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Mike Stone - Bitcoin is Midwife of CBDC's

March 11, 2024

(left, tulip mania) 

"If the people who control the Federal Reserve 
are perfectly willing to assassinate presidents 
and create wars in which millions of people are killed, 
crippled, and raped in order to maintain 
their monopoly of printing money, 
do you really think they're going sit idly by 
and twiddle their thumbs while digital currencies 
spring up all around them and cut into their business? 
If so, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you."

Bitcoin or Bit-con

by Mike Stone

Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $72,000 the other day. Doubtless that will bring out the greed in many people and lead to a high of $100,000 or more sometime this summer. Maybe even sooner. But is anyone asking why this is happening, and more importantly, why now? 

I don't own Bitcoin for the simple reason that it's not based on anything of value. There are no coins, no bits, no nothing. 

Bitcoin is a currency - hence the term "cryptocurrency" - but it's not backed by gold or silver as the Constitution stipulates. It's not backed by anything. I doubt if one Bitcoin buyer in a thousand actually knows that.

So if we're going to be honest, the first thing we have to agree on is that Bitcoin is as worthless as the tulips that bankrupted 17th century Holland. At that time, the price for a tulip was equal to the cost of five average houses.

Actually, now that I think about it, Bitcoin is worth even less than a 17th century tulip, because tulips can be grown and they're nice to look at. Bitcoin doesn't exist at all. Its value is based entirely on public perception. And if you know anything about public perception, then you know that such perception is ALWAYS wrong and leads more people to ruin than anything else. Just look at how many people are now dead or seriously injured due to public perception of the recent virus hoax.

Of course, whenever one mentions that Bitcoin is worth even less than a tulip, thousands of Bitcoin buyers immediately take offense. But facts are facts. Bitcoin fits the very definition of a Ponzi scheme. It's like a giant chain letter, where the first people to get in make out very nicely, while those at the end are left holding the bag. 

Now just because Bitcoin is worthless, that doesn't mean people can't make money off it. But the unanswered question, the elephant in the room that nobody dares to talk about, is why? Why is Bitcoin so popular and why is it allowed to even exist?


Bitcoin is no different than if I were print up Monopoly money, engrave it with the words "In Mike We Trust," and tried to sell it as legal tender. How long do you think that would last?

The answer is obvious. So why is Bitcoin allowed to do that very same thing? Why are the central bankers simply turning a blind eye to it? Why are they not crushing the competition, as they would if I were to print my own currency?

What happened to Abraham Lincoln when he circumvented the central bankers and began printing Greenbacks?

What happened to JFK when he circumvented the central bankers and began printing treasury notes?

What happened to Germany when they circumvented the central bankers and began printing their own currency?

Here are the exact words of Christian Rakovsky transcribed from his famous interview in 1938 in the book Red Symphony

"Hitler, this uneducated and elementary man . . . took over for himself the privilege of manufacturing money. . . . Are you capable of imagining what would have come of this system if it had infected a number of other states? . . . There is only one solution - war."

So put your thinking cap on and reason this one out. If the people who control the Federal Reserve are perfectly willing to assassinate presidents and create wars in which millions of people are killed, crippled, and raped in order to maintain their monopoly of printing money, do you really think they're going sit idly by and twiddle their thumbs while digital currencies spring up all around them and cut into their business? If so, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.


There are two possible reasons why Bitcoin is soaring and why it is even allowed to exist in the first place. The first reason is to depress the price of gold and silver.

Think about it. One of the selling points for cryptocurrency is protection against the diminishing value of the dollar. Well, if cryptocurrency wasn't available, where would people worried about the dollar be putting their money? Into gold and silver, that's where.

I propose that the second reason for the promotion of Bitcoin is to condition the masses into accepting Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the final nail in the coffin of a people's enslavement.

Ah, now it all makes sense, doesn't it? Now you can see why the central bankers aren't destroying Bitcoin, why they're allowing their competition to flourish. Thanks to massive media promotion, the public is seeing everyone get rich off Bitcoin. That makes the next step, acceptance of CBDCs, a walk in the park.


Finally, it's worthwhile to study the etymology involved. Let's start with the word "cryptocurrency."

Crypto comes from crypt, which is another name for a burial place, where something dead is buried. And currency means money. Cryptocurrency, therefore, indicates dead money.

It's also interesting to note that while currency means money, it comes from the word "current," which denotes the flow of water in a river. Rivers have "banks" to keep the current from overflowing, in the same way that society has banks to keep money from overflowing into the hands of the people who earned it.

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And also the novel A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:
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Basically, the framework for the CBDCs is here. Central Bankers just decide which one, or number of, these existing 'stable coins' are chosen for their regulations to be enacted. Whitney had a reference in her vid re this from a top intel/tech/banking guy - it's here, just not fully converted. They don't need to issue anything new, just change regs & operating parameters. DOJ holds $5bn in seized BitCoin.

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Bitcoin is Midwife of CBDC's "

AS said (March 12, 2024):

I agree 100% with Mike Stone about BTC being the midwife of CBDC - BUT to say that Bitcoin is based on nothing is incorrect

It is based on - A - hard capped limited stock to flow ratio - B - immutable and permanent transactions C- 100% reliable network D - Public information - all transactions are public since the beginning of the network E - The Moore's law value of the network (number of nodes)

I believe that BTC will be the harbinger for CBDC - BUT is will be in restoring the public trust temporarily with a fixed reliable asset to A - allow people to bridge into the new digital money and B - Allow themselves a chance to preserve their wealth while the transition happens

SA said (March 12, 2024):

I normally like reading Mike Stone's articles, but this newest article is very floored and I have to ask. What are his real intentions in trying to undermine Bitcoin? He uses a well worn lie and fallacy that the Dutch were bankrupted by the tulip craze when it really affected only a small and very wealthy part of the population. Your average Dutch citizen had nothing to do with it at all and it certainly did not cause the country into bankruptcy which sounds like lies and propaganda used as a Segway to then undermine Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not of zero value like he states, you can't print it forever and ever like cash and it does not require a Government to regulate it (though they are trying) but more importantly it solves the very ancient problem of needing a trusted third party to perform a transaction.

This also solved the reversibility problem where a trusted third party could willingly or unwillingly reverse transactions. How he cannot see this or not have read this is staggering to me as I am just a regular Joe.

I don't own any so I am not writing this as a "true believer" I do have Etherium and a few other things that have done very very well though. I am sure there could be something nefarious behind blockchain and I have a number of well researched theories, but being of zero value is not one of them.

Tony B said (March 12, 2024):

Good God, Henry, WHEN will people do some homework on money? Stone is correct that bitcoin in a scam but everything else he writes here shows total ignorance of what is necessary for money to be money.

It's all common Rothschild miseducation promotion of their bullshit. I'm many years tired of trying to get people to do the homework on money. I'll just advise Stone and everyone else to spend some real time on a website of people who DO understand what necessitates true money: home of Stephen Zarlinga's life work and those who keep trying to educate Americans on true money.

Thom Stone said (March 11, 2024):

Mike Stone is largely correct.

Bitcoin's origins have a strange genesis and it seems to have come from out of nowhere. Its timing during the financial crash nadir is peculiar as well. No one can even figure out who Satoshi Nakimoto is, but whoever developed the crypto technology behind BTC was probably given an offer he couldn't refuse by the CIA.

The two primary reasons Mr. Stone mentions as to why BTC receives so much attention is basically correct. First, if BTC did not exist, I estimate gold would $4,000-$5,000 an oz. Thus, BTC helps the central banks hide the monetary carnage by suppressing the gold price, while simultaneously deflecting attention away from gold as its traditional role as a barometer of financial decay.

Second, BTC and its aggressive uptake by the masses greatly accelerates the CBDC timeline and eases the plebe's concerns about effectively losing their financial transaction freedom. BTCs underpinnings is easily tracked and traceable and there is absolutely no privacy. Every transaction ever taken place on its blockchain can be analyzed if necessary to prove who and where the funds flowed from and to. BTC is the perfect prototype for the NWO store of wealth, which replaced gold.

The only concept in which BTC fails as a transaction based currency is the fact that its price is highly volatile, while currencies are not. But the two can easily coexist in digital form.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at