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March 6 - Trump Has Been Anointed US Savior

March 6, 2024

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Americans cannot vote for a candidate that represents their interests unless he also supports Israeli genocide in Palestine. 

These days it looks like nothing can stop the Trump freight train but  Americans are putting their faith in a crypto Jew and Freemason who brought in the toxic COVID vax and lockdowns and let Biden (his Zio-Communist tag team mate) win the 2020 election.

"Donald Trump continues to extend his lead over rival Nikki Haley in the GOP primary race, with results from Super Tuesday thus far showing victories for the former president in Virginia, Alabama, Maine, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, California, North Carolina, Alaska, and Utah

Haley withdraws from race. Where is RFK Jr.?

Rfk would be my choice. He could siphon votes from the saviour. 

Trump reportedly meets with Musk amid fundraising push

The former president has met with the tech mogul as he trails Joe Biden in campaign funds, the NYT reports

Palestinian land sold in Toronto Synagogues?

"Several nations are demanding a cease fire, but Netanyahu rejects all of it. Israel unabashedly believes they are the superior race of God's chosen people, and that genocide is their birth right. Israeli soldiers are boasting about the women they've murdered and pillaged. And they are posing in the beds of dead Palestinian children, and babies, who they've slaughtered. And now Jews in Canada and the US are saying that the genocidal state of Israel is selling Real Estate that they've stolen from Palestinians in synagogues across the world.

"L'Chaim. So I'm Rabbi David Mivasair. I'm an active member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada, and I'm here today outside a synagogue where they're selling properties built on land stolen from Palestinians. There's a real estate agency that's come here today to Toronto to sell properties built on stolen Palestinian land. It's kind of unbelievable that Canada permits this. It's clearly illegal. So we're here today to call that out and God willing to make it stop." ~ Rabbi David Mivasair (Ontario, Canada)


A reminder of the lethal nature of all vaccines from Dec 2021
AMERICAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION: Here's how you know when they're crossing the Rubicon

While the NWO cabal is accomplishing several goals by flooding the USA with illegal aliens, there is one pivotal objective that reigns supreme.

"By staging one border invasion of after another, the globalists are able to secret into the country millions of military-aged males under cover of being amnesty seekers, which they are not. Many are even purposefully released violent criminals seeking their next crime spree in America. Once these trained mercenaries, experienced soldiers of fortunes, and paid terrorists are over the border, they're ferried to the various 50 states to train for their next missions."
Freemasons control both Israel and Iran. Freemasons are on both sides of all world wars. The wars are fought to degrade and destroy humanity. Ayatollahs' Iran: a Nationalistic Theocracy as Freemasonic Machination Ayatollahs_Iran_a_Nationalistic_Theocracy_as_ Freemasonic_Machination The current theocratic and utterly unrepresentative regime of Iran was not the choice of the peoples and nations of Iran. The events that triggered the fall of Shah and the return of Ayatollah Khomeini were all machinated by an Apostate Freemasonic Lodge that controls part of the French and the English establishments and through them part of the American establishment.
Hamas responds to US-backed ceasefire plan

"We have affirmed our conditions for a ceasefire: complete withdrawal from the sector, the return of displaced persons to the areas they left, especially in the north, and the provision of sufficient aid, relief, and reconstruction," Hamas senior leader Osama Hamdan said on Tuesday at a press briefing in Beirut.

"Best estimates are 585 million global citizens killed or injured from the covid-19 "vaccines" and you have inflicted massive harm to pregnant women, pre-borns, and newborns on a global scale."

585 million killed or injured and massive harm to pregnant women by covid injections, doctor says placing American medical organisations on notice


World's Biggest Study on COVID 'Vaccine' Side Effects Has Been Published.

Administration of all three vaccines significantly increased the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis. After the first and second Pfizercarditis shots, the OE ratios for myocarditis were 2.78 and 2.86, respectively. The risk remained doubled after the third and fourth shots.


Like Hitler, Eva Braun was 25% Jewish

Arbitrator rules 9 Ontario nurses who were fired over the COVID-19 vaccine policy was "unreasonable"

Arbitrator James Hayes has ruled that nine Ontario nurses, dismissed for not receiving two COVID-19 vaccinations, should be reinstated as their termination was deemed "unreasonable" according to the decision.

Hayes wrote, "Nurses intent on remaining unvaccinated are a small minority everywhere, but their employee rights may not be ignored."

'Weaponized Migration,' a Coordinated Effort Playing Out Deep in the Panama Jungle
Mass illegal immigration is being used to 'destroy the United States politically, culturally, economically, and even geographically,' says communism expert.

Most of them are coming to the United States aided by the United Nations, its nongovernmental partners, and regimes hostile to the United States. Experts have said the migrants are being used as a weapon, just as deadly as a missile aimed straight at the United States.

Mass migration is being "weaponized" to overwhelm and destabilize the United States and ultimately break it apart, according to Joseph Humire, who studies unconventional warfare and is the executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society.

Doritos fires new transgender brand partner (left)

The move follows widespread outrage over the Spanish activist's tweets about doing "depraved things" to a 12-year-old


Israeli  says Satanyahu behaves exactly like Hitler

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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