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Was the Moscow Concert Attack Staged?

March 26, 2024


"In conclusion, the currently available video evidence 
and some additional evidence concerning the March 22 Moscow 
concert hall attack is consistent with or even suggestive 
of a staged event run by Russian security forces. 
The motivation may have been to create a pretext for an escalation 
of the Ukraine War. Additional evidence may either confirm 
or refute this preliminary assessment."

Makow- The fact that the security at the concert was unarmed is very suspicious since the US Embassy warned of just such an attack just a few weeks earlier. This article
suggests that the victim's bodies were dummies. However, I don't believe Russia needed any pretext to escalate the conflict. Terrorism is the kind of thing Israeli-backed Ukraine
would resort to as their prospects deteriorate. They have threatened as much.  

by Swiss Policy Research
(Excerpt by

Russian authorities stated that the Moscow concert hall attack was perpetrated by Tajik militants who were hired and paid by Ukrainian intelligence. Thus, if Russian security forces staged (or orchestrated) the attack themselves, the motivation may have been to blame it on Ukraine and use it as a pretext to escalate Russia's stalling "Special Military Operation" in Ukraine.

This would be very similar to how the false-flag 1999 Moscow apartment bombings (which may have been real or staged) were used by then-Prime Minister Putin to escalate the Chechen War.

Such a scenario would also explain why the supposed attackers were seemingly fleeing towards Ukraine, despite the fact that trying to cross the Russian-controlled border into Ukraine would not make much sense from the perspective of real assailants or their Ukrainian sponsors.

The Western sponsors of Ukraine cannot expose a potential Russian false-flag or staged operation since they themselves routinely use staged terrorist attacks to justify wars and other actions. These Western and Israeli false-flag operations, in turn, have never been exposed by Russian intelligence services; in some cases, Russia even contributed to the official narrative (e.g. in Boston).

Rather, Western intelligence services could only try to direct the blame away from Ukraine and onto the synthetic "ISIS" terrorist group controlled by Western intelligence services themselves. This would explain why the US in early March issued a "warning" of a potential terrorist attack in Moscow and why "ISIS" reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Intriguingly, in the photos released by the "ISIS-linked" Amaq News Agency, the alleged perpetrators used the finger on their left hand to do the "Shahada" Islamic oath, which is strictly forbidden in Islam. Moreover, Amaq blurred their faces and never mentioned their names.

Nevertheless, it remains an open question how the nebulous "Amaq" media agency acquired the supposed "beheading video" shot inside the Moscow concert hall. In this video, too, the faces of the assailants were blurred and the assailants did not refer to "ISIS" in any way.

In the past, many alleged "Al Qaeda" and "ISIS" videos, including the forged "Bin Laden videos", were discovered and released by the Israeli-American SITE Intelligence Group. In a 2011 German court trial against members of a supposed "Al Qaeda" platform called "Global Islamic Media Front" (GIMF), it was revealed that SITE not only "discovered" these videos, but helped produce them.

In the wake of the Moscow attack, names and portraits of victims were published (both dead and injured), but this is the case after every staged terrorist attack. Previous events showed that victim identities can both be real or virtual. If they are real, they may or may not have died; if they died or were injured, it occurred in other circumstances. Severely injured victims are often played by so-called amputee actors (e.g. in Boston). In some cases, bodies of dead people were used in staged events (e.g. in the 1994 Sarajevo "marketplace massacre" and the 1999 "Racak massacre").

As a matter of fact, staging terrorist attacks and plane crashes with entire school classes, including subsequent state funerals, was already feasible in the 1960s, as declassified documents pertaining to "Operation Northwoods" show. Moreover, even events with thousands of alleged victims, such as the "Timisoara massacre" in 1989 and the "Srebrenica genocide" in 1995, were already fabricated.


Some Russian analysts have claimed that the attack occurred on the day of the Jewish Purim festival and that the owner of the Crocus City Hall is a Jewish oligarch. Both claims are incorrect.

Nevertheless, the question is important because Israeli or rather "Zionist" operatives and advisers play a leading role in state-run and staged false-flag terrorism, likely due to their preeminent role in Hollywood and their decades-long battle against Palestinian and Arab militant groups. Several Mossad whistleblowers have revealed the use of such Israeli "black operations".

An early example of an Israeli false-flag terrorist operation is the failed and exposed 1954 Operation Susannah, in which Jewish-Arab operatives prepared false-flag bombings in Cairo. Another classic example is the 1967 USS Liberty incident, when unmarked Israeli aircraft attacked a US intelligence ship to provide an incentive for a US entry into the Six Day War against Egypt.

During the staged 2013 Kenya shopping mall attack, Israeli advisers were on site and the shopping mall itself was indeed owned by Australian-Israeli billionaire Frank Lowy. Back in June 2001, three months before 9/11, Frank Lowy and Larry Silverstein famously acquired the lease of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. In 2017, Lowy was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

It is true that the number "22" has often shown up in staged terrorist attacks. Examples include the Oslo attack on 22 July 2011, the "Brussels bombings" on 22 March 2016, the "Westminister attack" on 22 March 2017, or of course the "Manchester Arena bombing" on 22 May 2017, in which a 22-year-old "suicide bomber" allegedly killed 22 people after 22 Ariana Grande songs. The use of such numbers in staged events may be an inside joke or a coded message by the directors.

The Moscow concert hall attack also occurred on a March 22, which might be a further indication of a staged event. But March 22 wasn't the date of the Jewish Purim festival, which in 2024 was on March 23 and 24. Thus, the Moscow attack occurred on the eve of the Purim festival.

The owner of the Crocus City Hall is Azerbaijani billionaire Aras Agalarov. Agalarov is not Jewish, but his wife, Irina Agalarova (born Irina Iosifovna Gril), is Jewish. The Jewish Forward claimed that their son, Emin Agalarov, identifies as Jewish, but other sources disagree. Until 2015, Emin Agalarov was married to the daughter of Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev.

(Gave Trump $20 million in 2013)

In 2013, Aras Agalarov hosted Donald Trump's "Miss Universe" contest in the Crocus City Hall in Moscow and, in the same year, received the Russian "Order of Honor" from President Putin. In 2016, Emin Agalarov asked his American-Jewish music producer, Rob Goldstone, to organize the notorious "Trump Tower meeting" that played a role in the infamous "Russiagate" deception.

Thus, in terms of the date and the concert hall ownership, there might be an indirect "Zionist connection", but it is certainly not as compelling as in some other staged terrorist attacks. In contrast, the owner of the Crocus City Hall is certainly linked to President Putin, and the date of the attack, March 22, may be suggestive of a simulated terrorist attack.


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Comments for "Was the Moscow Concert Attack Staged?"

David said (March 27, 2024):

Henry, a strong argument against Crokus City Hall staged massacre is that the culprits were captured alive. If the Russian intel services wanted to maintain control over a false narrative, there would not be 11 suspects arrested with 8 appearing in court. They would either be fictionally at large or dead like in western staged events.

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