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March 3 - Israelis Think They Can Do No Wrong

March 3, 2024

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On Thursday, Israel launched a surprise attack on Palestinians who had gathered at food trucks in Gaza City. According to numerous reports, more than 100 people were gunned down while trying to get desperately needed food.

"At about 4:30 this morning, trucks started to come through. Once we approached the aid trucks, the Israeli tanks and warplanes started firing at us as if it were a trap," the man recounted to Quds News Network, as cited by Al Jazeera.

"As the Israeli military opened fire on the aid seekers, Israeli tanks advanced and ran over many of the dead and injured bodies in the southwestern parts of Gaza City. It is a massacre, on top of the starvation threatening citizens in Gaza," Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail al-Ghoul said.

Are Israelis capable of not lying? 104 people were not caused by bombs?

Israel's military said on Sunday that a preliminary review found its forces did not strike the convoy and that most Palestinians died in a crowd crush, although it acknowledged it fired at individuals who it said posed a threat to soldiers.    

Hamas delegation arrives for Gaza ceasefire talks in Cairo
Israel indicated to have provisionally accepted six-week hostage and truce deal, but Palestinian official says: 'We're not there yet'

Right-wing British activist Sam Melia was sentenced to two years in prison in the UK on Friday for "intending to stir up racial hatred" by sharing various anti-immigration stickers stating "White Lives Matter" and "We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066."

What Commies call "right wing"  we call patriotic and free. 
Neil Oliver---Big State, Big Pharma & Big media are in wholesale collusion & the people are simmering with increasing rage, anger is rising.....

Viewer comments--"I went through 4 jobs in 4 years because I wouldn't wear a mask, nor take the poison jab.  One must NEVER bend their knee to anyone.

"I am a Canadian citizen who refused to comply during the pandemic and as a result we were shunned like lepers.  Corruption, euthanasia, homelessness, transgender surgeries being performed on our children ( a form of sterilization )........loss of freedom of speech, lawlessness, chaos.  But I find comfort in the knowledge that we outnumber all of them........and none of us will go lightly into  that dark night.  All of this under the facade of climate change.........I ask you what is the measure of carbon being dispersed by the war in Ukraine........a war that could have been avoided?
 "I will never trust doctors, nurses and all the others involved. What they did was despicable.


Russ Winter-- Even before a supply line interruption and lockdowns in China, hospitals and doctors nationwide in the U.S. are facing shortages of crucial lifesaving drugs, with 116 drugs currently running low, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Facebook Insider Confesses All: Mark Zuckerberg's a Fraud Used by the CIA

"The following anonymous document claims to be written by a Facebook insider who was Mark Zuckerberg's lover from their freshman year at Harvard. Mark's continuing indiscretions with his ongoing government contract keep getting him in trouble to this day. Mark was supposed to simply be the fake "boy genius" of Larry Summers' (Harvard's president) social media project funded by DARPA/In-Q-Tel (CIA)/IBM and the secretive international "public-private" group called The Highlands Group organized with the DoD Office of Net Assessment.


Really Graceful-- What Christians aren't taught about Zionism

Viewer---"As a Palestinian - American it can be extremely frustrating watching the world buy into main stream media without knowing any of the historical facts. 
What happened October 7th was unfortunate but in no way unprovoked.  You cannot opress and cage people in an open air prison and not expect them to react eventually. And its laughable to suggest that an oppressor would need to defend themselves against those they are oppressing. It amazes me how many sheep we have in this world. Thank u for not being one of them. I've been following you for a long time and your videoss are always well researched . 

"If christians were to read what the Talmud says about gentiles things would change overnight


"Square" Clouds? - YouTube. Dane Wigington

"Does nature make "square" clouds? Shocking satellite images reveal 90 degree angle corners on clouds. How unnatural do our skies have to become before more wake up and start to question? 
All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard."


Chile DEWS or "SMART" WILDFIRES? Offering Citizens $10,000 to Get a SMART METER?
Take a deep dive into a whole lot that nobody else is reporting on...

Most people do not realize is that Smart Meters feature military technology. Basically, every building with a Smart Meter on it has a military-grade explosive strapped to it. But it's not a normal bomb that explodes and is done, it's a continuously-powered bomb, capable of creating massive explosions

They were dismissive about the dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccine, then they "Died Suddenly". 20 People who mocked the risks of the COVID-19 mRNA jabs and have since died


CCP Demands Destruction of All COVID-19 Data, 

The Chinese government is instructing health departments across the country to eradicate all COVID-19-related data, including information on the entire epidemic prevention process and vaccination records. They must obliterate all data without leaving a trace, and computer records must be deleted entirely," said Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen said the person said that the directive is nationwide.

Bormann's mistress covered up his escape from Berlin

Married her British interrogator and lived out her life in UK as a housewife


Dane Wigington - They are making the planet uninhabitable 

OPERATION MOBILIZE: Three revealing speeches by UK General Sir Patrick Sanders:

Prepare for WW3

"Operation Mobilize - Will be the armies primary focus over the coming years"

"This will be a generational struggle - It's one we must arm our selves for - 
It's one we  must be ready for"

Strategic Command 2021: Opening Remarks -
Gen Sir Patrick Sanders, Commander, UK Strategic Command

'This is our 1937 moment' - warning from new Army chief

General Sir Patrick Sanders' Opening Keynote Speech
RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2023 #LWC23


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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