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David Irving: 2 Million Jews Died in Gas Chambers

March 13, 2024

Sixty million Gentiles died in World War 2. It was a veritable Gentile holocaust. Six million antisemites (Nazis) died. Zionists engineered the holocaust to force Jews to establish Israel. Zionists use it for political gain, which is why many people deny it even happened. They think the Nazis so loved the Jews, they provided them with free room and board. My mother hid while her neighbors were rounded up by the Nazis.

David Irving is not a "holocaust denier." In a 2009 confession (above) , he acknowledged that around two million Jews were gassed at four camps.
So why is he being persecuted? 

from Sept 20, 2017

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

David Irving, 85, has been vilified by Organized Jewry as a "holocaust denier" but his real crime has been to do original research. 

Someone said, "history is propaganda about the past" and, while affirming there were gassings, Irving has deviated from the Party Line. He questions how many Jews died at Auschwitz and whether exterminations were carried out under Hitler's orders. He claims Hitler always tried to mitigate or stop violence against Jews. 

In 2009, Irving made a two-hour autobiographical "Confession" (above)  which I highly recommend. He is a genius, the best Britain can produce in terms of character and courage. His speaking ability and grasp of information are phenomenal. This man should have been Prime Minister of England. He puts all the other doofuses, including the psychopath Winston Churchill, to shame. Organized Jewry owes David Irving an apology and millions in compensation. 

In 2005 Irving was lured to Austria by a secret police agent posing as a student and jailed for 13 months. That's 400 days in solitary confinement, in a 6' x 6' cell, for doing nothing but seeking to learn the facts about the holocaust.  He deals with the holocaust starting at 1 hr. 35 min in the Confession. He found documents that confirm that the "Bug River" camps were indeed extermination camps, and that around two million Jews were gassed
at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, as well as Majdanek. He says he is a "deviationist" among revisionists who claim no gassing took place. He says these exterminations, called Operation Reinhard, were economic in nature - looting rich Jews and then murdering them. Documents list the gold watches, coins, fountain pens etc accrued by this operation.  

As for Auschwitz, he quotes a source who says people unfit for work were gassed, but he tends to minimize the numbers. He cites a post-war Polish document that places the death total of all people at 300,000 . 

Laurence Rees, author of Auschwitz, a New History backs up this view.

"According to Rees, in 1942, there were 2.7 million Jews murdered by the Nazis, including 1.6 million at the Operation Reinhard camps, but only 200,000 Jews were gassed at Auschwitz that year in two old converted farmhouses. Rees wrote that almost one-half of all the Jews that were killed at Auschwitz were Hungarian Jews who were gassed within a period of 10 weeks in 1944. Up until the Spring of 1944, it had been the three Operation Reinhard camps at Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor, that were the main Nazi killing centers for the Jews, not Auschwitz."
Since Irving acknowledges that many more Jews also died by the bullet, it is hard to understand why he is considered a "holocaust denier." Even official historians like Raul Hilberg put the number killed at closer to five million. Irving suggests that the holocaust is big money for Organized Jewry and that is why they came down so hard on him. Of course, it's also used to give Jews special status as martyrs. 


Irving's humanizing Hitler is another reason he has been ostracized. He quotes Hitler as saying he wanted to postpone the resolution of the "Jewish Question" until after the war. 

I don't know why Irving sued Deborah Lipstadt for defamation for calling him a holocaust denier. How did he ever expect to get justice? 

He says Lipstadt admitted in an interview they tried to "destabilize" him before the trial. Irving relates how on the day his 30-year-old daughter who suffered from incurable disease committed suicide, a rich Jew sent him an expensive reeve with an inscription "a merciful death" referencing the Nazi euthanasia program.  

Lipstadt's $15 million defense team was financed by Illuminati Jews like Steven Spielberg.  Irving stood alone. The verdict cleaned him out.  Yet when Hollywood recently made a movie about this trial, David, the lone hero who stood for truth against Goliath, is made out to be the villain. This is what organized Jewry is all about, inverting good and evil. (This is the true meaning of "revolution.")  

I am glad David Irving's confession is on tape. People with character and courage are a dying breed in a dying culture. We need to listen to him speak and be inspired. 

Although I think Irving is naive about Hitler, generally he is one of the few historians we can trust. As he says, a hundred years from now, people will want to read his books, because he was jailed for writing them.  

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Comments for "David Irving: 2 Million Jews Died in Gas Chambers "

Thomas S said (September 22, 2017):

I believe the idea that large numbers of Jews were gassed is complete fiction. To have murdered so many people in that way would have required premises on a much larger scale than the ramshackle rooms we have been shown - even if those were indeed effective. I don't doubt that numerous Jews tragically died from disease, starvation and exposure in the Nazi prison camps. But I think the three million or six millions figures are simply guesswork - where are all the bodies for one thing?


Thanks Thomas

Curious that the only response has come from holocaust deniers. As I said, the truth which I think Irving is closest to, pleases no one.


Neil said (September 22, 2017):

While David Irving may be a brilliant historian he is not a holocaust revisionist. In fact Irving, when it comes to the holocaust, is a fraud and has been exposed as such by Al Baron who was one of the best revisionists I have come across.

Baron, after one encounter with Irving, exposed him as a lover of rent boys and handed the evidence to people working for the late Greville Jenner, a top Zionist in the UK who at the time had not yet been exposed as a paedophile, Baron was shown some incriminating photos of Irving and was told to forget the rent boy stuff as Irving was working for them.

In his legal fight with Lipstadt Irving took a dive. Many revisionists followed the trial and were surprised not by what he said but what he did not say.

Irving could have destroyed Lipstadt with available evidence but decided to stay shtum on many aspects of the so called holocaust.

When it comes to the holocaust Irving is not to be trusted.

Pedro said (September 22, 2017):

great video of Irving, I must read/reread more of his books, though he doesnt seem to get it that Hitler was a British agent -which is why he was nice to Jews and British. - see for his new one on Benito Mussolini, and his Jewish 30 yr girlfriend and him being a british agent too. not sure about Stalin at this stage, except he was also part Jewish and probably as Kaganovich, an actor in the 1911 sydney street riots, starring Churchill strutting around on silent film exactly like that businessman in the Beatles rooftop propaganda piece.

Mario said (September 21, 2017):

Is hard to believe in gas chamber. Why to kill with gas when you can kill by hungry ( great quantity of people, millions if neccesary) in 80 days or by thirst in just 8 days). Just avoid supply of water for 8 or 10 days. To made this in concentration camp is more easy that Stalin Kaganovich do in Ucrania with Ukranian population.

If it was an extermination plan why there are so many survivors??

Luis said (September 21, 2017):

Gas chambers did not exist. I got a quote at home of the guy who invented that lie. What existed were rooms where new prisionrers would be sprayed for typhus.
2 million? No chance; Red Cross International stated that not even three hundred thousand jews died, and none in gas chambers.

David C (2) said (September 20, 2017):

I should not have specifically stated it was "diesel" engines that were used, since they apparently used gas vans for the most part - that was erroneous, so thanks for correcting me. However, diesel fumes CAN kill, especially in the confined space of an enclosed room, (or truck/van) full of people. In some cases the Nazis apparently used refined carbon monoxide gas in larger gas chambers, which could have come from either type of engine. The use of Zyklon-B for murdering people is problematic though, as the gas chambers used in the USA to kill just one person at a time proved, and I've seen no convincing evidence cyanide gas was used to kill people. Zyklon-B was available though, so it was likely was used at least a few times, and possibly on a larger scale. Supposedly the Nazis demolished the real gas chambers with explosives, which makes sense. As someone with a Jewish mother, I've been researching the "Holocaust" and "Zionism" for many years, trying to understand what really happened. I've concluded that both sides are exaggerating, Holocaust deniers and Holocaust believers, because that's the tactic they use presently to get the two sides fighting with each other. The reason I stated "diesel engines" were used, was that I had just read this at a Holocaust website:

Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka

In 1942, systematic mass killing in stationary gas chambers (with carbon monoxide gas generated by diesel engines) began at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka, all in Poland. As victims were "unloaded" from cattle cars, they were told that they had to be disinfected in "showers." The Nazi and Ukrainian guards sometimes shouted at and beat the victims, who were ordered to enter the "showers" with raised arms to allow as many people as possible to fit into the gas chambers. The tighter the gas chambers were packed, the faster the victims suffocated.

Kurt B said (September 20, 2017):

David C.’s contention that the Germans used “carbon monoxide from diesel engines” to kill people is untenable. Diesel exhaust is oxygen rich and would be terribly inefficient as a lethal agent.

Also, since there were no crematoria at any of the Operation Reinhard camps, disposal of the remains is problematic. The contemporary narrative is that the Germans first buried the corpses in massive pits then later dug them up and burned them. However, in the 1990’s an Australian team using ground penetrating radar examined several of the sites and found no evidence that the soil had been disrupted anywhere.

I can believe that the SS rounded up and shot many partisans toward the end of the war but to claim that there was a central plan of extermination fails to convince. 70 years after the end of the war there is no evidence of a plan, budget, disbursement records or blueprint of a homicidal gas chamber. We are supposed to believe it was all done with a wink and a wave.
I’ve read Irving and like his books although he seems too often contradict himself on the holocaust story.

David C said (September 19, 2017):

I'm aware that approximately 500,000 people were gassed by the National Socialist Workers Party, mostly derelicts, drug addicts, prostitutes, mentally ill, mentally retarded - all "useless eaters" to the Reich. Many of the condemned were not Jewish - the purpose was to "sanitize" the cities, by getting rid of the more decadent faction of society during Weimar Germany era. If indeed they did gas people at the 'labor' camps during the 1940's, they would have used carbon monoxide from diesel engines, like they did during the 1930's. That would explain the lack of gas chambers, because any garage or enclosed space can be a gas chamber for carbon monoxide. Cremating that many people would have been problematic, and then burying all those ashes - where is it all? I think they likely did gas people at the camps, especially those who were unfit for work, and had no other use to them - like they did previously. I doubt the high numbers of deaths though, because there wasn't that many Jews to start with, and there were so many left after the war it seems doubtful 2 million were gassed, but it's possible.

As for David Irving: I've read much of his work, and some videos. I always wonder why he was the only historian who had access to those archives, which would have been a virtual gold mine to historical researchers, so why was Irving the only "archivist" who had access to the records? I've never seen any other researcher have so much information about the Nazis from "original" sources. MI6 has specialized in forging "real" documents forever, so there is no guarantee the archives Irving was given access to were real. Irving seems to have a Nazi/Hitleri fetish, and supposedly likes to dress as a Nazi, but maybe that's just propaganda. His stint in prison might have been real, or it may have been done deliberately to give him credibility, as they did with Hitler, and others. David Irving seems like a good man and excellent researcher, but I wonder if he is real, or is he just another psyop, probably not even knowing that himself. The best-controlled opposition is the ones that don't know they are being controlled.

Your website is one of the first I read each day. I appreciate what you're doing: grateful thanks for your dedication, honesty, courage, and integrity, even though I don't always agree with everything you write.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at