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Patrick O'Carroll - Hitler was a Mind-Controlled Zionist Puppet

April 11, 2024


 As an "Illuminati Programmed Multiple", Adolf Hitler
was programmed and controlled by British intelligence
who have always been a Rothschild play thing.

by Patrick O'Carroll 
In 1913, Hitler showed no signs whatsoever of what he later became. During this period of his life, he associated almost exclusively with Jews. 

Hitler's business-partners at this time were two Jews: Samuel Morgenstern and Jakob Altenberg. His friends were all Jews: Josef Neumann (copper cleaner), Simon Robinson (lender), Siegfried Löffner (roommate), and Reinhard Hanisch (migrant worker and businessman). With such a plethora of Jewish friends and associates, it would be plausible or consistent that Hitler would have also enjoyed the company of other Jewish associates such as "Trotsky" and Freud, who were both Jews, and such as "Stalin", who was part-Jewish.

 But Jakob Altenberg, who knew Hitler his Vienna era, said he had never heard Adolf Hitler utter a single anti-Jewish remark. And that totally contradicts what Hitler's ghostwritten book "Mein Kampf" says about Hitler's Vienna epoch; it makes out that Hitler "hated Jews in his Vienna days". In 1937, Hitler told Peter Jahn, the official NSDAP historian, that his business-partner and friend Samuel Morgenstern had been his "financial savior".

All these facts demonstrate that we are being misled about Adolf Hitler's real life, not least in Vienna. For very obvious reasons, we are still being fed yet another false narrative to support a faked "official truth".

 Later, when he became Germany's Führer, Hitler's chauffeur Emil Maurice, his cook Constanze Manziarly, and his attorney Hans Frank were all part-Jewish; because the original Adolf Hitler, i.e. the original front personality who was NOT under "Illuminati" mind-control, could not help but just LOVE Jewish people.

In April 2024, Fritz Springmeier stated:

"After sifting through historical records, evaluating Adolf Hitler's handwriting, and interviewing several disenchanted members of the 'Illuminati', I concluded that Hitler's grandmother (Maria Anna Schicklgruber) had been impregnated by a Jewish member of the 'Illuminati'. It is also noteworthy that Adolf's favorite sibling was his older half-sister Angela Hitler (1883-1949), who was the curator of Jewish Museum in Vienna in the years immediately following WW1.

"Both Adolf Hitler and his father Alois were heavily traumatized. Already as a child, Adolf Hitler was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, today called Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD/DID). Adolf Hitler's mind-control also explains his photographic memory, or talent for exact detail, since mind-control programmers have long known how to enhance human memory by using brain-stem scarring and other techniques. There has been a campaign to hide all this.

"From my circumstantial evidence, the leading or fundamental mind-control programmers of Adolf Hitler were members of British Intelligence. But I have also wondered about another scenario, namely that the 'Illuminati' may have also used Vienna as a major center for programming Hitler, although my knowledge of mind-control on the Continent back then is very slim. Nonetheless, the main point here is that it is certain that the 'Illuminati' mind-controlled Adolf Hitler to serve them as a Programmed Multiple".

Hitler went to Britain in 1912, where a top-notch British programmer, obviously connected to the "Illuminati", placed him into his mind-control programming. This programming would later be exploited to control Hitler after WW1. This programming built upon the fact that Hitler's mind had already been shattered during his childhood, as shown by his MPD/DID disorder. A handler or a minor lower-level auxiliary programmer can activate each separate alternative personality (called an "alter") using special code-words, along with other triggers. Special phrases can be used to trigger certain actions

 As an "Illuminati Programmed Multiple", Adolf Hitler had handlers, such as Martin Bormann, who accompanied him almost everywhere he went. Bankster Max Warburg, who departed Germany in 1938, also appears to have been a handler of Hitler's. British Intelligence (MI6) operates under the aegis of the "Illuminati", and that explains why MI6 leadership is permanently staffed by notably "Illuminati" names such as Sinclair or Rothschild. The "Illuminati" had ultimate control over Hitler's programming. For various reasons, the outcome of WW2 was a foregone conclusion before the war. Sadly, the "Illuminati" plan was, and still is, the destruction of Germany and of Christian Civilization.

The "Illuminati" are a cosmopolitan, international Luciferian secret society. Hitler's MPD/DID and his mind-control were created and carried out by this international group which has lots of control-centers in Britain. The evidence points to Britain as the geographic location of Adolf Hitler's top programmers, but it is crucial to realize that the programming was not done for the benefit of a British, but rather an occult "Illuminati" agenda. Hitler's trip to Britain may well have been facilitated by his older half-brother Alois, who in 1912 lived with his wife Bridget Hitler (née Dowling from Dublin) at 102 Upper Stanhope Street, Liverpool L8 1UL, England.

It is also likely that Hitler's right-hand-man, Rudolf Hess, was another "Illuminati Programmed Multiple". Hess played a key role in the creation of "Mein Kampf" and he flew to Scotland on a strange peace mission on 10 May 1941.

In the structure of "Team Antichrist", both MI6 and the CIA outrank Mossad, so it is highly likely that MI6 and the CIA warned Mossad not to abduct their Zionist Agent Adolf Hitler, to whom they were very grateful for smashing Germany on their behalf, but to focus instead on the low-ranking Adolf Eichmann, who was the "Real-Life Schindler" and whom the Zionists hanged in 1962 for coming to within inches of saving 1.5 million Jews from Occupied Europe only to have his heroic efforts foiled by the combined forces of the Zionists of Budapest, Constantinople, and Cairo.


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Comments for "Patrick O'Carroll - Hitler was a Mind-Controlled Zionist Puppet "

LT said (April 12, 2024):

Hitler Stalin Trotsky Lenin and Tito all met in one of the most expensive cafés in Vienna, which was the cafe central located at the main station in Vienna.

All of these men were bankrolled by the Rothschild bankers through their puppets known as the British secret service. These plotters of the first and second world wars probably did not sleep in doss houses because that evidence could easily be forged.

Nobody would have taken any notice of them as they were wearing ordinary clothes and they would be very careful not to be overheard and would have had British secret service undercover agents watching their backs.

Hitler did escape from the bunker in operation JB (operation James Bond) compliments of Ian Fleming British secret service MI6 agent. A fake drainage tunnel under the bunker led to the wansee river where special forces Royal marines in kayaks ferried Hitler and Eva Braun to a large Fokker sea plane which was painted in sky blue with Swedish markings.

Sweden was chosen as it was neutral and all combatants were notified not to shoot down the plane as it was supposed to be evacuating Swedish nationals. As most of you probably know the Satanists always create several false stories to confuse, so it's possible that they may have been flown out to Spain and from there flown to Argentina, it's possible the sea plane story is a red herring as it's possible it was a large six engined aircraft and it could have landed on a small island owned by a wealthy German where a mobile browser containing paraffin was there for refuelling.

Once refuelled the aircraft could fly all the way to Argentina where the nazi scientists built a nuclear reactor in order to make atomic bombs. Hitler at this time stayed in a Hotel where everyone called him the old German even though he had shaved off his moustache.

He then went to a German commune called Colognia dignadat I think this is spelt incorrectly and possibly man's dignified colony.

Hitler had to leave as Israel now had a state and mossad agents captured Eichmann so Hitler had to go on the run and had a black girlfriend as another diversion he is supposed to have reached an old age possibly in the nineties. Don't forget he was a drinker of babies blood so it could well be true. There used to be a free program on YouTube called hunting Hitler you have to pay for it now, I saw an episode where the investigators
met Martin Bormanns wife and his son

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