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March 15 - WW3 Will Reprise WW2

March 15, 2024

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It's Nazis versus Communists again. The right and left branches of Freemasonry
will fight each other again in a charade resulting in massive depopulation. The Nazis Jews (Zionists and their allies in the West) versus Communist Jews (Russia, Iran, China and the BRICS.) 

Israelis are the new Nazis.
Israeli Portrayal of Arabs Akin To Nazi Portrayal of Russians

"Days after the Hamas surprise attack on Israel oIsraelin October 7, 2023, Israeli Defense Minister said they were fighting "human animals" and called for a "complete siege" on the Gaza strip. "There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and will act accordingly," he said.
The language Israeli officials are using to describe Palestinians and other Arab peoples seems ripped out of the Nazi propaganda playbook, journalist and managing editor of Covert Action Magazine Jeremy Kuzmarov told Sputnik's Fault Lines on Thursday.

"The Jews experienced pogroms and real persecution and atrocities by the Nazis, but [Israel is] doing the same thing now, and they can't see that. They're using dehumanizing language. That's the language of genocides... that's what I heard out of Israeli leaders," Kuzmarov asserted.
WW2 was another Masonic Jewish charade

"New World Order" Pledged to World Jewry in 1940

In 1940, an article appeared in the New York Times, vowing that a postwar "New World Order" would be created. World Jewry would be central to the building of this order, said Arthur Greenwood, who was a member of Churchill's War Cabinet at the time.

Having been arguably the most important figure, next to Churchill, in producing and sustaining a war, it was also Greenwood who openly declared the aims and goals of the war: A postwar "New World Order" in which "Jews everywhere" would "make a distinctive and constructive contribution." His pledge to world Jewry appeared in The New York Times, on 6 October 1940. In it, he also declared that "the freedom and emancipation for the Jewish people are tied up with the emancipation and freedom for people everywhere."


Top Democrat Chuck Schumer calls for new Israel election as rift grows
 US Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has called for Israel to hold elections to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as cracks appear in a once stable and friendly alliance.

Mr Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish official in US government, said on Thursday Mr Netanyahu had lost his way.

Biden & Schumer belong to the Communist branch

US intelligence agencies are claiming that they "expect" protests to bring down the Israeli government and replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been an obstacle to President Joe Biden's plans for the Middle East.

A year ago, it was revealed that the US State Department funded a left-wing organisation in Israel that is helping to promote anti-government protests aimed at bringing down Netanyahu and his judicial reforms.

Many observers have long suspected the Biden administration of working to bring down the Netanyahu government through a "colour revolution."


Report: Israel Believes Biden 'Slow-walking' Ammunition; We 'Might Lose This War


Hamas presents 'comprehensive vision' for Gaza ceasefire
The Palestinian resistance is steadfast in demanding a withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza so that humanitarian aid can be freely distributed and reconstruction efforts can begin

(Humza Yousaf, Scottish PM. Scots need a national homeland.)

It must be April Fool's Day in the SNP's Scotland when calling a male person a 'man' becomes illegal

The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill has been lurking in the shadows for three years but it is now going to come into effect from April 1, meaning that 'misogyny' and 'stirring up hatred' will be recorded as a criminal offence

The "covid experiment" was a masterclass in the use of authority to coerce, intimidate, and compel the ignorant masses into conforming to made up rules and regulations regarding lockdowns, masks, social distancing, the use of safe and effective medicines like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and ultimately forcing an unsafe, untested, dangerous gene altering toxin to be injected into their bodies.

A totalitarian regime which inflicted this global horror show upon humanity has no hesitation in faking data in order to further their evil agenda, so their statistics showing 81% of Americans received at least one jab seem suspect. Overestimating the number who have submitted is a method for convincing more sheep to do so. I would estimate that closer to 60% of adults got the jab, under threat of sanctions, loss of job, and/or loss of privileges.

Fidelito meets his biological father at his faux father's funeral. The acorn does not fall far from the tree. 

Oh Canada: Parliament Moves To Impose Potential Life Imprisonment For Speech Crimes

There is also a chilling option for house arrest if a judge believes a defendant "will commit" an offense. In other words, if a judge thinks that a citizen will be undeterred and try to speak freely again.

Justice Minister Arif Virani employed the same hysteria to convince citizens to surrender their freedoms to the government. He expressed how terrified he was with the potential of free speech, stating that he is "terrified of the dangers that lurk on the internet for our children."


Lena   Petrova - Yellen Is Forced To Admit She Was Wrong As Inflation Heats Up and US Deficit Surges


The Real Reason TikTok Was Banned - YouTube.  Richard Medhurst.

I am fed up with the click bait titles on YouTube. Half the contributors (not Medhurst) are carpet baggers.  The title should convey the information. 


nadera-shalhoub-kevorkian-screengrab-social-media.jpeg'It's time to cancel Zionism': Hebrew University professor suspended after shocking remarks

In  recent television Shalhoub-Kevorkian stated: "It's time to cancel Zionism," and expressed doubt about the reported rape incidents on October 7, suggesting that any lie would be used to further a narrative.  "They started with babies, they continued with rape, and they will continue with a million other lies. We stopped believing them, I hope the world stops believing them," she said.

After creating a petition against Israel, minimizing and flat out denying the horrors of October 7, as well as displaying overt hostility to the idea of Zionism, a law faculty lecturer has been suspended from Hebrew U; University says her remarks cynically take advantage of her academic freedom of expression 'for incitement and to create division'


Pastor Chuck Baldwin--How Many Gazans Have Been Murdered By Biden And Bibi? Thirty Thousand? More Like Two Hundred Thousand!

One day historians will condemn in the most rancorous language the way the U.S. government condoned, facilitated and united with Israel's inhumane genocidal slaughter of the innocent, helpless civilian population of Gaza. And one day soon, the Judge of the Universe will condemn Biden and Bibi to join mass murderers of history past in the deepest parts of Hell. 

The Don Remains The Same
It's trumpendous, so trumpendous, are you tired of winning yet?

Not to be outdone, the Orange Messiah revealed on his personal social media platform unironically named Truth Social (where you'll get banned for criticizing Israel) that he has learned jack shit the past few years in exile.

It's almost as if he goes out of his way to squander any sympathies garnered from his continued persecution by the permanent shadow government's system of selective justice. Assuming that persecution isn't planned because he's their next selection to maximize division and chaos and sell some big event to the red states like he did last time.

But how can a man who will never admit he was wrong ever change?
Jacob Rothschild's death triggers 'Succession'-style battle for his $1B real estate and investment empire

Among those is Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who was married to their cousin Sir Evelyn de Rothschild from 2000 until his death in 2022.

Lynn -- who has thrown funds behind Hillary Clinton and John McCain -- is the founder and CEO of investment company EL Rothschild, whose current holdings include The Economist.


Tony Blizzard recommends:

The Lost Science of Money, Stephan Zarlenga's masterpiece is the most necessary these days.  It can be bought at the site of the American Monetary Institute,   But I also like Rev. Denis Fahey's various books such as his Money Manipulation and the Social Order, although written for the Irish and the money referrals all British, not dollars, because he is the only one to make it clear that FINANCE EXISTS TO SERVE INDUSTRY WHILE INDUSTRY EXISTS TO SERVE THE FAMILY IN ORDER FOR THE FAMILY TO BE ABLE TO PROPERLY SERVE GOD.  The satanic Rothschild types have obviously exactly reversed this system, moving all wealth to them, the core financiers, by using criminal false debt in place of money as their reversal weapon.

Oppenheimer's True Story Was Darker Than The Movie

Oppenheimer was a philanderer. Video is good on his sex life but  has nothing to reveal about his Communist ties. Suggests he was removed because he opposed more advanced bombs? 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "March 15 - WW3 Will Reprise WW2 "

CC said (March 15, 2024):

Your recent post about the impending WW3 is correct. Both Freemason
factions against each other to achieve massive depopulation.

However, there is another major goal and that is to cancel out the USA debt.

They never intended to repay the enormous debt - they always planned to go to war to cancel the debt.

The globalists don't care if the USA is destroyed as long as the debt is cancelled.

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