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Mike Stone - Gaslighting is the MSM's Purpose

February 17, 2024

Everything you see or hear coming 
from the mainstream media is a lie. 
Not some of it, not most of it, all of it.

by Mike Stone

To substantiate what I've just said, let's look at some recent examples.

In October of 2023, the mainstream media told us that Israel was hit with a surprise attack by Hamas. So applying our rule of opposites, we knew right away that it wasn't a surprise attack at all. 

Sure enough, we now have confirmation that Israel had prior knowledge of the "surprise attack" and actually participated in the attacks themselves. The truth was and is the exact opposite of what the mainstream media reported.

The mainstream media told us that Hamas beheaded forty babies. Once again, by applying our rule of opposites we knew right away that no babies were beheaded. And within 24 hours we had confirmation of how that was the case. The entire story turned out to be a fraud and hoax. There were no beheaded babies.

See how easy this is? 

The truth is always, 100% of the time, the exact opposite of whatever the mainstream media is reporting. 

You can do this with virtually every story coming from the mainstream media, no exceptions. 

It's Only Common Sense

Common sense tells you that a person who lied to you once will almost certainly lie to you again. And yet nobody applies that wisdom when it comes to the mainstream media. 

They know the mainstream media has lied to them in the past. In fact, they readily admit it. Yet they continue to tune in and believe every new lie they're told. It's pathological behavior that's simply mind-boggling to behold. 

That's enough for today. In our next piece, I'll provide you with some honest news sources that you can rely on to provide you with true and factual information. In the meantime, here's a reprint of my famous piece 12 Telltale Signs of a Fake Shooting

1) No blood, no bodies, no surveillance video.

Any of one of these three alone is a tipoff that something unreal is taking place. When you get all three together, you're definitely looking at a fake shooting.

"But they can't show blood! They can't show bodies!" Sure they can. When Nicole Brown was murdered we saw bloody corpses. At the Columbine shooting, we saw bloody corpses. We see pictures all the time of blood-ridden children killed by drone and missile attacks in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine. We see Palestinian fathers cradling their dead and bloody, bullet-ridden daughters. The only place we never see any blood or bodies is at a fake shooting.

We never see any surveillance video either. We saw it at Columbine, but we never see it from a fake shooting. Surveillance video would be the easiest way to prove these shootings are real, yet we never see it. You know why? Because the average American is so braindead stupid, they can be fooled without it. 

2) Fake parents played by crisis actors.

Your five-year-daughter was murdered two days ago, so what do you do? If you're a parent at one of these fake shootings, you immediately go on television, laughing and smiling. Perfectly normal behavior, right? We see it every single time.

When asked about their pain, they distort their face and pretend to cry, but not a single tear ever comes from their eyes. They sniffle repeatedly, but not a single drop of snot drips from their nose. And, of course, they must - absolutely must - get in the most important line of their script: "Can't we do something about these assault weapons?"

This is one of the most telltale signs of a fake shooting. You don't have to be an actor to spot the fakery, although it helps. Just pay attention to the false emotion; the endless emoting. Then take a look at people suffering real grief. The differences will astound you.

3) Go Fund Me accounts set up within 24 hours of the event and sometimes before the event even takes place.

You hear a knock at the door. Outside stands a grim-faced police officer who tells you your five-year-old daughter was just killed in a school shooting. What would your first reaction be?

Well, if your a parent of a child at a fake shooting, you will immediately set up a Go Fund Me account so people can send you money. You know, to help alleviate your pain.

You say you would never do such a thing? I believe you. No sane parent would. But at every fake shooting that is exactly what happens. In some cases, the Go Fund Me account is set up before the "shooting" takes place.

This is one of the ways the actors get paid.

4) Actors playing multiple roles at the same or different events.

Another telltale sign of a hoax. Good crisis actors are hard to find. That's why you often see them playing multiple roles. The "parent" of a slain child will double as a member of a swat team, like we saw at Sandy Crook. The "mother" of a slain person will play the "mother" of another slain person. Mix and match. 

One woman has appeared at no less than five fake events. If you see her, run like hell, because another fake shooting is about to take place.

5) Non-stop media coverage.

Non-stop media coverage of a "shooting" is almost always a tipoff that it's a hoax. You never see non-stop news coverage of real shootings, do you? Speaking of which . . .

6) Anderson Cooper is sent out to interview the fake parents.

You never see Anderson Cooper in Chicago after a weekend of gun violence, do you? No, he doesn't have time for that. In fact, he never interviews the parents of any child that was actually killed. But every time there's a fake shooting, he pops up immediately to interview the fake parents and get them to wail about gun control.

7) Evidence immediately destroyed.

Immediately after a fake shooting, there will be calls to destroy the building where it took place. Why what they do that, you ask? To destroy evidence, that's why. This includes real events as well as fake ones and goes back to 9/11 and even before then. Evidence must be destroyed to protect the guilty.

8) "Evidence" left behind at the scene.

Remember the parked car with copies of the Quran inside that were found after 9/11? Remember the pristine passport that floated down miraculously from the sky to be found among the rubble of the three World Trade Center Towers that came down that day? Remember when every self-respecting assassin carried a copy of The Catcher in the Rye in his back pocket? Today there's no need for such things when all that's necessary is a fake manifesto. 

Who writes a manifesto? Nobody, that's who. Only fake shooters at fake events. Along with the destruction of evidence, this also occurs at both real and fake events.

9) Drills taking place at the same time or just before the event.

From 9/11, to Sandy Crook, to the latest event in Texas, we always have drills occurring either simultaneous to the event or shortly before. What are the odds that a drill involving planes crashing into the World Trade Center towers would be occurring at the exact same time that the real thing is alleged to have occurred? What are the odds of a live shooter drill happening at Parkland, or at Texas, or of a bomb drill happening at the Boston Bombing, or at the London train bombing at the exact same time that the real thing allegedly occurred?

Like the lack of bodies and surveillance video, it's not necessary to explain to the public why drills are occurring simultaneously to real events, because the average American is so mush-brained stupid they will believe whatever they're told.

10) The alleged perpetrator immediately caught or killed.

Within minutes of a fake event - and some real ones too - the entire crime is solved and the entire life history of the alleged perpetrator is written up and splashed across the mainstream media. Details that would take days, or even weeks, to uncover are instantly at hand and fed to the public. Gee, it's as if the articles were written days beforehand.

11) Multiple shooters at every event.

At every fake shooting, eye witnesses report seeing multiple shooters. But then, within a matter of hours, statements from those witnesses are scrubbed from the internet and never brought up again. Meanwhile, the other "shooters" are never found and the entire crime is said to have been done a "lone gunman."

At Sandy Crook there was even video footage of a "second shooter" running into the woods and getting arrested. That person was never identified or heard from again.

12) Principles involved are former or current actors.

This is another statistical anomaly. If these fake shootings were happening in Los Angeles or New York then it might make sense that some of the people involved were actors. But the events aren't taking place in those cities.

Why is it that almost everyone involved with Sandy Crook was a current or former actor? Why are the two principles of the Pulse Nightclub event an actor and a game show contestant? Why is the fake Pizzagate shooter an actor? Why is the main face of the Parkland hoax a person who worked on air for CNN?

By the way, it's not just the libtarded left pushing these fake shootings. So-called conservatives are just as bad. Any time you hear someone from the Republican Party talking about these events as if they're real, be aware that you're talking to a gatekeeper, a disinformationist, or a brainwashed fool.
Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And also the novel A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Gaslighting is the MSM's Purpose "

JC said (February 18, 2024):

I think Michael A. Hoffman said it best: "The alchemical principle of the Revelation of the Method has as its chief component, a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance."

They are somehow bound to tell us what they're up to. IMO, these false flags and fake shootings, and the incredible establishment b.s. that always accompanies them, is indeed a "mockery of the victims." We're being mocked. They're giving us middle finger productions, laughing in our face.

Al Thompson said (February 17, 2024):

If the people knew the truth about government, it would never be tolerated. We must always make sure that we search for the truth first and then form our views on what is fact; not fiction. Remember, lying always gets bad results. Just look at the fruit from the corrupted tree.

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