, the faculty association executive said it's the first time, to their knowledge, that professors have faced such a public threat from the university administration when exercising what they described as their rights to academic freedom and free expression.

They said they are committed to protecting the rights of faculty and have been meeting with legal counsel on how to do so.

According to the trespass notice, students who fail to leave by Monday morning could be subject to discipline, including sanctions as severe as a five-year suspension or a recommendation of expulsion. It also said faculty, librarians and staff may be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including termination.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "May 26 - Rothschilds Prepping WW3"

Tony B said (May 26, 2024):

Everything the Rothschild "west" is mouthing about a greater attack on Russia is bullshit as Russia, even without China's cooperation, is in charge of everything military and everything moral in today's world. The satanic cabal is over but can't admit it in its pathetic desperation to save its sorry ass as the rest of the world now rejects its enslavement corruption and moves to their economic salvation, BRICS+.

Goodby to the Rothschild dollar, that hated satanism, it's way past time. Bring back an honest dollar strictly as the CASH of the United States instead of the Rothschild weapon of world enslavement.

Military operation in Ukraine
21 May, 06:30
Russian forces not to let Ukraine hold on to Nikolayev, Odessa, Kharkov — commander

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