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Why Do the Goyim Allow Jews to Control Everything?

March 2, 2024

America Is a Gentile Nation
So why do we allow a fifth-column faction of elite Jews to control us?

The author doesn't mention we gave our national credit cards to people 
who want to destroy us. These devils sign our pay checks. We are their bitches.
As the plandemic showed, people will do anything for money, even betray their oaths 
and their community. Then there's  Freemasonry where the goyim get to pretend they're Jews.

By Uppityupstart
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Non-Gentiles (i.e., Jews) are only 2% of our population. Yet this demographic owns, controls, and/or influences much of U.S. society.

The country's most important sectors controlled by elite, influential Jews are:

The Narrative
News media, Hollywood, art, publishing, the music business, academia, public education, fashion, pornography, advertising, psychology, public relations, politicians, the government, etc.

The Technology
Surveillance, security, contact tracing, cloud contracts (U.S. military, Microsoft), nuclear codes, back-door OS and Bluffdale access, Silicon Valley, social media censorship and algorithmics, AI, nanotechnology, Big Pharma, mind control, transhumanism, etc.

The Money
Wall Street financial institutions, the City of London, the Federal Reserve and other worldwide central banks, insurance, white-collar crime, "philanthropy," FinTech, hedge funds, BlackRock-Vanguard-State Street, etc.

Despite the outsized role elite Jews play in U.S. society, it is taboo to say so.  For example, a telling moment in the epic Tucker Carlson/Vladimir Putin interview (February 8, 2024) was when Tucker asked Putin who he thinks actually makes the decisions in the United States. Putin's inscrutable response was "I don't know."

Putin's answer hits like a ton of bricks because a mere five days earlier, Libertarian Dave Smith asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. essentially the same question: "Do you have concerns about the level of Israeli influence in our politics here in the United States of America?" After a long, awkward, pregnant pause, RFK, Jr. likewise responded, "I don't know."

Be it mainstream or alternative, left or right, no one dares mention THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Statesmen, journalists, politicians, analysts, podcasters, opinionators--everyone probes the world's problems, yet few identify Jewish Power as a main source of those problems.

All these men are thoughtful and well-informed on their subjects; so why, then, do they refuse to directly address the Jewish Question? It is the central aspect of the matters at hand. Without the Jewish angle, nothing really makes sense. At best, we have half the story. Where is the full story? Are they ignorant of it? Do they know, and yet willfully avoid it? Either way, the results are not good.

It's unacceptable that intellects, pundits, and the like resort to euphemisms to identify--or rather, to avoid identifying--our actual overlords. The J word is constantly obscured, replaced with coded double-speak such as Deep State, the elite, Mr. Global, neocons, neoliberals, Anglo-Zionists, the blob, GlobalCap, Atlanticists, and Khazarian Mafia. Heaven forbid, influencers educate their audiences on the depth and breadth of Jewish Power in America--power which long ago surpassed that of the old-money WASP robber-barons. (The alt thinking class rarely opens the JP door, career suicide being the cost of "noticing.") ...

Critics must stop finger-pointing "the U.S. this, the U.S. that." We are as occupied as Palestine. America's demise is just a slow motion one as our Zio overlords metaphorically tear out the copper wiring while doing a full-frontal assault on the American people--from Mayorkas' open borders, to the Sacklers' opioid massacres, to the Ackman donor class dictating Ivy League policies, to Yellen's Silicon Valley Bank takeover heist...

It's Talmudic on steroids that elite Jews have no problem stealing all our money for their wars, and running the U.S. into the ground.  But now the masks are off. With the Hiroshima-level bombing of Gaza, the entire world is "noticing" Israel's extreme behavior. As a result, the Overton Window of Judaic approval is shifting negatively. Jews may be the most proficient P.R., advertising, psyop professionals in the world, but even they can't gaslight a genocide of their making.

Sun Tzu, the 6th century Chinese military strategist, philosopher, and author of The Art of War, advocates knowing exactly who your enemy is. If you can't I.D. your opponent and assess who you are psychologically up against, how can you possibly defend yourself, let alone take the bastards out?

While many Jews of conscience are speaking out, let the world never forget that the Jewish deciders who control our country purposefully, proactively, zealously enable their Israeli brethren to starve hundreds of thousands of children, and have the audacious chutzpah to brazenly defend their actions as if they are the injured party. As Jake Shields tweeted, "This is evil not seen in the world since Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot."

A major characteristic of being ZOG'd is that it occludes the reality of being ZOG'd. Now is the time for Americans to become aware of outsized Jewish Power. Gentiles would do well to don They Live special sunglasses to see in full color the censorship and programming in which all criticism of Jewish supremacy is deemed anti-Semitic.

How about reverse affirmative action? If affirmative action ups the numbers for those facing discrimination, then why not proactively lower the numbers of this special privileged class? There is an inordinate, disproportionate degree of Jews in government controlling domestic and foreign policy that favors Israel First, not America First.  Now is the time to institute fair and righteous quotas based on merit, not nepotism. 

ZOG!, ZOG!, ZOG! might sound like a broken record, but there is a heightened urgency for Americans, including Jews of conscience, to become aware that among the 2% Jewish population there exists an extreme fifth-column elite faction hijacking our country in a direction antithetical to our hallowed foundational origins.  Now is the time to call out--nay root out--these unpatriotic traitors!

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Comments for "Why Do the Goyim Allow Jews to Control Everything?"

Doug P said (March 3, 2024):

To right-thinking people, power is about responsibility but most people don't take that responsibility. People want power for its privilege, so our elected officials exit politics with a lot more money than they had when they went in.

We have been morally corrupted and see anyone who wants to run for politics wanting the privilege, but in reality, politics attracts good people because they do not want to be ruled by tyrants.

The book "Political Ponerology" also has an angle, on this wrt mental illness and why mentally ill people are attracted to power. Its a well-known, well-read, incredibly important book.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at