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Mike Stone - Billionaires Burrow Bunkers

March 22, 2024


"If you had a billion dollars, would you build an underground bunker? 
I wouldn't. But practically every billionaire alive today is. 
And they're doing it with a sense of speed and urgency. 
Do they know something we don't? 
If so, why haven't they warned the rest of us?

by Mike Stone

Yogi Berra famously said, "You can observe a lot by watching." There's a tremendous amount of truth in that statement. You CAN observe a lot by watching.

Do you remember the waning days of 2019 and the dawning days of 2020 when dozens of corporate CEOs suddenly and inexplicably resigned from their positions and cashed their stock options without a word of explanation? And then the virus hoax happened, everything went south, and all of those resignations and stock sales suddenly made sense?

It was as if all of those corporate execs knew something we didn't. They bailed themselves out, but didn't bother to warn the rest of us. Someone with good observation skills, seeing all of those resignations and stock sales would have known right away that something nefarious was afoot. 

The exact same situation is unfolding today, only in a different form. It's not a case of CEOs resigning, but of billionaires building underground bunkers.


If you had a billion dollars, would you build an underground bunker? I wouldn't. But practically every billionaire alive today is. And they're doing it with a sense of speed and urgency. Do they know something we don't? If so, why haven't they warned the rest of us?

Some say bunkers are a new status symbol, replacing yachts as a means for the rich to flaunt their wealth. I don't know about that. Somehow bunkers don't seem quite the same as a yacht. You can entertain guests on a yacht and take it sailing on a sunny day. You can also use a yacht to impress vacuous blonds and starlets. 

Bunkers are a bit more gloomy. You can't really invite a young starlet to your bunker. I mean you could, but how many invitees would accept, compared to a spin on your yacht?

Also, those who own underground bunkers want to keep them secret. They don't want others knowing about them - at all.

Then again, these aren't your average steel-enforced underground bunkers. They're being built at a cost of tens of millions of dollars - in some cases, hundreds of millions of dollars - and come equipped with bowling alleys, swimming pools, decontamination rooms (from what?), operating tables (to extract adrenochrome?), hidden doors and passageways, moats of fire, water cannons capable of taking down paratroopers or Apache helicopters, and much, much more. 

Al Corbi, owner of the bunker-building company SAFE was quoted in the Hollywood Reporter as saying that super-yachts owned by the super-rich are now equipped with helicopters and submarines. Just what the heck is going on here? What are these billionaires preparing for that the rest of us aren't?

Can you imagine how many starving Palestinian children could be fed and saved from death with only a fraction of the money the typical billionaire is spending on their bunker? Yet not a single billionaire in the world is thinking that way. Their sole motivation is to save themselves and to hell with everyone else.


Vivos, another bunker-building business, says applications for building bunkers are up 2,000 percent.

Douglas Rushoff reported In a 2022 piece for the Guardian how the super-wealthy are now obsessed with insulating themselves from the world (that's us peasants), while providing for themselves and continuing to live in luxury.

Billionaire bunkers are no longer a status symbol, if they ever were. They've become a necessity.

Those with good observation skills should be able to read the writing on the wall (the writing on the wall of the nearest bunker). Something nefarious and of a grand magnitude is coming. The super-rich know all about it and they're not telling.

What do you think it is?
Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And also the novel A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Billionaires Burrow Bunkers "

Doug P said (March 23, 2024):

If I had a billion dollars, I would own a bunker. The reason is that (1) It sounds like a good highly resaleable asset (2) It sounds like a peaceful place to go if you just don't want to hear your phone ring - nice place to do some writing or thinking or get a noise free good nights sleep, or play some loud music, have a party (3) There is always the possibility of an earthquake, tidal wave, asteroid collision - having a bunker would give me peace of mind. I do not believe a bunker could keep me safe from total human chaos and a thousand hungry people. In present market conditions, it sounds like a fungible asset that is as good as gold, maybe better.

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