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March 28 - Migrants are Coming for Our Homes

March 28, 2024

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"You will own nothing and you'll be happy." Using migrants to dispossess us.

Surprise. Now that the Communists allowed millions of migrants into the country, housing is a problem. Prices are up and people are invading and squatting.  Comments to a video about this have drawn some pretty defiant remarks (see below.) Why aren't we be just as defiant in calling out the real interlopers, our traitorous subverted  governments? 


Viewer comments: "gun in your hand is better than 1000 cops on the phone."

"As a Canadian i know if someone breaks into my house then they need to disappear without anyone seeing. Shovel, map, full tank of fuel and a busy night.

"In Canada, you're better off just not reporting it and hiding whats left of the intruders.
When you get charged for defending yourself or you get sued because someone broke in and hurt themselves, the system is absolutely broken."

"If someone breaks into my house, I'm not waiting to determine the level of threat."

--"I am Canadian.. If someone comes into my home uninvited i consider that a threat.. At that point the law means nothing to me.. What means something to me is the protection of my loved ones and i will do what ever i need to do.. Plain and simple..

--"In Canada, someone you don't know can walk into your home and ruin your life and YOU will be prosecuted more heavily than they would.
That's our "justice system" in a nutshell...

The senate in the state of Louisiana just voted to ban all rules and mandates from the WHO, WEF and the UN from being enforced.

Louisiana's senate just unanimously voted to pass a bill that will ban any rules and mandates from the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum and the UN from being enforced in the state.

Really weird that nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this...perhaps they do not want anybody knowing about it since they are part of the same agenda?

Dr. Mike Yeadon: "...The Motivation for the Injections Was To Injure, Kill & Reduce Fertility in Survivors."


Bill Gates Study 'Predicts' Sudden and Irreversible Global Population Collapse

The study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, found that 155 of 204 countries are set to experience population collapse by the year 2050 as fertility rates continue plunging. Sperm counts in men from North America, Europe and Australia are declining so quickly that most men in these countries will be infertile by the year 2060, according to disturbing new research from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Sperm count in men from Western countries plunged by 50-60% between 1973 and 2011, according to the new study, with the trend set to continue until men are completely infertile.


Did RFK deliberately sabotage his campaign?


COVID vaccines have cause a real pandemic---Cancer

Richard Simmons, 75, diagnosed with cancer and has procedure that 'burned his skin' one day after he admits he's 'dying'

Scott Ritter shows the Crocus gunmen were mercenaries disguised as
Islamic militants


Russian FSB says US, UK and Ukraine behind Moscow attack


Secret documents reveal Germany's public health agency warned lockdowns cause more harm than good

Germany is rocked by confidential RKI files showing the experts were warning against mandatory masks and mass lockdowns

The documents have revealed that German politicians dramatized the situation, contrary to the opinions of experts. This was done presumably in order to implement coercive measures and restrict basic rights. There are now calls to release the rest of the documents, as more than a thousand passages are still redacted, representing a third of the total text dating from meeting notes from the "crisis unit" taken between February 2020 and April 2021.


Germany: Foreigners responsible for 100% of serious sexual assault cases in Frankfurt, 57.4% of all crimes
The crime data shows that Frankfurt's sky-high crime rate is tied to mass immigration


Tel Aviv unable to destroy Hamas after US 'turned its back': Report
As intelligence officials admit that the Palestinian resistance is unlikely to be stomped out, members of the country's ruling party are saying Tel Aviv has failed to achieve nearly all its goals in Gaza after six months


Jordan: Thousands of protesters surround Israeli embassy for fourth consecutive day
Jordanian security forces arrest around 200 activists, who say they will not stop their protest until the war in Gaza ends

Majority of Americans disapprove of Israel's military action in Gaza, new poll shows

American sentiment has significantly shifted against Israel's conduct in the war on Gaza, with 55 percent disapproving of Israel's actions, compared to 36 percent who approve, a new poll shows. 

According to the Gallup poll, which shows the results from a survey done from 1 to 20 March, approval ratings have plummeted since November 2023. During that time, 50 percent of Americans approved of Israel's military actions in Gaza and 45 percent disapproved.

Polish General Killed in Ukraine?

Russian missile strike on Ukr HQ

(RFK endorsed by Zio baboon) 

Big Pharma Is More Woke Than You Imagine
Big Pharma serves as a cash cow for the left and pushes woke ideas on its employees and the country. This may explain why Democrats, who act like they hate Big Pharma, serve the industry's interests.


Elon Musk accuses Trudeau gov't of 'desperately' attempting to delay election in Canada
The billionaire X owner pointed out that polls show the Liberal Party falling significantly behind the Conservatives.

Replies to my comment on "Masonic Jewish Overreach" -- (From The 

It is certainly Jewish overreach in this 2min video where the Israeli Zionists have surpassed the cruelty of even the Nazis. At 1m 30s there's an image of a child so thin he looks not like a camp survivor but one of the camp dead, where they used a caterpillar and shovel to push all the dead into mass graves. He has no muscle tissue left, his body has absorbed it all. He really is just skin and bone.

It's crazy they think they'll walk away scot free from this atrocity.

---"One thing is absolutely certain in relation to our Jewish masters; they will overreach themselves.
They have done this throughout their history owing to their infinite greed in a world of finite resources.
In addition to this as the Jew Maurice Samuel wrote they can only destroy: "we will forever destroy."
The world is always tending towards disorder whether in terms of physics or social affairs. Life for those who create rather than destroy is a constant struggle to hold order up against the inevitable collapse into disorder. So with destroying Jews ruling the roost it isn't going to last for ever; one way or another it's coming to an end and the sooner the better I guess.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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