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March 4- Israel-Russia Schism Deepens

March 4, 2024

Gilad Erdan speaks at a Security Council meeting on January 23, 2024, in New York City. The envoy said Israel would provide Ukraine with defense systems to help it fight Russian aggression.

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Ukraine Gets Defense Boost from Israel

Comparing Russia's actions in Ukraine to the militant Hamas group's attacks on Israel on October 7, Erdan said his country knows "exactly how it feels to be aggressively invaded, (and) to have our towns and cities attacked" as he took aim at the "paralyzed" UN for not condemning the massacre that preceded the war in Gaza.

"Both of our countries--Ukraine and Israel--are fighting a battle for our survival," Erdan said, as he touted 100 million tons of humanitarian aid Israel provided to Kyiv in the early weeks of the war.

"The state of Israel will always remain committed to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said, telling the assembly that his country was "working to provide Ukraine with early warning systems to save civilian lives from Russia's indiscriminate missile and drone attacks."
 Queensland, Australia Supreme Court has ruled it was unlawful to compel front line workers to get the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine or face losing their jobs.

Frontline workers, including police and ambulance workers, pushed back against the COVID-19 vaccine mandates through legal channels when they were first enforced in 2022. 
Four telecom cables under Red Sea cut, affecting 25% of traffic, Hong Kong firm says

The company says it is taking steps to mitigate the damage, including rerouting traffic around the globe and distributing other traffic via the 11 still operable cables in the Red Sea.

Before the iphone, there was the BlackBerry

BlackBerry on Amazon Prime is a lot of fun! 

Maui 2

UPDATE: Texas wildfire causes 'Catastrophic Losses' to cattle herds: 'Farmers & Ranchers are losing everything'


Nearly HALF of UK University scientists refuse to say Sex is binary

A survey highlighted by The Telegraph has found that only 58 percent of scientists at British universities believe that sex is binary. The poll also found that most of the 200 scientists surveyed believe that gender is fluid.


Russ Winter--Aspirin Contributed to Mortalities of 1918-1919 Spanish Influenza, and More

From the 1950s to the 1980s, thousands of deaths among children following influenza and other infections (e.g., Reye Syndrome) were unexplained until studies identified aspirin as the major contributor. 

BREAKING: 4x Vaccinated Youth 318% More Likely to Die Than Unvaxxed Peers, Office for National Statistics Confirms


Cambridge University Scientists: 25% of Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS
Also: Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) Explained - Video


Klaws Swab: Your avatar will live after you die and your brains will be replicated with algorithms

"You have the chance to look forward to a career of 50 years ... Maybe more, you will get some injections and so on.  Don't forget your avatar will continue to live and your brain will be replicated through artificial intelligence and algorithms.  So, we don't know, but at least 50 years," Schwab told the Global Shapers at a private WEF session.


Moscow has received no 'serious' proposals for talks with Kiev - Lavrov
Russia has repeatedly stated it is ready for peace negotiations with Ukraine, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said

Moscow has not abandoned the idea of peace talks with Kiev but has seen no genuine desire for this on the part of Ukraine or its Western backers,


How Is It That More Americans Don't Know About This "Silent Boycott" That's Crushing Woke Corporations?

Woke companies like Target, Ben & Jerry's and Kohl's are down billions as a result of this silent revolution.

That's because 2 million patriots are now shopping with a company that's giving Americans the chance to put their money where their values are.

That company is Patriot Switch.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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