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Brad Salzberg - Threats Against Trudeau Liberals Skyrocket

May 31, 2024

Liberal MP Dzerowicz took the vandalism of her office as a threat and  contacted police. "Toronto will burn," is a threat, she said.

Liberal MP Pam Damoff continues to complain about being harassed by constituents. Three recent articles from Canada's National Post speak of a rapid rise in cases of Member of Parliament intimidation, particularly toward representatives from our current Liberal government.

 Never does the press consider the reason: a visceral hatred of the Communist prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, matched only by the hatred felt for his faux father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

By Brad Salzberg

Why omit the obvious? To say that this polarizing political figure has overstayed his welcome is a pathetic joke. Trudeau and his woke regurgitations are so long-in-the-tooth they make a T-Rex's overbite look mild in comparison.

In this regard, the PM maintains a steady discourse:

During a 24-minute interview released by a French-language broadcaster, Trudeau stated that he:  "could not be the man I am and abandon the fight at this point."

And what kind of "man" is that, Mr. Trudeau? The kind who is willing to put the health and safety of 155 Liberal MPs at risk? The type of people-kind who places globalist ideologically above economic health of our nation?

May 29th, 2024: "MPs have been told to follow a 'locked door' policy and welcome constituents only by appointment as threats and harassment of parliamentarians are skyrocketing."

And still, the "altruistic one" remains. The selfishness inherent in Justin Trudeau's character knows no bounds. Yes, he believes that he has a mission to fulfill. But what happens when a year of polling is laced with feedback indicating that voters no longer want him in Canada's political driver's seat?

He remains regardless, as propped up by Communist New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, left, facilitated by their whopping 7% of seat capture in the House of Commons.

What does it take to remove the woke canker sore from our political arena? Will it take a "hyper-egregious" attack on an MP to motivate Trudeau to relegate his prime ministership to the past?

It all seems so incredibly selfish, and in truth, even Liberal MP's are sick of this situation.

"Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz's Davenport constituency office in Toronto was vandalized early Tuesday morning. Dzerowicz said she took the vandalism as a threat and has contacted Toronto police."

"Toronto will burn is a threat," she said.

Not a single mainstream journalist in Canada has juxtaposed this with Trudeau's "sunny ways" proclamation in the nascent years of forming a Liberal government.

"From Sunny Ways to Toronto Will Burn"-- the Justin Trudeau Story. With media under-the-thumb of government, it will be a burning hot winter's day in Nunavut when this headline hits the printing press.

It's all so very sad, as Canada continues its journey from freedom and democracy to neo-authoritarian national status.

"We do not sign up for our families to be threatened, for people to protest in front of our personal houses. We don't sign up for our staff to feel unsafe and to not be able to do their jobs."

And who, according to government and media, shall be held responsible for our nation's journey from relative peace and harmony to an embittered, conflict-infused society? Dollars to Tim Horton's donuts responsibility will fall to the "usual suspects"-- average Canadian citizens.

Fidelito meets his real father at his faux father's funeral. A mother's face doesn't lie. He's a Communist like both his fathers.

Within Trudeau's post-modern society, here's how the powers-that-be roll:

First, cultivation of social chaos. Next, blaming citizens for that chaos. Then-- and likely most important of all-- justification for government to crack down on the general public, as exemplified during the Trucker's Convoy to Ottawa in early 2023.

What's the plan, Stan? To push the public so far that a terrible crime is committed, thereby justifying implementation of martial law? Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] wouldn't put past the Feds for all the farms in Cuba.

Yes-- this is how much Trudeau wants to see through the fulfillment of Canada's transition to a socialist state. A fanatic at heart, the man stands at the epicentre of a post-modern form of social revolution.

No surprise in that-- it merely "runs in the blood."

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