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April 14 - Did Iran Stand Down?

April 14, 2024

Iran tells Israel it is a Paper Tiger

Israel claims it shot down all of the Iranian drones and missiles. 

Did Iran not anticipate this?
It seems this was just a token response. Did Iran coolly refuse to take Satanyahu's bait? 
They told the US their response would be "limited"  and Biden told Bibi the US would not back 
Israeli retaliation.  

A few lights in the night sky and the Iranians said they were done! 
Not so fast, said Satanyahu who will continue to goad them into a larger war. 

Is Iran the laughing stock of the whole world or was their restraint justified? 

However, it seems missiles did serious damage to an airbase in the Negev. 

"Israel has confirmed that 7 ballistic missiles hit an Israeli Air Force base in the Negev desert.

The IRGC reported that they struck the airbase from which the plane that attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus took off.

Israel's Channel 12 reported that Israel would retaliate "immediately" and a senior IDF official promised an "unprecedented response" to the Iranian attack."

The airbase is called Ramon and was indeed hit by ballistic missiles. The drones were just a diversionary part of the event, let them shoot at cheap drones with expensive missiles."


World wars are between two branches of Jewish Freemasonry  - Communist and Zionist  

The real object is to destroy civilization and concentrate power in their hands. They work in tandem. 

So I urge people on both sides of this conflict to step back and realize that WE are the targets. Don't identify with one side or another. Israelis need to stop referring to the enemy as "terrorists" when their own atrocities dwarf Hamas' many times over. 

Snap out of it Israelis and Muslims and realize this war is contrived to kill you! Same applies to Ukrainians and Russians, and soon NATO and Russians and Chinese?

Israelis are a bunch of horse thieves with a really great PR department. But Israel is a fait accompli, so I advocate the two-state solution. I believe both states would flourish.

This is not a sports match. Insterad of taking sides and cheering like idiots, consider the war is against YOU!

Israeli says they and Palestinians can live in peace

"I have nothing to say to Netanyahu. He cares nothing about Israelis"

Most Israelis are congenital liars. Hostages were treated humanely by Hamas.

F**K Donald Trump

"The main leader and face of the American Christian Evangelical Zionism movement today is undoubtedly Donald Trump, and he has already publicly stated that he wants a federal "death penalty" imposed for "antisemitism."

Evangelicals Praying for Armageddon & Death Penalty for Antisemites

It accurately exposes how massive amounts of money in Evangelical Christianity define and support Zionism politically.

No Republican politician can ever lead the United States without being part of this Evangelical Christian Zionism movement, and wholeheartedly agreeing with it and the Zionist (mis)interpretation of the Bible."

UNWRA is indispensable  to Palestinians. That's why Israel wants it dead.


Oct 7 took place with the complicity of Israel. False flags are the essence of their strategy. See Pearl Harbor, 9-11, USS Liberty etc. 

Israel Ex Shin Bet Chgief blamed Netanyahu for Oct 7

Australia Bins 35% of Multi-Billion Dollar Covid Vaccine Supply With Another 15% Set to Expire Soon

As part of its pandemic response, the Australian government purchased 267.3 million doses of Covid vaccines, enough to vaccinate Australia's population of approximately 26 million people ten times over. But figures released to Dystopian Down Under by the Department of Health (DOH) this week confirm that, three years into the vaccine programme, only 70 million doses, or 26% of the 267.3 million doses purchased, have been administered, while 35% of vaccines doses have been wasted since the start of the vaccine rollout.


Israeli propaganda site humanizes homocidal maniacs. Interviews attractive young Israelis. Notice the smugness and conviction that their cause is right. Jewish sickness is Asberger's, the inability to consider anyone but themselves. YOU STOLE PALESTINE! YOU ARE HORSE THIEVES. At least share the spoils with your victims!


Reader- "Under normal circumstances French troops in Ukraine is the same as a decleration of war against Russia.
Seems that the Macaroni is hell bent on escalating the conflict into WW3. Will be difficult for Putin to handle this?"
French Military Deployed In Slavyansk, Donetsk People's Republic - Report
The first reports from Ukrainian frontlines confirmed deployment of the French military in the Donbass. The first unit of the French Foreign Legion reportedly arrived in the area of the city of Slavayansk in the Donetsk People's Republic. 

The first reports from Ukrainian frontlines confirmed deployment of the French military in the Donbass. The first unit of the French Foreign Legion reportedly arrived in the area of the city of Slavayansk in the Donetsk People's Republic. 

According to reliable sources, a unit from the 3rd infantry regiment of the French Foreign Legion, which included about 100 servicemen, has been transferred to the Slavyansk direction before being sent to the frontlines. The unit includes the engineering group and aviation intelligence specialists of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the Legion. Apparently, this is only the first group of French servicemen deployed in Ukraine, more forces are yet to come.

Framed by German Gov. Gestapo-- The West is No Longer Free nor Democratic 



WHO Official Admits Vaccine Passports May Have Been a Scam.

Testifying in a lawsuit, WHO's leading vaccine expert said she advised against COVID vaccine passports as the vaccines did not stop transmission and gave a false sense of security. The World Health Organization's Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but was ignored, despite explaining that the COVID vaccines did not stop virus transmission and the passports gave a false sense of security 


Edward Dowd: Government & Media Pretending Massive Health Crisis Not Going On
"Ever since the CV19 vaccine came on, we have had 1.1 million Americans die excessively, 4 million permanently disabled and another 28 million injured."

One big problem Dowd has spotted is an explosion of cancers and, yes, you cannot get the truth about this either. 

CJ Bjerknes--Rothschild Golem and the End of the World the Plan to Kill Us in Their Own Words


Womyn discovering the Commie Satanist Origins of Feminism


World-renowned Belgian virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has another warning for the public: the mass collapse of immunity among the fully vaccinated is upon us.

In a recent appearance on the KunstlerCast podcast, Bossche predicted a soon-coming "massive, massive tsunami" of illness and death among those who got "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), whose immune systems are now unspeakably compromised.


Transgender Antifa "member" arrested for bombing outside Alabama Attorney General's office

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "April 14 - Did Iran Stand Down?"

Imran said (April 15, 2024):

"I believe both states would flourish." you wrote.

Whatever the case with Oct 7 the Palestinians cannot flourish. No one made them go in and kill their strongest Israeli supporters. It just was not Hamas, but many average Joes in Gaza who went in and committed atrocities that was something out of the Ottoman Empire days.

70% I think support Hamas and 61% still support Sinwar. Clearly a state should be out of the question this generation for them. As it took 30-50 years for them to be indoctrinated in their education it would take around 50 years for them to change their minds through education. Also there is the tribalism factor to consider. Even if Israel was gone they would just fight each other:

I admit 90%+ having a negative view of America is good and the 60-70% against Iran is also a good start. But if they can't get rid of their proxy groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad and even the non-controlled jihadist groups then what is the point of a Palestinian state? The globalists do have a point (yes sometimes they do have a legitimate point) that a world government might stop nuclear weapons from being detonated. If the Palestinians jihadists did get their hands on would make anything atrocity done by the Ottoman Empire seem like a walk in the park. Furthermore, it seems to me that the globalists are plotting to use a creation of a PA state for propaganda reasons. "Trust us with stuff like CBDC's and climate change and more lockdowns. See we helped the Palestinians and Israelis which our media helped to bring to your minds."

Christine said (April 14, 2024):

Did Iran Stand Down?

Yes, it did.

The Iranians orchestrated a limited esponse to satisfy anger at home...

And the globalists shot everything down to remove any excuse for Zionist escalation.

EVERYBODY knows what the kabbalists are up to, Henry.

And NOONE is going to help them carry it out.

But they won't stop......The lunatic kabbalists and the Zionist state are doomed.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at