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May 23 - Satanists Prepare Bird Flu Scam

May 23, 2024

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Vaccine stocks are surging as Satanists plan their next big scam.

Bird Flu Hysteria Takes Flight Amid WHO Power Grab & 2024 Election

Alex Newman- Is the bird flu an entryway for the World Health Organization pandemic power grab, the war on farmers, and the subversion of the 2024 election? Almost certainly.

As Newman explains, key "public health" figures have been threatening a deadly bird flu pandemic for years. Now, with talk of weaponized bird flu jumping to different species, humanity should be on alert for the next big push by the establishment to weaponize public health against liberty and sovereignty.

Vaccine Stocks Erupt After Bird Flu Cases Reported In US & Australia

Shares of vaccine companies surged on Wednesday following two reports of human bird flu infections, one in the US and another in Australia. The federal government is closely monitoring the rising risk of human-to-human transmission, which has yet to be seen. 

On Wednesday, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported a farmworker who had high exposure to infected livestock developed mild symptoms and has recovered. 

"The current health risk to the general public remains low," Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, Michigan's chief medical executive, said in a news release. "Bagdasarian continued, "We have not seen signs of sustained human-to-human transmission at this point. This is exactly how public health is meant to work, in early detection and monitoring of new and emerging

US Secretary of State today implied the pandemic treaty would not go forward next week, lacking consensus
But it may have been a dodge

Today: Representative Chris Smith (R, NJ) asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken whether he would submit the Pandemic Treaty (actually there are 2 treaties, the IHR amendments and the Pandemic Agreement) to the Senate for ratification. Weasel Antony Blinken did a double dodge on the question. That is how you know he is a practiced weasel. Not wanting to answer the question, he didn't.

GOP Bill Seeks to Extend U.S. Govt Servicemembers Benefits to U.S. Citizens Serving in the IDF


GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Extend Taxpayer Benefits To Americans Serving In The Israeli Defense Forces

By month's end, WHO seeks to pass Orwellian pandemic treaty to implement algorithmic surveillance and control systems worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) body of experts are set to convene in Geneva, Switzerland, at their 77th World Health Assembly from May 27 to June 1, 2024. At the assembly, WHO's member countries will cast their votes on the final version of the agency's "pandemic agreement."

This agreement will give the beleaguered agency more power over sovereign nations, including the power to order targeted lockdowns and mitigation measures. 

Time is of the essence. Please take action immediately. Send this information to your government representatives and encourage them to sign Representative Chris Smith's letter to Tedros Ghebreyesus.

Congressman Chris Smith is the ranking member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and also the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.

Led by U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, this initiative calls on elected officials worldwide to demand the World Health Organization (WHO) either cancel or delay the Pandemic Agreement and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).


Dr. Robert Malone reacts to Klaus Schwab's resignation: 'Resistance is not futile'
Resistance has begun, which is what makes the World Economic Forum so scared and defensive. They will try to become a behind-the-scenes power player once again after Schwab's rule has ended. It is our job to not let that happen.

The Malone Institute put together a list of all the WEF Young Leaders Graduates and a list of U.S. politicians who are graduates of the five-year long young leaders program, which can be found here.

Without Schwab at the helm, it will be harder to hold the WEF accountable for its corporatist agenda, that is, a corporate governance of world affairs driven by its globalist mindset.


Mark Trozzi MD- Trauma-Based Mind Control and Organized Ritual Abuse

Dr Tess Lawrie and I hosted this World Council For Health exploration with victims and experts.

For decades satanic abuse of children has been carried out by networks. Many of these networks include person's holding high offices in governments, religions, and other institutions. The satanic techniques of ritual abuse and mind control revealed in these extreme situations, are now being used in subtler forms against children and adults of all ages.

the plan as simple as this.png
Lavrov - Russia does not trust NATO - No partnerships for a generation

Illinois to Mandate "Climate" Brainwashing at School

If signed, schools would be required to teach children that human activities are causing global warming, along with supposed "solutions" to this alleged crisis.

Saudi Arabia is no friend of Palestine

US, Saudi Arabia discuss emerging security deal said to include Israel normalization

Riyadh state media says US national security adviser and Saudi crown prince held talks on 'semi-final version of draft,' end to Gaza war, setting up Palestinian state

CC Prosecutor Khan on application for arrest warrants in the situation in the State of Palestine

BREAKING - Sweden announced new huge military aid package for Ukraine worth $7 billion

If the US would spend as much in relation to its GDP, it would amount to a military aid package worth $335 billion.

Russ Winter

Giuseppe Mazzini: Grand Magician of Divide-and-Conquer, Co-Opted Nationalism

Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872). Mazzini was a 33rd Degree Freemason, a British Intelligence agent, a revolutionary terrorist and founder of Young Europe and Young Italy, a network of revolutionary groups designed to cause chaos around the world, which eventually grew to include Young America, Young Russia, Young Bosnia, Young Turks and B'nai B'rith.

ICC prosecutor barred from entering US? These are the sanctions being advanced by Congress

US lawmakers are in talks to fast-track bipartisan legislation that could also impact the families of those involved in the ICC arrest warrant case against Netanyahu and Gallant       


Germany would abide by Netanyahu arrest warrant
Berlin has confirmed it would follow International Criminal Court rulings over alleged war crimes in Gaza


Martin Armstrong-The Migrant Crisis is How Rome Fell - Its Our turn this time
Merrick Garland, Attorney General, is truly a national disgrace.

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a suit against Oklahoma today over a state law that seeks to impose criminal penalties on those living in the state illegally. The law makes illegal aliens subject to two years in prison for living in the state without legal immigration status


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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