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Stephen Volk - How the Commies Castrated Western Males

February 7, 2024

Marxist Frankfurt School Horkheimer and Adorno 1964.jpg
(Commie creeps, Horkheimer and Adorno. Only Freemasons shake hands like that.) 

Social engineering pioneered by the Frankfurt School 
is the reason the West 
suffers from a dearth of male leadership.

by Stephen Volk 

Patterned after the Marxist Moscow Institute, the Frankfurt School was dedicated to destroying "the authoritarian male of western civilization." 

This was kicked off in the west with their heinous 1950 English translation of The Authoritarian Personality. Contrived first in their strong but covert philosophy, it then wormed its way into the arts of the western world. 

Especially music, under the influence of Frankfurt's Theo Adorno, who also authored his subversive The Culture Industry, to aid the profiteering complicit left. 

Now, here was an ongoing, profiteering agenda, with tentacles spreading all over western civilization! It started with country western music in the 1950s, engineered to collectively bring male IQ down, several percentage points, with lyric, melody, harmony and rhythm dumbing-down thought processes and emotions, as only a Marxist musicologist as Adorno was capable.

 It was a good start for the subversive Frankfurt School - who showed their gratitude to the west, by betraying it, though the USA sheltered them away from Hitler during WWII, to protect them. 

A big and costly mistake for the compassionate USA... But this only spanned part of the male population of the west. It was not enough. 

Enter The Beatles! Now, that could reach the globe! But western culture was the main target. Gender role reversal was strongly underway. The long-haired Beatles initiated an effeminate look which the complicit, profiteering media popularized. (See The Marxist Minstrels by David A. Noebel.) Many Beatle songs were written by the same social-engineering, Marxist musicologist Theo Adorno. 

The songs were directly or indirectly to do with "Love." Frankfurt's Herbert Marcuse popularized "Make Love, Not War," an attractive Viet Nam-era slogan to distance the American male, not only from an unjustified war, but all defense. Beatle manager Brian Epstein was, in this profiteering control of American culture, as dangerous as the criminal Jeffrey Epstein to follow. 

For both, American culture was the target, through controls over the American male, to seriously denigrate God-given male authority; the male authority which kept America free, to now be weakened till Communist takeover. Marxist Adorno, in 1934 banned from teaching in Germany due to his Jewish father, now took revenge in full swing, combining philosophical and composing talents, for subversion.

School's anti-western and anti-male perpetrators were momentarily outraged, when The Beatles departed from their "Love" lyric agenda and recorded "Taxman." 

Of course, while this Marxist subversion was underway, the Viet Nam War disposed of hundreds of thousands of authoritarian males of the west. 

The complicit military/industrial complex made tons of money in the process. Meanwhile, the movie/industrial complex promoted the strong woman image at every turn. In leadership roles over males for decades, while males timidly buckled and succumbed to the authority of Leninist feminists. Wonder Woman for this ethnic ilk was their symbolic crowning achievement, as was Family Guy (which Russia rightfully banned). Somehow, by some miracle, a man by the name of Donald Trump managed to avoid these social-engineering effects. Though he by no means survived, unscathed, he did survive enough effects to still emerge as the authoritarian male they feared. 

And the Hollywood agenda to produce a Leninist-feminist consciousness backfired, to a small but important degree. Marjorie Taylor Green, Kari Lake, Danielle Smith, and the professional female physicians and nurses exposing COVID, assumed roles in overt leadership. 

They undoubtedly were influenced by the over saturation of domineering Hollywood actresses; but use strong leadership to empower and defend western civilization. Now, the direct anti-male-energy weapons are out of control and rage everywhere! Unwitting males wolf down soy products at every opportunity, effeminizing themselves into the abyss. Satanically-profiteering transgenderism is emasculating the potential authoritarian males of the west, daily, crippling them for life. And once-credible church-organization have liberalized and compromised males beyond recognition.

Who is replacing the freedom-defending, family-defending, food-defending, private- property-defending, males of western civilization? The State. The freedom-destroying, family-destroying, food-destroying, private-property-destroying, State! Are you happy with this? It's time to act now, before the gender-specific deadly viruses - invented in Israel and sold to Communist China - finish off the "authoritarian" male of the west.

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First Comment from Savvy Granny-

"Frankfurt's Herbert Marcuse popularized 'Make Love Not War' att attractive Viet Nam era slogan to distance the American male not only from an unjustified war, but all defense" .... an "unjustified war" which "disposed of hundreds of thousands of authoritarian males of the west"

American political will to aid South Vietnam during the Vietnam War era was hardly unjustified.
I remember the Viet Nam War era very well as I attended an American high school before the Tet Offensive 1968 and later I attended university both in the US and UK . I well remember having to drive through a loud, obscene and fighting crowd of Hanoi Janes, Uncle Hos, Peaceniks, Yippies and SDS that had been bussed to my university by the Rockefeller Foundation to protest the Vietnam War, make university life unliveable and excoriate the veterans. This last proved more difficult than they had reckoned as I also remember a guy in a wheelchair yanking one the Janes by the hair and spanking her bare bottom while the Yippies wet their pants. Fun times. Anyway. I digress.

I give 1968 as the watershed event of the Vietnam War era because that was when The Brass stood down General Westmoreland and made it clear to nationalist, Christian, patriot America that the US State Dept was committed to a 'no win' strategy for the US military and betrayal of the South Vietnamese Ally (one of our greatest infamies).

Before that date, young men with whom I attended school and knew socially through my family's Christian congregation, young men and their fathers (veterans of WWII like my own father) who knew US poltics and geo-politics supported a US commitment to fight against Communist aggression. Many of the young men I knew did not wait to be drafted, they enlisted.

These wars of the so called Cold War era were wars of the Communist Party executed through the Soviet Union and the PRC. The Internationale and the Communist Bloc nations were financing, training, recruiting (from national populations) and equipping guerilla armies and international brigades to make war against populations of former European colonies, populations from which the European powers had abdicated under UN Decaration of Decolonisation 1960 (Gen. Res 1514 (XV). Zambia , for example, was created with the stroke of a pen 1964. King Baudouin of Belgium cut loose the Congo 1960 which was promptly invaded by the Communist forces of Operation Mbuya. That bloodbath went on for years. Back in the 1960s, American teenagers had to learn all that in Social Studies.

The men of my parents generation and their sons knew very well these de-colonised populations were targeted for state capture by the Communist Bloc. They knew that if the United States and other Western powers did not commit to action, there would emerge entire continents of newly minted republics owned by Marx's Fifth Plank (rhymes with central bank) under Communist colonisation and voting with their colonial masters in the UN. And these populations, like Vietnam were calling out to nations they believed to be free nations of the West to assist them against the armed aggression of The Internationale .

After Tet, of course, General Westmoreland was stood down. And so the Americans who were paying attention knew. They absolutely, positively knew - the US Dept of State was pursuing Communist objectives in Vietnam and using the US military in a 'screw up' capacity. Nowhere is this position more clearly set out than in "A Soldier's Protest" by John Alan Coey (then aged 21 years) before he joined the Rhodesian Front and its war of independence (1965-1979)

"1.] The deliberate prevention by the U.S. Government of victory over communist forces in Southeast Asia.

2.] The attempted overthrow of the Constitutional Republic of the United States by a revolutionary conspiracy of internationalists, collectivists and communists in and out of the U.S. Government

3.] The attempted destruction by Government Defense Officials of the fighting capabilities of American combat forces" (John Alan Coey. The Fighting Doc 2015. A Martyr Speaks 1988. Chapter One: "A Soldier's Protest" AMS , p. 7 )
Cf. "A Soldier's Protest" Reprinted in Fort Fairfield Journal with the permission of his mother Mrs. George Emmett Coey.

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Comments for "Stephen Volk - How the Commies Castrated Western Males "

Stephen Volk said (February 9, 2024):

Thank you Savvy Granny for your comment! "They absolutely, positively knew - the US Dept of State was pursuing Communist objectives in Vietnam and using the US military in a 'screw up' capacity." Yes. As a Viet Nam vet myself, I witnessed USN Intel stuff American cadavers with illegal drugs and send them on their way. And every step for moving the body along, more Armed Forces active-duty handlers received part of the cadaver-stuffed drugs, till the slain bodies arrived at their destinations. These drugs originated from Communist sources in North Viet Nam and the traitor Americans routinely increased their pay (with Hendrix and Beatle music playing in the background). After the Kissinger Treaty, destroying vast numbers of American soldiers in Viat Nam, the CIA then moved gold from North Viet Nam to Phoenix. My uncle was the navigator who brought POW McCain back from North Viet Nam - a major mistake he always regretted, and showed me his flight roster with McCain on it.

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