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April 20 - Bid'en Time...

April 20, 2024

(A reminder that people are beautiful and life is a miracle.

Iran and Israel are downplaying the recent exchange of missiles 
while at the same time Israel is continuing its genocide in Gaza. 
Too bad Iran can't step up like the Houthis have. Maybe they are playing for time
to complete their nuclear defences.


Iran says 'no external aggression' following mysterious drone attack
The incident was reported by western media as an Israeli attack on the Islamic Republic

Iranian officials said military and nuclear facilities were safe and that there was no damage. 

"The sound was related to Isfahan's air defense systems firing at suspicious objects and we have not had any damage or accident," said Iranian army commander Siavash Mihandoust. 

Hot air

Erdogan accuses Israel of surpassing Hitler in committing crimes - media
The Turkish leader reportedly said the Jewish state has killed 14,000 children in Gaza 

 Norman Finkelstein: "Israel Is a Lunatic State. Certifiably crazy."

Mr Finkelstein discusses the Sampson option.

GAME ON! Former MI Senator Files Perjury Criminal Complaint Against Dominion Voting Machines CEO
 Patrick Colbeck dared to question the integrity of the voting machines in 2020, which most Americans have trusted since they were first used in Michigan elections, he has become the target of Democrats and their allies in the leftist media. Patrick is also the author of "The 2020 Coup--What Happened and What We Can Do."

An Unwelcome Milestone--I have been locked out of my laboratory and office for 1,000 days  by DR. BYRAM W. BRIDLE

"Today represents a horrible milestone. One that I would never wish upon any of my colleagues, including those who have most brutally and incessantly harassed and defamed me in social media because I dared speak truths at a time when it was deemed inconvenient. It has been precisely 1,000 days since the administration of my employer, the University of Guelph, locked me out of my office and laboratory.

Many of my colleagues seem to think that it was somehow my job to unquestioningly sell COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of big pharma. That is not my job. In fact, as a non-clinician, it would be wrong for me to do so. My job is to help people understand the complex science underpinning technologies like vaccines so they can make the most informed decisions possible for themselves and their dependents. I am NOT a salesman for pharmaceutical companies.

Pepe Escobar--How Iran's 'strategic Patience' Switched to Serious Deterrence

Were the biblical psychopaths to engage in a real Hot War against Iran, there's no chance in hell Tel Aviv can intercept hundreds of Iranian missiles - the state-of-the-art ones excluded from the current show - without an early warning mechanism spread over several days. Without the Pentagon's umbrella of weaponry and funds, Israeli defense is unsustainable.

Encore  - Recent Makow Interview  --  I covered my main assertions.

From a reader-CJB/WW3 vindicated

CJ Bjerknes' recent batch of WW3-themed videos had already been completely supported by other evidence elsewhere: - this taken-down website can still be found on the Wayback Machine (but for how long?):*/

(be patient: it may take a while to retrieve the page)

Scroll down to the WW3 section and study it carefully. The essence of CJB's recent videos, incl. statements by rabbis Mizrachi and Kessen, are confirmed (all the more so since many or most of the primary and secondary sources are by and large not found in the CJB videos, yet they all say the same thing). Go through it all and make up your own mind."



Carlson told Rogan, "Members of Congress are terrified of the intel agencies. I'm not guessing at that. They've told me that, including people who run the intel committee."

John Eastman, a former attorney for President Trump, unexpectedly and abruptly had his accounts terminated at both Bank of America and USAA. Daily Caller confirmed:

Bank of America alerted Eastman in September of 2023 that it would be closing his accounts, a letter obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

Shortly thereafter, USAA notified Eastman in November that his two bank accounts with the company would be closed, a separate letter show

VIDEO - CHD - Unvaxxed husband (Clarence "Clay" Visser) killed by hospital protocols (Mar.2024)

Response--"I pleaded with family and friends to get a 65 year old male out of hospital.. I told them if you leave him there they will kill him.. they laughed in my face as if I was crazy. Within a week he was dead.. this was in Haverfordwest hospital in Wales uk.. its happening in every hospital worldwide, they have all been corrupted from top to bottom. Governments, politicians, doctors, scientists, police judiciary worldwide have all been bought off and corrupted, to follow the same narrative and agenda. The main people are all those who attend Davos. The World Economic Forum/ The World Health Organization, Blackrock, Vanguard, Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Scwarb, The Rothschilds, Th Rockerfellers and the rest.. All these people want you dead."


Students fight escalating repression on US campuses

Columbia University, MIT, Harvard and UPenn administrations attempt - and fail - to quash student activism against Israel's genocide.


JEW RED HEIFER-monday.jpg
Justin Trudeau gets swarmed by furious mob in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Mike Whitney-- Here's Why Israel Will Lose a Shootout with Iran
  By successfully attacking Israeli air bases which had the benefit of the full range of US anti-ballistic missile technology, Iran exposed the vulnerability of the US missile defense shield to modern missile technologies involving maneuverable warheads, decoys, and hypersonic speed. US bases in Europe, the Pacific and the Middle East once thought to be well-protected, have suddenly been revealed to be vulnerable to hostile attack. So, too, are US Navy ships operating at sea
  Radio Islam- Revisionist History archive
  In this week's episode of Breaking History, Col. Towner Watkins returns to shed more light on the structure of the complex deep state in Turkey, the enigma of President Erdogan, the role of operation Gladio in Turkey, and especially the insidious figure of cult-leader Fetullah Gulen and the western-directed Islamic terror cells dubbed 'The Grey Wolves'.
(War is another boondoggle like COVID "Vaccines")

Baltimore Bridge Collision Implicates CDC-NIH In Dumping COVID Trash Overseas  By Yoichi Shimatsu

"The ship's suspicious post-midnight departure was indicative of a criminal attempt to slip out of Baltimore harbor undetected, hardly a normal daytime departure for a cargo vessel. Indeed, the suspect payload was medical waste from the CDC-NIH in 15 long containers, also 57 other steel boxes of hazardous materials, in a criminal act of state-sponsored smuggling of lethal infectious materials for secret delivery to some unfortunate foreign shore or, perhaps, down to Davy Jone's locker on the sea floor. This scandalous midnight mission is now a highest-level official cover-up. Here, we begin the task of clawing out the hard facts and deciphering the hidden intent of the criminal Biden regime.

"The sole port of call for the Dali container vessel was to be the island nation of Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean southeast of the southern tip of India. Due to recent (2018) court cases by a Sri Lankan magistrate against toxic waste dumping by Chinese and British vessels, it would seem highly unlikely that these 15 NIH-CDC containers, plus 57 other hazardous waste cargoes, could even have gotten past Sri Lankan port inspectors and off-loaded at the new Port of Colombo. This legal obstacle means that Biden and the NIH-CDC cabal were involved in a highly secretive mission to scuttle those toxic container, and possibly the vessel itself with and 40-member crew on the high seas - in a plot involving mass murder. The mysterious ship owner may have been involved in this conspiracy of marine contamination for insurance purposes.(NIH is the National Institutes of Health and CDC the Center for Disease Control.)

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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