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Feb 9 - Israel Prepares to Expand War

February 9, 2024

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Northern Command chief: 'We're preparing to expand the war & launch attack'
'Goal is to change the security situation in the north in a way that will allow the residents' safe return,' commander of IDF's Northern Command says.

"Our goal is to change the security situation in the north in a manner that will allow us to safely return the residents home to a state of security," Gordin said. "We are determined to change the security reality that is already shifting these days and continue to prepare for an expansion of the war and to go on the offensive - this is our mission."

"We will continue to carry out the defensive battle, to strike Hezbollah and to deny its capabilities. Our mission is to protect the residents and communities of the north. The way we operate, and intend to continue, is partnership, full partnership with you and the residents. The residents of the north are the ones who give us strength to continue - they are the tailwind that allows us to achieve the accomplishments we have reached so far in the north."

Israeli forces carried out deadly air strikes on Gaza on Friday, hours after U.S. President Joe Biden described the military response to the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian territory's ruling Hamas movement as "over the top."

Israel pressed on with its bombing campaign as diplomats sought to salvage ceasefire talks after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a Hamas proposal that also envisaged the release of hostages held by the Palestinian militant group.

The United States hopes to secure a pause in fighting before Israel carries out a threatened ground assault on the southern city of Rafah, where over half of Gaza's 2.3 million people are sheltering near the border with Egypt.

Mahmood Od- US REFUSES To Support Israel's Rafah Operation | Blinken BANNED From Visiting GAZA BORDER
or meeting with IDF Chief 

Viewers- "The State department statement is for global consumption. The Israeli will pursue its objective.

"Are u sure? Blinken has been on missions calling for ceasefire for months while the US in reality is the one who vetoed cease fire and still provides Israel with more weapons!!


Blinken family faces daily protests, "blood dumps" at their home, with Hazami Barmada


Mehta_A (1).jpg
Indian born, Obama appointed judge persecutes American Patriots

See how it works folks? Commie Jews import immigrants to persecute patriots 

'Peril to our democracy': Chilling lines from the judge who sentenced the Oath Keepers' leader to 18 Years in Prison 

Judge Amit Mehta on Thursday handed down an 18-year prison sentence for the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election that ended with the violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Before announcing the sentence, however, Mehta, a nominee of former President Barack Obama, delivered a chilling address to Rhodes about the impact of his seditious conspiracy crimes on American democracy.


Judge Rules Former Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Will Remain in Prison While He Appeals Contempt Conviction

PJW - CNN criticizes Tucker for softball questions. Contrast with how they treated Zelensky as a rockstar.

Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters

"This video is indeed about the Khazarian Mafia, but more importantly offers the patterns by which they have fed on God by way of humanities ignorance. As Nature creatures we are an outpouring of God, and the only way we can escape the Black Sun, is to understand their modus operandi; this means changing our world view, so that true evil can be seen; for we all have been beguiled with assumptions which disguise the Demiurge. The Khazarian Mafia has worked extremely hard to present a false reality based on inculcated lies, falsified histories, and projected blame. So the point of this lecture is to not only educate the listener to the bloodlines of the Khazarian Mafia, but more importantly, the psychology by which they have eviscerated us.

Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters, part 2

Viewer---"OMG ... this is, without a doubt, THE most brilliant presentation of the history of our societies and development I have ever listened to. I had bits and pieces of the Khazars, their time as the 'name stealers' in Ukraine, their fall out with Russia and the following infiltration in to the govs, banks and religions of the world, but I could not put the pieces together of their ancient inflluence. This, so brilliantly, pulls it all together. Thank you! What a tremendous gift. Please please please be sure to preserve your work. Get it in to book form that can not be made to go away. You are sharing history that every person on this planet should have and know. This all resounds in to the depths of my soul as truth. You are a gift. Thank you!

BANK CONTAGION: Janet Yellen Admits MAJOR Risk For Banks As Commercial Real Estate Crisis Unfolds

Banks are under severe strain because of commercial office loans. 20% of office space nation-wide is vacant. In Seattle, San Francisco, LA, NYC and Miami, the number is 50%

 Elon Musk exposes leaked docs revealing Disney's diversity quotas: 'institutionalized racism'

The standards include quotas of 50% or more for 'regular and recurring' characters and actors as well as writing staff, co-producers, and episodic directors to be from 'underrepresented groups,' with similar standards for other positions.

Yemen reaffirms its commitment to the Palestinian cause 

The 86 American attacks do not limit our country's capabilities, and our strikes are continuing, effective and very influential.

The American was surprised by the level of tactics in Yemen and our capabilities to support the Palestinian people

The broad popular presence in Yemen is held in high regard by the enemy, especially the American

Hundreds of thousands of mujahideen who have military experience frighten the enemy, and the Americans realize the strength of our army

The American realizes that our army was able to confront all American tactics during the war that lasted 9 years against us...

I call on our dear people for two million honorable people to come out in support of Gaza, because we will not leave the squares as long as the people of Gaza are killed.

The launching of ballistic missiles and drones will continue as long as the war continues

 We tell the Palestinian people in all sincerity that they are not alone."
 "if you know one person that's injured by the Covid Vaccine, put one hand up. If you know more than 1 person, please put 2 hands up"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 9 - Israel Prepares to Expand War "

Doug P said (February 9, 2024):

re " 'Peril to our democracy': Chilling lines from the judge who sentenced the Oath Keepers' leader to 18 Years in Prison"

The judges aren't so stupid as to confuse a democracy with a republic. They just know the public is that stupid. You would think the judgment could be overturned and the judge dismissed based on that ruling alone.

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