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Depopulation - Satanists Contrive World Wars to Kill Goyim

March 18, 2024

Left. "Testament of Youth," poignantly dramatizes how the First Judeo Masonic World War destroyed young lives.
Satanists on both sides start wars to kill Patriots and Christians
Western Civilization Died on the Somme a Century Ago
On July 1,1916, General Douglas Haig, a Freemason, began the Battle of the Somme which by November resulted in the death of one million white, ChristianBritish patriots in their prime. Fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, lovers. War is a ruse by which the globalist satanic elite kills patriots under the guise of national duty.  

"When we started to fire, we just had to load and reload. They went down in their hundreds. We didn't have to aim, we just fired into them. " German machine gunner.

In the run-up to WW3, this is a useful reminder that our "leaders" want to kill us, if the COVIDscam wasn't enough proof.

Masonic Mass Murder on the Somme 108 Years Ago
from July 12, 2015
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

About 10 million soldiers died in battle on both sides in World War One, one of the costliest wars in history.  The needless slaughter in trench warfare is usually portrayed by the Masonic-controlled media and education system as an unintended consequence. 

In fact, these wars are orchestrated by the Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic minions to kill Christians in order to degrade Western civilization in advance of the Satanic NWO now clearly manifesting itself. (See, World War One- First Christian HolocaustRitual human sacrifice to their god Moloch may also be a factor.

All wars are designed to enrich and empower the bankers while destroying and demoralizing humanity. Warmongering "patriotism" is a ruse. The sooner gullible non-Satanists stop falling on a sword, the better.

I'm going to focus on the Battle of the Somme, one of the biggest battles of the first world war. My information is based on John Laffin's British Butchers and Bunglers of World War One, (1988, p. 63ff.) 

(left, Douglas Haig, Elgin Lodge #91)

Both General Douglas Haig, Commander in Chief, Western Front,  and his principal co-planner Sir Henry Rawlinson were Freemasons. The Somme offensive ("The Big Push") was intended to end the stalemate and win the war. The Allies had 700,000 men, a 7-1 numerical superiority. Haig and Rawlinson anticipated losing 500,000 men. 

The plan was simple: to bomb the Germans for five days and nights then walk to the enemy trench and kill the remaining soldiers or capture those who surrendered. 

However, after 5 days of bombing, the German trenches and their defences were barely scratched. The English neglected to reconnoitre or observe this from the air.  The Germans just had to shoot their machine guns, reload and shoot again. The same type of attack continued from the 1st of July until November 1916. Over a million men died; 58,000 on the first day.

On July 1 1916, 11 British divisions attacked on a 13-mile front. By 7.30 am the six German divisions finished breakfast, wiped their faces with their napkins, and carried their machine guns from comfortable deep cellars. They began spraying the attackers who were advancing in neat rows, "to maintain order." 

A German machine gunner wrote, "We were surprised to see them walking, we had never seen that before. The officers went in front. One was carrying a walking stick...When we started to fire, we just had to load and reload. They went down in their hundreds. We didn't have to aim, we just fired into them. "

A German officer reported his impression of the attack. "Whole sections appeared to fall. All along the line, Englishmen could be seen throwing their arms into the air and collapsing, never to move again. Badly wounded rolled about in agony, while badly wounded crawled into shell-holes for shelter. "

John Laffin: "Of the 110,000 men who attacked, 60,000 were killed or wounded on this one day. About 20,000 lay dead between the lines. Haig and Rawlinson were directly responsible for the assumption bombardment would cut barbed wire and render the Germans vulnerable.  The Germans lost an estimated 8000 men on July 1. 2000 were taken prisoner." (64) 

A hospital station dealt with 10,000 casualties in the first 48 hours. A surgeon wrote:  "Streams of ambulances a mile long waited to be unloaded. The whole area of the camp, a field of six acres, was completely covered with stretchers placed side-by-side, each with its suffering or dying man. We surgeons were hard at it in the operating theatre, a good hut holding four tables. Occasionally we made a brief look around to select from the thousands of patients those few we had time to save. It was terrible. (73) 

Haig's chronicler Colonel Boraston wrote that the attack, "bore out the conclusions of the British High Command, and amply justified the tactical methods employed." (No doubt these men were all Freemasons.) 

Laffin writes: "This is an outrageous statement. It is more accurate to call 1 July 1916, as H. L'Etang does, 'probably the greatest disaster to British arms since Hastings....Certainly never before nor since has such wanton pointless carnage been seen...' (70)

Laffin bemoans the  complete "absence of cleverness" in the military strategy. He emphasizes that, "high casualties were a basic rule of the game and simply had to be accepted." (76)

Who knows how the world would be different if the cream of that generation of Christians had not been trampled into the mud of France in 1915-18?

There is simply no explanation for sending wave after wave of men to their slaughter other than that this was the deliberate goal. Any sane general would have stopped the attack as soon as it became apparent that the strategy was a failure. 

Western society is controlled by a satanic cult whose goal is to degrade and exploit humanity.
It's time we stopped being complicit in our own destruction.  


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First Comment from  JC-
Their greatest achievement is getting White Christians to murder each other.  The ongoing war in Ukraine is another example.  All this plus the fact that we have a media that absolutely idolizes and glorifies military exploits and strength.  If the earth isn't Satan's world, then Satan's world doesn't exist.  The Bible is absolutely correct when it says Satan has deceived the whole world (Rev. 12:9).

Dan wrote-

Grand total of combat deaths, all sides 8,230,012

Total active duty including diseases 10,822,343

Total civilian deaths 2,235,457

"Spanish"Flu began in Jan 1918 and ran in two waves till Dec 1920
Death toll:  est, 20,000,000 to 50,000,000

500,000,000 were infected, so I'd go with the higher estimate.  My grandparents remembered it. Whole families died in two days.

Both waves killed the same age as combat soldiers.

It's as if whomever wanted the fittest of that generation of European males culled, came up with a way to kill the girls too. Just one helluva coincidence.

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Comments for "Depopulation - Satanists Contrive World Wars to Kill Goyim"

Pedro said (July 1, 2017):

A new Dunkirk movie is out, no doubt to make out a heroic retreat, rather than an Illuminated British Agent called Hitler ordering his Generals, who had them by the short and curlies, to let them go. One could image those 300,000 troops walking towards the generals all in a row WWI style, officers up front and the Germans waiving white flags begging them to go home cause that's what the Fuhrer wanted. Dress Hitler in Pink, throw a lot of flowers (poppies) around the fields and the public would believe it and think nothing strange about it. Our betters were slaughtered whilst the privileged became exempted doctors and lawyers and politicians and such.

James Perloff said (July 13, 2015):

This article provides yet more great insights into history! I might comment that the German Blitzkrieg of World War II, for all the brutality the Judeo-Masonic press has attributed to it, was designed to achieve swift victory in order to avoid repeating the interminable trench warfare deaths seen during World War I. It started in May 1940, and by June France had capitulated. Although I am not a fan of director Stanley Kubrick, his 1957 film PATHS OF GLORY captured well the senseless lethality of World War I’s trench warfare, as well as the hypocrisy of some of the Allied high commanders:

DB said (July 13, 2015):

Regardless if they are called Masons, Zionists, Communists, Bolshevists, Illuminati or by any
other name, they are still the same people who put Jesus on the cross crying: Crucify, crucify!
And they are sworn enemies of all Jesus’ followers – then and now! Where they are, crime of
of every kind abounds

DKC said (July 13, 2015):

I am intrigued about the amount of woundedness I encounter not only in myself, but of many other men I come into contact in modern Western society. Most are 3rd and 4th generation of those who endured the conflicts of WWI and WWII, not to mention the conflicts that followed, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf wars. The political, societal, cultural environment that foments conflict and keeps the unwashed masses in constant peril is seemingly orchestrated by a relative few.

I find that most of the religion I’ve encountered, organized and otherwise, keeps many at a child’s mentality. The natural response of children is to be fearful, life by their feelings and to more or less blindly follow those in authority over them. Such a religious environment doesn’t challenge men to move out of their comfort zone, and in many ways provides an emotional catharsis for the conflict happening around them. This is a grievous evil. The outcome of blind men who lead other blind men is not good. Falling into a ditch may mean being killed in a conflict designed with the purpose of taking your life.

I am a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Through much trial I have come to believe that we are intended confront our fears, learn from our experiences and gain a heart and mind toward good judgment. Subsequently, those that gather of like mind ought to enjoy enough liberty to share from those experiences. A proverb states: “as iron sharpens iron, so does a man sharpen the countenance of a friend.” Ought we not also sharpen one another with an understanding toward good judgment with our friends?

Stephen Coleman said (July 13, 2015):

As a child I worked for a retired British captain that spent the war in the trenches when he wasn't in hospitals recovering from wounds. He immigrated to the USA and told me on several occasions that he would have gladly joined the the Continental Army against his homeland. He hated his superiors and their incompetence.

I was aquainted with an American veteran of WWI who lived to be 104 years of age. He told me that a wave of 2000 American soldiers attacked a German position and there was not one survivor. A second wave of 2000 and 3rd wave were likewise wiped out. The forth wave had 16 survivors all wounded including himself.

The press in the USA reported 800 dead in the attack.

CG said (July 13, 2015):

t blows my mind to think how stupid and easily led the common man is, to commit such cruel absurd unspeakable atrocities then look for sympathy and respect with silly buttons(medals). Even with the invention of the internet the masses are still smiling as they line up to poison themselves with vaccines full of mercury and cancer viruses(SV40). We all need to be as wise as serpents because serpents rule the world.

Supposed "Christian civilization" needs to take responsibility for its thoughtlessness and quit blaming others. If supposed "Christians" taught their kids the 10 commandments maybe they wouldn't be machine gunning strangers in ditches. Mohammad Ali said: "I Ain't Got No Quarrel With The VietCong...No VietCong Ever Called Me Nigger". I agree with the following quote as harsh as it sounds:

(Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - page 6): "...Although the so-called "moral issues" were raised, in view of the law of natural selection [1] it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent..."

Paraphrasing - "if we don't use our brains, we don't deserve to have brains!"

KS said (July 13, 2015):

t would be nice to think that we Christians might one day, take responsibility for that which befalls us.

The Abrahamic religions are all forms of control in the interests of the elite. Christianity takes the form of an, obedience / death cult. It sees to have been mainly the construct of the murderous Pharisee Saul ant the astute politician and Emperor Constantine. It's doctrines bare only a tenuous relationship to those of it's nominal founder and are sometimes flatly contradictory to those.

So run it by me again. If I had enlisted in 1914, undergone military training, agreed to be sent to Flanders and then tried to kill people who I had never met and knew nothing about, and then been ordered to walk into relentless machine gun fire and been maimed or killed as a consequence, this would have been THE FAULT OF THE MASONS! There being nothing in even the official version of my Christian religion to prepare me for the notion that any of this might have been a bad idea.

Look around us at the western 'Christian' nations. How is it going for them, mired as they are in unpayable usury and unrestrained immigration? That is probably all the fault of the jews and the masons too.

JG said (July 12, 2015):

My grandfather was a combat WW1 veteran and first generation European immigrant. He died before I was born so I never had the pleasure of knowing him.

His brother did tell me that he was a changed man when he came back home.

There is no glamor or glory in war; it only exists in novels and theatre. However, not all of Hollywood glorified war. I would highly recommend the movie 'All is Quiet on the Western Front' (Lew Ayers) ,it may have been the best anti war movie ever made that was based on a book written by a German's WW1 experiences in the trenches of that insane war.

Yes, patriotism is the common ruse that pits "brother against brother". This patriotism is centered on an ideology of their country that, in reality, really doesn't exist. It's this false ideology that makes them numb to all the killing. It's this idealism over human life and religion that causes man to loose his life.

During the Vietnam War enemy casualties were called "body count"

The higher the "body count", the more medals and promotions for the soldiers.

Their really is no such thing as a "good war".

Al Thompson said (July 12, 2015):

There is no political system on earth that is worth one drop of any man's blood. I don't see any reason why a young man should ever join the military. The military should only exist for defensive purposes and not offensive operations that are deployed all over the world. The people who manage these wars are stupid and psychotic and following their orders will always produce a bad result.

These wars are methods of genocide. The freemasons enjoy inflicting the misery upon others. They are demented to the core of their whole existence. This is what happens when basic moral principles are ignored in favor of the Satanic cult nonsense. This is just one example of the history of what not to do. I blame the leaders, but I also blame the men who blindly follow their orders. We all tend to give too much honor to these false authorities.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at