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Mike Stone - Our Institutions are Boondoggles

April 13, 2024


Our institutions -- government, education, military, science and medicine 
are all boondoggles designed to enrich their stakeholders rather than 
serve the tax paying public. The MSM applies lipstick to this pig. 
This is why they have no trouble betraying us.

"Our enemies proudly and publicly subvert the country and nobody cares. 
While the enemy is rewarded and the country goes down in flames, 
Americans sit like drooling retards watching television, jerking off to pornography, 
and playing with their phones."

by Mike Stone

Have you ever considered that our most trusted institutions today were created not to solve problems, but to worsen them? 

Take our education system. If it were properly managed, children could complete their entire education - the equivalent of four years of college - by the age of thirteen.

Look at an eighth grade graduation test from 1912:

These questions are tougher than the questions that college seniors are asked to solve today. It's proof that people have gotten not only dumber over the last one hundred years, but significantly dumber.

Did such mental deterioration happen by accident? Incompetence? Or was it deliberate?

Suppose our education system actually did its job and educated children like it used to. Doing so would put thousands of school teachers, school administrators, school counsellors, and school nurses out of work, not to mention the writers and publishers of textbooks and other school materials.

Maybe our education system is not meant to educate kids but to maintain a lucrative revenue stream for so many people.
Education is a boondoggle.

Could the same be said of our vast military industrial complex? Are all of the wars, military police actions, and provocations our country has engaged in for the last 150 years, done not in the name of security or democracy, but rather to continue funding "defense" contractors?


The Rule of Opposites states that the truth in any given situation is the exact opposite of whatever the mainstream media is reporting.

The Rule of Opposites has proven itself to be 100% accurate. Might it also apply to the organizations we put our trust in? Might it apply to all organizations?

If so, then no clearer example exists than the medical establishment. Look at all of those doctors and nurses who swear an oath not to do harm and then turn around do more harm than anyone. And let's not leave out all of the administrators, drug manufacturers, and "health" insurance professionals who keep the ball rolling, and profit immensely by doing so.

Did you know that the very people who gave us the fake vaccine are now developing additional "vaccines" to combat the harm that their fake vaccine caused? 

Isn't that special?  Of course, what's even more mind-boggling is the vast number of people who continue to schedule appointments for checkups, "treatment," and surgery with the same doctors and nurses who just spent three years doing everything they could to poison and kill them. 

Imagine that. Someone spends three years trying to poison and kill you, and back you go, check book in hand, to get poisoned all over again, and to pay for the poisoner's new chocolate brown Mercedes in the process.

Going back to those eighth graders from 1912, something tells me they weren't that stupid. I think if someone tried to poison THEM, they would have told the doctor where to go. Not only that, but their pa would have paid a visit to that doctor, shotgun in hand. In fact, any doctor who tried to poison and kill children in 1912 would have gotten the Leo Frank treatment.

Not so today. Doctors who poison and kill children are rewarded handsomely. They're praised and glorified all over the Fake News media, which then prompts braindead parents to drag their screaming children into the offices of those same doctors and hand them over to be poisoned and killed. How times have changed.

Perhaps that is why our education system was turned upside down - to pave the way for the mass poisoning of society. Bright and alert Americans in 1912 would not have stood for it. But today's dumbed-down masses eagerly accept their poisoning. A poisoning that's not just physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual.


The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. It was the first major step in the Communist overthrow of the country. Because people back then were smart, the subversion had to be done in secret. The criminals were forced to conspire quietly on Jekyll Island, out of the public eye. 

Today there's no need for any of that. Our enemies proudly and publicly subvert the country and nobody cares. While the enemy is rewarded and the country goes down in flames, Americans sit like drooling retards watching television, jerking off to pornography, and playing with their phones.

The Rule of Opposites is right once again.

Mike Stone is the author of the new book 101 Reasons Why You Might Have a Low IQ and Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: 

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Our Institutions are Boondoggles "

Bob said (April 14, 2024):

No difference between people then and now..The Federal Reserve act was passed the same way everything else is done..Bribery,blackmail. threats. You can buy almost everybody with Money

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