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April 27- Universities Between Communist Rock and Zionist Hard Place.

April 27, 2024

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After decades of turning students into Communists, universities face defunding by Zionist donors

Students say they will disrupt campuses until colleges cut financial ties with Israel. 
How are Zio-Nazis going to win WW3 when a huge segment of the population is opposed to it?

Bipartisan bill would create 'antisemitism monitors' at colleges --Pro-Israel House Democrat and Republican plan to introduce legislation creating federally sanctioned "antisemitism monitors" for select college campuses | 26 April 2024 |  This is the first bill introduced in Congress as a direct response to the pro-Palestinian protests that have rocked Columbia University and other colleges in recent days. Reps. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) and Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) are introducing the College Oversight and Legal Updates Mandating Bias Investigations and Accountability Act -- or COLUMBIA Act. The bill would allow the Department of Education to send a "third-party antisemitism monitor" to any college that receives federal funding -- and to revoke that funding for colleges that don't comply. The monitor, paid for by the school, would be charged with releasing a public, quarterly report evaluating "the progress that a college or university has made toward combating antisemitism."
These are the teams picked for third Masonic Jewish world war. Zio Nazis vs Communists. 
Excess Deaths In Japan Hit 115,000 Following 3rd COVID Shot; New Study Explains Why
Andrew Tate can go to trial, court rules

Reader JR writes---"While Andrew puts out a number of agreeable positions, my understanding of his Romanian webcam services is one that makes him a pimp. I have seen him talk about taking women on dates, who have hopes of an actual relationship, only to be bedded by Tate, as a first step towards his webcams. Like a pimp, he uses this relationship and begins pressuring them into performing using psychological techniques."--

RFK Jr.: This Is What I Believe In

RFK Jr. -

People are sick of the uniparty. If the election is fair, RFK Jr. could win.

Russ Winter--The Postmodernist Cargo Cult Creates Carte Blanche for the Kakistocracy
Postmodernism is a political ideology that developed in the late 20th century. It's characterized by subjectivism and relativism and deconstructs Enlightenment concepts of reason, objectivity and merit. The root idea is that "everything is a social construct." Thus, it asks, how can one identify and qualify merit.

Bank Failures Begin Again: Philly's Republic First Seized By FDIC

The FDIC just seized the troubled Philadelphia bank, Republic First Bancorp and and struck an agreement for the lender's deposits and the majority of its assets to be bought by Fulton Bank.
RFK Jr tells EWTN: Politicization of the CIA, FBI, Secret Service under Biden is 'very troubling'Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in an interview with Raymond Arroyo that he is the only presidential candidate who has ever been denied Secret Service protection upon request. He also confirmed his support for abortion.

"The liberal media are sanctioning and condoning the politicization of the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, and now the Secret Service by President Biden," Kennedy told Arroyo. "I think it's very, very troubling for our Republic that these agencies are now being turned into political instruments by the president in power.
Communists don't believe in your private property.

Democrat Arizona governor vetoes bill that would have made it easier for homeowners to remove squatters

Another official, State Sen. Justine Wadsack (R-Tucson), described her personal experience finding a squatter occupying a home when she showed it to a client while she was working as a realtor.

"It was a terrifying threat to my safety, the safety of my clients, as well as to the homeowners," she said. "When I called the police, I was told there was not much they could do. It's a shame Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed yet another piece of commonsense bipartisan legislation."
The veto-happy governor has vetoed 52 bills so far during this legislative session following a record-breaking 143 vetoes last year.


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Comments for " April 27- Universities Between Communist Rock and Zionist Hard Place. "

RH said (April 27, 2024):

Re: “These are the teams picked for third Masonic Jewish world war.”

It feels like our history has revolved around Jewish-Masonic interests for the past 2,100+ years. In our youth, we are taught a different version. We are taught that history is a series of unrelated events, coming together resulting in or from revolutions, wars, economic downturns, plagues, famines and other calamities. If this were true, the Jewish-Masonic undertones would be few and far between. But they are not. History is more like a consolidation of financial interests by a select club that we cannot…a member be. We are not a “neighbor” to love to them but an enemy to crush.

We are living in a Jewish-Masonic world but our minds believe otherwise from their eternal education and media. I am wondering if some religions are not theirs as well, considering Zionism is so strong in some Christian sects, as one example.

We need to be aware so we do not allow Satan abide in our churches and our hearts.

Your website helps to enlighten us. Keep up the good work.

WB said (April 27, 2024):

It is over folks. Wish I had better news but that is not the case. Truth be told there never was any way things were going to turn out any differently. There is a spiritual side to this. God has ordained what happens next. Mankind was warned for thousands of years and willfully chose to ignore the warning.

No matter what happens now it is out of humanity's hands.

My advice is start praying like it all depends on it, because it does. We are all about to start seeing the most amazing things. Know God now while there is still time. Once the cutoff happens it is too late.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at