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Anthony Migchels - Beware Snake in Trump Clothing

April 12, 2024


They are engineering a Conservative reaction and Trump re-election.

Dutch monetary theorist Anthony Migchels thinks this will result in a radical change of course.  I disagree. 

Trump is responsible for murdering and maiming millions of people. He should be in jail.
My vote goes to RFK Jr. even though his choice of VP was ridiculous.  At least RFK Jr. isn't a Cabalist and crypto Jew like Trump.  At least he fought Trump's "vaccine."

Migchels--"A mega crash is coming, and all indicators suggest they will frame this with 'cyber attacks'."

by Anthony Migchels

It's been quiet and boring for a while. A lull in between, people are happy the Lockdown 'is behind us', and 'things are returning to normal'.

Foolishness, of course. In reality, the last two years we've just been biding time until the elevated interest rates have done their job.

The elevated rates are sucking Trillions out of the real economy, a free lunch for the ultra rich at the expense of the masses. The Mega Debt is unpayable and also not serviceable with these rates.

What is worse: the rates were raised to 'fight inflation', an inflation that the Fed itself caused with its excess money printing under Trump. However: this week the Fed reported 'core inflation' was 0,4% in March, which is 6% yoy. Which means taking rates down is off the table.

Gold is rising, because interest rates vs. inflation are too low. Hence, money is fleeing into Gold, as that does keep up with inflation.

The astounding break out of Gold the last month is indicative of time running out.

A mega crash is coming, and all indicators suggest they will frame this with 'cyber attacks'.

This, I suspect, will result in the following:

- Trump coming back and 'restoring order'. Including 'a clean up' of 'The Deep State'.
- Trump will 'make peace' with Putin and withdraw from NATO.
- He'll retreat from the ME, leaving Zion to their own devices, although of course 'eternal friendship' and 'WMD protection' will be promised.
- The goal of these steps is to focus everything they have left on containing China. Europe will be left to fend for themselves against Russia, and a real deal between Berlin and Moscow (a nightmare for the Atlantic Powers) has been scuttled for decades to come with the Ukraine Travesty.
- Gold will revalue: the Treasuries as backbone of the Financial System have been shot to pieces: Treasuries are sold with a major discount on the Bond Market, and banks, financial institutions, and States have lost their shirt. Gold will become a tier 1 reserve asset again, but it has to rise in price to play this role (otherwise there wouldn't be sufficient Gold). So Gold suppression is over.

Everything will be sold as 'we have fixed things', 'make America Great Again', and 'The Fed is over', 'The New World Order is over!'.

But with Gold as reserves instead of Treasuries, debt and money can no longer be printed, and this means DEFLATION. LIkely after a last bout of inflation with QE once the Crash hits. So Stagflation.

The geopolitical necessity of the above is the same as what I penned in this article, almost four years ago, and while my timing back then clearly was off, things have not changed: America is imploding and can't maintain their worldwide dominance.

The 12 months, the Government has borrowed an extra $4 Trillion. That's a 15% of GDP deficit. No State can survive that, and while the MSM remains quiet, Powell, Dimon, Fink, have all recently said that the Government MUST get spending under control.

The problem of which is, that austerity will severely deflate the economy. The Government kept spending to prevent an immediate route for the economy in the face of the elevated interest rates.

Jamie Dimon was this week predicting 8% interest rates during the coming 'recession' (Depression). A very dark, but plausible, scenario indeed. 

And once they have been forced into severely cutting their military spending in the years ahead, they'll be left open for an attack by the Chinese and the Russians.

Do not, for one second, buy anything about the coming 'revelations' and 'solutions'.

Everything is going according to Plan. Trump is their Trump, and America is toast.



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Comments for "Anthony Migchels - Beware Snake in Trump Clothing "

AL said (April 13, 2024):

You think a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee is going to matter?

BothTweedledum and Tweedledee are ultra Zionists that want all Semitic brown people exterminated from their ancestral lands of Judea.

What is it going to take people to realize that voting does not matter?

If Tweedledum gets back in office, it just proves how stupid people are and have no right to live.

Both Tweedledum and Tweedledee are crypto-Jews.

Kennedys are blue blood Jews that ran away from a pogrom in France.

Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the CIA & Momo(Sam Giancana) of the Mafia just to embarrass RFK. You really think the blue blood son of a pervert that used to gang bang the same MKUltra chicks with his own brother is going to save the day?

Double Cross;

Tweedledum and Tweedledee can go F$%^K themselves.

AG said (April 13, 2024):

rump's dad wasn't Fred Trump. It was the old serpent.

One day in 1945 satan clouded the mind of Mary Trump so that she would accept his seed in place of Fred's.
After some more amazing "miracles" only the Donald could pull off, Trump might reveal that his actual dad cannot be determined using DNA. He could use that to claim divinity and I fear many will believe him.

Each time he recites that damn snake poem he's openly admitting who/what he is. Not many are able to "see" and that is concerning. Happy to read Anthony's take. He sees him.

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