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April 20 -- Swab Has Spawned a Conservative Backlash

April 30, 2024

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In case you haven't noticed, a massive conservative reaction is developing in the West, and it will only increase as the consequences of the satanist bankers' malevolent policies become evident to more people.

Talk about unintended consequences!
Did the Masonic Jewish bankers make a fatal error by taking off their masks and revealing their intention to dispossess, enslave and depopulate humanity?

Or did they always intend to flip the narrative?   Is the plan now to regain trust by electing Trump who will lead the goyim into the Third Judeo Masonic World War?

PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH: The First Bank Failure of 2024 Leaves a 1-Cent Stock for Investors and $667 Million in Losses for the FDIC

Quietly on Friday, the FDIC announced the first federally-insured bank failure of 2024, the publicly-traded Republic First Bancorp (ticker FRBK) which did business as Republic Bank. In an unsettling sign of the times, this federally-insured bank was trading at 1-cent on Friday; down from 27-1/2 cents last September when we first reported on its dire condition. Do Americans really want to see a bank that's holding their life savings to be trading as a penny stock?
--Cardiologists confirm COVID shots caused 29 yr old's heart attack


prayer-he-him.jpgHamas considers Israeli offer - 40 day ceasefire, release of prisoners in exchange for hostages

But so far, there has been little sign of agreement on the most fundamental difference between the two sides, the Hamas demand that any deal must ensure a withdrawal of troops and a permanent end to the Israeli operation in Gaza.

"We can't tell our people the occupation will stay or the fight will resume after Israel regains its prisoners," said a Palestinian official from a group allied with Hamas. "Our people want this aggression to end."

For Netanyahu, any move is likely to be affected by divisions in his own cabinet between ministers pressing to bring home at least some of the 133 Israeli hostages left in Gaza, and hardliners insisting on the long-promised assault on remaining Hamas formations in the southern city of Rafah.

An incursion into Rafah will happen "with a deal or without a deal", Netanyahu said on Tuesday, adding that ending the war before reaching its objectives was "out of the question."


lalita.jpegBrother Nathaniel promotes white resistance

The Jew, instead, who fears a White Collective, ensnares the individualistic White man in useless struggles.

Whites have the numbers, have the right religion, have the will, creativity, and youth to enforce its collective power to put down the Jew.

White youth! Get married! Marry your own race! Have White children!

Raise them in The Historic (not Baptist) Church! Create and enforce a White Collective!

The value of a "White Christian Racial Collective"--which stands as the driving force behind this new image of Western Society--has not yet become a living consciousness.

Awakening a "White Chrisitan Racial Collective" consciousness so as to recognize its highest value, and under its dominance, to conquer the pernicious Jewish spirit poisoning our world, this is the task of our century.

Zog is Treason

Our so called leaders are double agents working for the enemy of all mankind.
Genocide is their religion, going back thousands of years. Today its Palestinians, tommorrow its ME AND YOU.


branco-where-outrage.jpgGlobal Digital Gulag Imminent, Brought to You by UN & Bill Gates - Alex on Glenn Beck
Through the eradication of cash, privacy, and liberty, globalists are plotting the beginning of the end, but there is hope, and you can help stop it. Alex Newman and Glenn Beck share how.

Alex makes the heavily-documented case that the U.N. and Bill Gates are building "a giant digital gulag for humanity" to assert digital control from the top down using tools like central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and digital IDs to not only monitor what you do but to manipulate it. Sweden already has thousands of people "with microchips in their hands," Newman shared


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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