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Patrick O'Carroll - Bank of England is a Criminal Conspiracy

March 14, 2024


Liz Truss spent decades in politics while remaining blissfully unaware that her Tory Party is owned and controlled by London's Zionist House of Rothschild. This may explain while she only lasted 49 days as Prime Minister (Sept.-Oct 2022.)

The US and UK are private corporations owned by the Rothschilds and operated by Israel.

by Patrick O'Carroll


In the following clip, former British prime-minister and puppetician Liz Truss explains how Britain is ruled not by "democratically elected" puppeticians but by the Bank of England:

Liz Truss says: "What I found out when I got into Number Ten ... was that I was not holding the levers [of power]. The levers were [being] held by the Bank of England and the [City of London controlled] Office of Budget Responsibility, and not by the prime-minister or the chancellor [head of the Treasury] ... What I am saying ... is that if the Bank of England governor cannot be sacked and the prime-minister can be sacked, then the Bank of England governor is going to have more power than the prime-minister. And that is a problem in a [so-called] democracy".

Liz Truss spent decades in politics while remaining blissfully unaware that her Tory Party is owned and controlled by London's Zionist House of Rothschild. This may explain while she only lasted 49 days as Prime Minister (Sept.-Oct 2022.)

On 4 Oct 2022, puppetician Liz Truss asserted that every British prime-minister actually workS for Britain's REAL BOSS, ISRAEL, as she grovelled shamelessly to Britain's Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), saying: "As you know, I am a huge Zionist, I am a huge supporter of Israel and I know that we can take the Britain-Israel relationship from strength to strength". Source here:



From her marriage to "Mafia Don" Jacob Rothschild on 20 Oct 1961 until her death on 13 Jan 2019, Serena Dunn Rothschild was the chief financier, or de facto owner, of the Rothschild-Tory Party for over 37 years, and she went on to select ALL NINE of the following puppeticians as "leader" of the same British Rothschild-Tory Party:

Alec Douglas-Home, the Rothschild-Zionist-Handler of Neville Chamberlain;
Edward Heath, Freemasonic child-rapist;
The "Ironing Lady" Margaret Thatcher, whose Rothschild-Zionist-Handler was Rabid-Zionist Keith Joseph;
John Major;
William Hague;
Iain Duncan Smith;
Michael Howard;
David Cameron, from a monarchy-batard bloodline having strong ties to HSBC and the Opium Holocaust;
Theresa May.
No one should EVER assume that any of these puppeticians was "independent", or "genuine", or "organic".


The British Rothschild-Labor Party is controlled directly by the Marxist Fabian Society of London, whose Marxist training camp is called the London School of "Economics". All the "leaders" of the Rothschild-Labor Party are also selected by the House of Rothschild. Tony Blair's Rothschild-"Illuminati"-Handler was "cuddly" Zionist Michael Levy. 

Also, the Marxist Fabian Society of London had a permanent desk in the Kremlin in 1917-91 to guide the progress of Bolshevik-Zionism (communism) for the Zionist London-NY-Alliance, which colonized Russia in 1917. 

(Victor Rothschild in a Masonic pose)

In 1945-90, the sole-dictator of communist Russia was Victor Rothschild, who "worked remote" from London and who oversaw the wholly staged "cold" war from which the Zionist London-NY-Alliance earned an absolute fortune by compelling the taxpayers of East and West to finance untested weapons that it already knew they would never need to be deployed, given that the wholly staged "cold" war was wholly staged.

Currently, the "Illuminati" are grooming Keir Starmer as Britain's next puppetician-in-chief. But British slaves can NOT expect any help from Starmer because, according to Declassified UK, he is tainted as a former member of the Trilateral Commission, which effectively means that he is STILL a member of the Trilateral Commission.


The Bank of England is the OLDEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY in the history of "capitalism", dating from 1694, although, as practiced today, "capitalism" should properly be called Centrally Planned Monopoly Capitalism, and should correctly be viewed as the Western dialectic of communism. 

True Capitalism died in Britain in 1694; and in the USA when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. The Bank of England also invented the Central-Bankster-Warfare Model, by which taxpayers are forced to finance wars that the Zionist London-NY-Alliance concocts by installing puppet dictators as its controlled opposition. The Bank of England is really the epicenter of all evil on Earth because it has planned and financed all wars for over 300 years, with those wars escalating after around 1808, when Proto-Zionist Nathan Mayer Rothschild became a financial "advisor" to the British Regime and also acquired control over the Bank of England.

The Bank of England owns whole countries, such as the USA and Germany, outright. After the Rothschilds won the US Civil War, the US Corporation was founded in 1871, and its owner has remained the Bank of England ever since. Above, puppetician Liz Truss just confirmed that the Bank of England owns and rules Britain. But what she failed to mention is that the Bank of England also owns the USA, the US Fed, Germany, and other nations, too.

The Bank of England is owned by seven Jewish "Illuminati" bloodlines, namely the following ones:

Rothschild (Jewish), today under its new "Mafia Don" Nathaniel Rothschild ("5th Baron Rothschild");
Windsor, English monarchy (de facto Jewish) with the English monarch dubbed the "Capo di Tutti Capi";
Oppenheimer (Jewish);
Samuel (Jewish);
Warburg (Jewish);
Goldsmid (Jewish);
Stern (Jewish).
The Bank of England is EXTREMELY POWERFUL given that it is the Jewish owner of all the following private service corporations (and because all corporations must necessarily be owned by either a person or an entity):

The US Regime (DUNS® number 052714196), a subsidiary of DC (DUNS® number 949056860)
The US "Federal" "Reserve" System (DUNS® number 001959410)
The Conspiracy for Foreign Royalty (CFR, DUNS® number 046827838)
The US TreasureTrove (DUNS® number 026661067)
The Infernal Revenue "Service" (IRS, DUNS® number 040539587)
The USA's COVID Death Cult (CDC, DUNS® number 927645465)
The USA's Fraud and Death Administration (FDA, DUNS® number 138182175)
The DrugCompetition Elimination Administration (DEA, DUNS® number 167247027)
NASA (Not A Space Agency, DUNS® number 003259074)
The Federal Bureau of Intimidation (FBI, DUNS® number 878865674)
The NSA (No Such Agency, DUNS® number 617395215)
The Security Eradication Commission (SEC, DUNS® number 003475175)
The Department of Offense (DOD, DUNS® number 030421397)
The Department of Injustice (DOJ, DUNS® number 059200814)
The Department of Layabout (DOL, DUNS® number 029536183)
The Terrorism Support Agency (TSA, DUNS® number 050297655)
The Department of Homeland Insecurity (DHS, DUNS® number 932394187)
The Federal ArmJab Annihilators (FAA, DUNS® number 056622429)
The National Ocean and Atmosphere Annihilators (NOAA, DUNS® number 079933920)
The Federal Emergency Magnification Agency (FEMA, DUNS® number 037751583)
The Federal Communication Comminutors, FCC (DUNS® number 020309969)
The State of New York (DUNS® number 041002973)
The State of California (DUNS® number 071549000)
The State of Delaware (DUNS® number 037802962)
The City of NYC (DUNS® number 021741036)
The City of Lost Angeles (DUNS® number 159166271)
The City of Wilmington (DUNS® number 067393900)
The City of Baltimore (DUNS® number 052340973)

The Talmudic "new" world order is being set up as a single corporation called "NWO Inc" that will be registered in Jerusalem and owned and run by the Antichrist (sic) as CEO. It is being set up by the Zionist London-NY-Alliance or Zionist Cabal (the English monarchy, the City of London, the "Monopoly Capitalists" of Wall Street (often called the "Illuminati" bloodlines), and the House of Rothschild). 

When Zionism was born in 1500s England, its chief aim was defined as installing the Antichrist in Jerusalem, and all the rest was just a means to that end. Even the Jews were set up as dupes and human-shields for the same British Freemasonic project called Zionism. 

Thus, Israel may appear to be "Jewish" but it is really a Freemasonic Rothschild Vassal State that barks orders at the USA and Britain, who stopped being "sovereign nations" well over a century ago.


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