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Mike Stone -- Solar Eclipse; What is the Deep State Planning?

April 3, 2024


"The April 8 solar eclipse would be the perfect time 
for the Deep State to launch their fake alien invasion. 
They've been holding that one back for a long, long time. 
Only I don't think they have the resources to do it anymore."

by Mike Stone

Some of you have heard the news, or rather the rumors, that the Deep State has something diabolical planned to take place on April 8, the day of the solar eclipse.

Others are predicting a massive, Harp-induced earthquake to hit Los Angeles on June 6. An earthquake of such magnitude it will level the city and be felt all across the country.

Do you believe either of those scenarios?

To me, they are reminiscent of Y2K. Remember that? It was a widely hyped predicted disaster that was supposed to end society as we know it. And then . . . Nothing happened. It was the biggest nothing burger of all time.

What Does the Governor of Indiana Know that We Don't?

It might interest you to know that Indiana governor Eric Holcomb has declared a state of emergency ahead of April 8.

The ostensible reason? An influx of sight seers? (Indiana is a prime location for viewing the eclipse.)

What Does Donald Trump Know that We Don't?

Donald Trump tweeted out a meme of himself "eclipsing" Barack Obama. That's strange. Why isn't it him eclipsing the fake Joe Biden? What does Trump know that we don't?

As one astute researcher has pointed out, the eclipse trajectory will pass seven cities named Nineveh, one city named Jonah, one city named Rapture, and one city named Ark. That's downright Biblical.

The solar eclipse would be the perfect time for the Deep State to launch their fake alien invasion. They've been holding that one back for a long, long time. Only I don't think they have the resources to do it anymore.

My advice is to stay home that day, if possible. Certainly to avoid any of the hype you'll see in the media. And there will be hype. Personally, I can't think of anything more boring than a solar eclipse. But some people are so bored they have nothing better to do.

The hype for the June 6 earthquake is more interesting. The numerical date for that is 6/6/24, which translates to 6/6/2 + 4 or 666.

What Does Airbnb Know that We Don't?

Airbnb just announced a new Major Disruptive Events Policy, scheduled to take effect on . . . June 6. That's rather unusual timing, don't you think? What do they know that we don't?

If the city of Los Angeles is levelled, I'll probably go down with it. But so will a lot of Deep Staters imbedded within the entertainment industry. Will they go down too? Or will they get the "call," like so many did before 9/11, advising them not to go to the Twin Towers that day?

Like preparing for the eclipse, my advice is to stay home that day. It also won't hurt to stock up a little on food and water, just in case. I don't expect anything catastrophic to happen on either April 8 or June 6, but I could be wrong. A lot of desperate people can see the writing on the wall: a landslide win by Trump in November. And desperate people will resort to desperate measures.

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And also the novel A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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