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April 10 - Is Israel Backing Down?

April 10, 2024

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Mixed signals coming out of Israel. On the one hand, Israel responds to Biden threats to withhold support by withdrawing almost all troops from Gaza. On the other hand, Satanyahu says he has "set a date" for Genocide.02, invasion of Rafah. 

They must pretend peace is still an option to obscure the program for the third Masonic Jewish world war. 

Israeli commentator Caroline Glick says a feeling of defeatism has swept over Israel.


Disgusting!  Many YouTube videos claim Israel and the Houthis are bombing Israel. Not true! This looks like Russia destroying Ukrainian tanks and troops. The voices are Russian!

U.S OIL PLATFORM DESTROYED! Iranian Houthis Fighters Use New Fateh-110 MISSILES!

Benny Johnson's show covers many developments suppressed by the Lamestream Media

Janet Yenta in Bejing chiding the Chinese for supporting Russia at the same time as China and Russia cement their alliance!

China Sending Message That 'It Has Russia's Back' If West Escalates

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, sending a strong message to the West that the two countries will continue their strategic relationship. The meeting came a day after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen traveled to China and warned it against partnering with Russia.

The Johnsons also highlight Marjorie Taylor Greene's solitary defence on America, attack on Speaker Johnson 

In scathing letter, GOP's Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Johnson with speakership under threat

"I will not tolerate our elected Republican Speaker Mike Johnson serving the Democrats and the Biden administration and helping them achieve their policies that are destroying our country. He is throwing our razor-thin majority into chaos by not serving his own GOP conference that elected him," Greene wrote in the letter.

"With so much at stake for our future and the future of our children, I will not tolerate this type of 'leadership,'" Greene later wrote in the letter. "This has been a complete and total surrender to, if not complete and total lockstep with, the Democrats' agenda that has angered our Republican base so much and given them very little reason to vote for a Republican House majority."


Moscow Accuses Hunter Biden-Linked Company Burisma Of Financing Terror Attacks

Russia says it has uncovered more damning evidence connecting the US and NATO to recent terror and assassination campaigns in Russia, including making connections to the March 22 Crocus City Hall terror attack which resulted in over 140 Russians dead and hundreds more wounded and injured.

Russia's Investigative Committee, which is the country's top investigative body, announced Tuesday that it has launched a criminal probe into senior US and Western officials who are believed to be "financing terrorism". 

The formal statement claims that an ongoing investigation has "established" that money from commercial organizations tied to NATO were used to "eliminate prominent political and public figures" inside and outside Russia, as well as to "inflict economic damage" against the country. Lately there's also been a spate of devastating cross-border attacks on refineries, ports, and oil facilities.


FM Katz says Israel will attack Iran directly if retaliation to consulate attack originates there

The only way to stop Israel is to defeat Israel.

Biden Says Considering Australia's Request to End Julian Assange Prosecution


French teen detained for demanding that foreign rapists be deported
The 19-year-old activist held a placard calling for the deportation of foreign rapists from France at a carnival on Sunday, and was reported by the city's mayor for "inciting hatred"

The campaign group highlighted the fact that 46 women could have been spared from rape by illegal migrants if the authorities had enforced their orders to leave French territory last year (OQTFs), including one incident that occurred in Besançon last August.

The demonstration was denounced by the city's mayor, Anne Vignot, who has previously pushed a pro-mass migration agenda and who announced she would be filing a police complaint against the activists for an alleged hate crime against migrants.

UK Column news

NATO gearing up for world war

UK training 30,000 Ukrainian recruits

The tide has turned!

Rutgers Unexpectedly Drops Student Vaxx Requirement, Litigation Proceeds


Denver considering $3.2M to house pregnant migrants and young children
The city first experienced an influx of migrants in December 2022, which caused it to open several emergency shelters throughout the city


So what happens to our investment accounts after a giant cyber attack? Will public companies become defacto private companies owned by the boards or the Government? I wonder? Looks like a great way to complete the great taking.

There's no need for the powers to do that. Let me explain...

FBI is the American KGB/Gestapo

Bombshell Video: CIA Officer/Former FBI Boasts: We "Can Put Anyone in Jail. Set Them Up"

O'Blennis said of Infowars founder Alex Jones: The FBI "took his money away," and 'chopped his legs off.' O'Blennis stated at least 20 undercover FBI agents were at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 and some of them are now with the CIA. He also said the FBI uses "embellished" news and "fake social media" to "really get people mad."


Idaho: 18-Year Old Planned Attacks on Churches for ISIS. FBI Sources Helped Plan 'Attacks'

Reporter Ford Fisher wrote that at least three FBI confidential human sources (CHS) and an undercover FBI agent helped him plan the attacks before the FBI arrested him. The FBI has a history of orchestrating phony terror plots.



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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