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Mike Stone - Jewish COVIDscam Still Hasn't Registered on Dumb Goyim

February 24, 2024

(The agenda of Organized Jewry, i.e. the WEF)

Now here we are four years later 
and people are so fundamentally stupid 
and asleep at the wheel 
that they still don't understand what really happened. 

Americans are set to re-elect vaccine murderer Donald Trump.

by Mike Stone

We're nearing the four year anniversary of the great Virus Hoax. 

Yup, it was only a handful of years ago when we were told incessantly that perfectly healthy people displaying no symptoms at all were carriers of a deadly disease.


Here's one of the first things I wrote about it back when it was happening:

It all seemed so surreal when it took place, and it seems even more surreal today, because almost nobody cares about what happened and almost nobody learned from it.  If you recall, we were headed straight for Australian-style lockdowns and internment camps, most likely with forced injections. That was the plan. 

And it was supported by well over half of the population. Americans all across the country were foaming at the mouth and demanding that pure bloods be rounded up and arrested. They couldn't wait to lock us up and watch us suffer. 

The only reason it didn't happen is because Russia launched a military operation in the Ukraine to rescue their own citizens. That forced the hoax-pushers to divert their time, money, and energy to an unexpected front.

And through it all we were constantly mocked and spit on by newscasters, late-night talk show hosts, and dancing nurses. Remember all that?

Now here we are four years later and people are so fundamentally stupid and asleep at the wheel that they still don't understand what really happened. My neighborhood remains twenty percent masked. Twenty percent! Four years later!

(left, savior Donald Trump, father of toxic vaccine and lockdown)


How many people do you know who died or suffered serious injury from the fake vaccine?

I know two people personally who died from it. One was a family member and another was a friend. I know a third person who was perfectly healthy before he took the jab, but now he has advanced cancer. He'll be dead soon. I told all three of them not to take the jab, but they didn't listen.

Those are just the people that I know personally who have suffered. I also have an email list with a bunch of names on it and at least nine of the people on that list are now dead because of the jab. I told all of them not to take it, but they didn't listen either. One of them called me a retard, a Q-Tard, and a whole bunch of other names when I told him the jab wasn't safe. Now he's dead. 

Most disheartening to me are the children, teens, and young people who are dead or seriously injured, because their braindead parents, teachers, and school officials forced them to take a deadly and unsafe fake vaccine. It makes my blood boil.


Concurrent with the virus hoax was the George Floyd fentanyl death and the ensuing riots. Remember those riots? We were told it was perfectly safe and acceptable for huge crowds of people to riot, loot, and burn down businesses, but the rest of us had to stay locked down at home. If we disobeyed by visiting a secluded park, an empty beach, or by not wearing a mask, we were handcuffed, arrested, and prosecuted.

Meanwhile, as far as I know, not a single person that participated in those riots was ever prosecuted, despite the massive loss of property and human life.

Do you remember all that? Most people don't. They act as if it never happened.


The George Floyd death and the riots that followed led directly to the freezing out of white men from the workforce in order to fight "racism." That has led to a complete breakdown of society.

Train derailments, toxic chemical spills, helicopter crashes, "missing" military jets, bridges collapsing, hazardous waste disasters, airplane malfunctions . . . those are all common occurrences now. Whereas before they almost never happened. It's what happens when high-IQ white men are replaced in the name of diversity. No offense, it's just a fact.

Just last week, a Boeing 757 had to make an emergency landing after one of its wings came apart midair.

Two weeks ago, a passenger on a Boeing 787 flight from Manchester, UK to India looked out his window in-flight and noticed that the plane's wing was covered with patches of silver adhesive tape - tape that was peeling off mid-flight.

Apparently, the plane's wing was damaged and the airline's ground crew "repaired" the damage with duct tape.

A few weeks before that, a door plug on an Alaska Airlines plane blew off mid-flight. The door had no bolts installed. None.

We are seeing these competency issues in practically every industry and every sector of society right now. It's all collapsing before our eyes.

It's not just white men that are being attacked, pushed out of the workforce, and ostracized from society either. Now they're coming after the Asians, another high-IQ segment of the population. 

For years now, we've seen white women paired with non-white men in virtually every movie, television show, commercial, and ad. Verizon was part of that and they've just released an ad showing an Asian woman with a black husband and two black kids.

It's only a matter of time before high-IQ Asian men are replaced in the name of diversity.

But you know what? Does any of that even matter? 

I mean, we just had an exciting Super Bowl. We have Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to dote on. We have video games and pornography and trashy romance novels. So what's the problem?

Don't be a downer, Mike! Have fun! Enjoy life! Yippee!


Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And also the novel A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Jewish COVIDscam Still Hasn't Registered on Dumb Goyim "

rt said (February 28, 2024):

" It's what happens when high-IQ white men are replaced in the name of diversity."

The vast majority of humanity and especially Whites does not yet know that " IQ " does not mean or
is not the same as [ intelligence ] as they believe those two different terms are interchangeable . They are related but not interchangeable in the same way brothers and sisters are not . IQ is not a measure of intelligence . It is a measure of an ability to acquire or process [ intelligence ] which is information and knowledge .

The majority of "high-IQ white men" are still egregiously lacking in adequate [ political intelligence ] to prevent the wicked existential subversion of their predominantly white cultures by their cosmopolitan satanic judeo-masonic ILLuminati gangster masters .

Most whites are descendants of ten thousand years old nonpolitical individualistic rural European cultures .

Both the sheeple-oriented christian religion of
self-enslavement to presumably divinely chosen jewish masters and the powerful rural legacy cultural tradition of white's aversion to astute political discourse ( in contradistinction to electioneering voting enthusiasms ) and thus an aversion to powerful collectivism in unavoidable favor of politicly weak individualism have rendered "high-IQ white men" too politicly retarded for prevailing against the satanic ILLuminati genocide of them .

Some kind of miracle would be needed to "save" white christians from a coerced unholy choice of either enslavement to their jewish masters or extermination .

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at